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Off world divide and conquer strategies




As the majority of the population is on high stress overload
Just trying to meet the most fundamental and basic human needs

They cannot begin to fathom the larger reality
Of off world divide and conquer strategies

And the complicity of human controllers
Implementing slow kill methods through legal poisoning

Soft kill methods of vaccinations water fluoridation GMOs chemtrails
Herbicides insecticides pharmaceuticals artificial sweeteners
Flavor enhancers preservatives and the consumption of animals

All impair immunity and consciousness over the long term
Radically shifting the frequency and chemistry
Of the brain central nervous system and DNA signals

The worlds militaries are overrun by negative aliens who conceal their presence
The manufacture of endless enemies
Make the public accepting of the permanent war economy

Hundreds of thousands of military personnel
Have been used in human experiments
Of chemical and electromagnetic technology

To control thought patterns
By turning on and off genetic switches
Overriding the natural rhythm of brain wave configurations
Which can be used to promote subjugation and obedience without question

The acting out of the written dramatic script on the world stage
Intimidates everyone into learned helplessness
WW3 can start at any moment

Alien hybridization in controller bloodlines
Makes them less human

There has been extensive conflicts among the elite factions
To control the hidden alien technologies
Which has resulted in their compartmentalization by their alien masters

Genetic engineering of the masses
Has degraded the human body and shut down genetic switches
Now we have only 2 active DNA strands out of the original 12

Transhumanism destroys our bodys bio spiritual capability

Exposure to EMF waves of light and sound
Control thoughts through transmitted images and suggestions

Extensive genetic cloning results in spiritually dead bodies and biological drones

When bio neurology is damaged
It is harder for a person to embody their soul
Because the lower vibration repels the resonate frequency
Of their higher self

When a soul is imprisoned and unable to grow
Being bombarded by the frequency fences of belief systems
It creates spiritual fragmentation
And a host of deviant psychological and behavioral dysfunctions

It is clear what the purpose is behind this manipulation
To keep us unaware of our true nature
And keep us enrolled in the death culture
Which feeds dark entities!

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Planet Earth requires restructuring and new way of thinking



The Great Milestone for Humanity is the Year 2022



Ability is the only limit

If your question is, what is wrong on Earth right now? Is the answer, everything, from food, agriculture, language, education, health, technology, science, sports, money, business, and much more.


To begin with, people must learn to think independently; to act in innovative ways, because most, if not all, of the existing parameters will be obsolete. The meaning and value of money will be totally different from what is usual. Everyone will have enough money to live on. There will be no need to take advantage of others or to steal to buy anything. Skill will be the only limit to one’s ability. Everyone is free, allowed to pursue any hobby, and to work when they wish.


GESARA is designed to remove poverty and all resulting ills from the Earth during the transitional phase. The changes will not be made for the sake of poverty, but are part of the plan to bring comfort and protection. This will take people’s experience to a new level of joy and happiness.


Being happy with your life will become the common experience. Some say that money can buy happiness, but money can only buy goods and services! See the many celebrity stories to know more. Stupid people want robots to replace people, they think everyone should agree with them. But the truth is that no robot can replace a human being. Nobody wants to go to a restaurant where a monotonous robot voice takes your order!


Planet Earth gets a new positive dimension for Environment, Food, Happiness, which creates more jobs by saving and purifying planet Earth. The gross sales metric is redundant, as the spending of money is just an illusion, like the numbers for value of shares or real estate, etc. People will start to realise their true purpose in life, which has been forgotten by the majority.


The whole population will benefit from GESARA. The Earth is one of the most abundant planets. There is more than enough gold backed money on Earth for anyone to be a millionaire without debt of any kind or nature.


The bottom line is that GESARA is more than a financial event, it signifies a new era that is about to take place. Once it actually begins, it will be the final end the Deep State and its puppets. And the beginning of our new positive 5D-World.


This huge upheaval is bringing great change in the destiny of mankind. It brings visible and unmistakable feelings of bliss. People are going to feel better, while those who are not awake will not know why.


This GESARA event will prove to be the most important event in history of mankind and will be experienced during our lifetime!


To the question when will this happen? Is the answer; when the masses rise up against the murder of their children through the fake Covid Pandemic and their poisonous injections. Full stop!


The battle against the global mafia has already been won, but convincing zombies of what has happened is impossible; they will first have to experience it first hand, after which the liberation of planet Earth will become reality.


With this, the coming major changes have been outlined and why it is taking a long time to realise it all. The wait is on for the masses to wake up, as they can’t be convinced in any other way than by experiencing this for themselves.


It might be a good idea to pass this information on to everyone you know, so that many will be prepared for the immense changes to come.


Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi tells us more about this.



The Great Milestone for Humanity is the Year 2022



The year 2022 of the Gregorian calendar will be the great divider that separates the New Earth from the Old Earth. The souls who will make the ascension in this present incarnation will forever remember that they were here and were part of this great event.


The true marker of time is now knocking at our door. Fortunately, there will be many who have spared no expense to come here. The helpful and pure in heart will finally have the opportunity to reap the fruits of their sowing.


The year 2022 will not be equally good or bad for everyone, because it will fully adapt to everyone’s conscience. Therefore, it will be perfectly normal for a part of humanity to achieve positive results, while another part will only reap difficulties and problems.


Some will see doors open, while others will see closed doors in front of them. Let us not forget that everything that is attracted is in accordance with everyone’s consciousness. The law of attraction determines everything. The following quote from Christ sums it up well, what will happen in 2022:


“To each according to his deeds”.


Despite the usual complaints that nothing is changing, that nothing is getting better, that chaos is increasing, and so many other stories from those who have no eyes to see or ears to listen, this year will be generous, especially for those who have done their part to build a New Earth.


Those who sowed wheat shall reap wheat. Those who have sown weeds, on the other hand, will reap from their own seeds.


It has been said so often in previous articles that everyone builds his own reality. Therefore, you should not expect others to do it for you.


There are many readers’ comments who say that nothing happens. Indeed, nothing happens for those who do not pay attention and do nothing to contribute to the changes.


It is also true that change always happens from within, and that everyone has their own key that initiates change. Waiting for someone else to do it for you is a solution that never comes. And so the cry is always the same: “they talk and talk but nothing happens”. And in fact, for these people, nothing will change.


Let’s do a little review of everything that has been posted extensively on FWC lately.


In 2010, the timeline, after which the earth changed. The old Armageddon timeline was scrapped in order to ensure a smooth transition. And that was no gift from above; it was thanks to enough incarnated souls who did a lot to bring the energy to the necessary higher frequency level, because that was possible.


Because of this change, all the earlier predictions about the end of this Cycle could not take place. At least, not in the way that was predicted and envisioned.


In 2012, the Earth entered fully into the Photon Belt, and the intense light coming from the Central Sun, began to turn the change in the Earth’s energy, and of everything that inhabits it. Then, the Age of Aquarius began. For four years, everything adjusted naturally, so that a certain peace prevailed on Earth.


In 2016, the phase of dismantling began. Indeed, you cannot create a new work in the same space without first clearing the old. Everything collapsed in 2018, the demolition was complete. Although you cannot see it with your physical eyes, it was energetically correct, how all this happened. That is why many do not perceive anything.


In 2019, the period of reconstruction began. For 3 years, everything has been reassembled and tested, so that in the succeeding phase of the planetary transition, this process is now concluded. New systems are ready to take effect. Nothing will be a shadow of what it was before.


Therefore, the year 2022 will be the watershed. All changes will be designated as before or after 2022.


And so we enter the great year 2022! The Year of Rebirth! Yes, for the Old Earth will finally be buried! A new positive Earth will arise in its place. Of course, there will be those who expect magic, like taking an old couch out of the living room and putting a new one in, on Christmas Eve. That will not happen. The New Earth will appear and manifest as never before, but first over time, because the Earth is a Planet.


The reconstruction will be noticed by a large part of humanity. We will then have the conditions for successive events to manifest. They will come sequentially as development adapts. The (awake) souls who inherit the New Earth will know what is really happening and why.


It will also be the year of unconditional love. New feelings, new emotions and a new understanding about every aspect. Society is going to reveal itself in a visible way.


Competition on all levels will fail. Finally, the cleansing and removal of the old command of the earth will become more and more evident.


As someone has said before, “the year 2023 will be the new time when 2022 will be remembered as the dividing line between good and bad”. And certainly, as the great dividing line between Cycles.


It is normal to hear someone say that this will only happen in 200 years, or in a thousand years. We have to confirm this, because for two thirds of humanity their new chance will come later.


The advice is not to enter into conflict in 2022. There will be difficulties for those who are not on the same frequency. Help the ones you ask for help, and do it with love and mercy.


Respect the limitations of others. Ignore criticism and insults. Remember that each is in its own frequency range, and no two souls are the same. There are groups of souls with compatible atonement, but possibly not on the same frequency.


Compassion, unconditional love and respect are the most requested skills in 2022. Your actions will determine the quality of the work you will do.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.




Tartary and the Great Mud Flood

At the beginning of the 19th century (1,800s) there was a benevolent Old World Order (OWO) on Earth that was commanded by a great nation called Tartary. Then, a great calamity happened: a great flood of mud covered them  all the great cities of the world with a layer of mud many meters high, eliminating the population of these places. As photography already existed, we have photographic records of this event. After this event, an evil New World Order (NOM) was implemented in the remnant human society that prevails until our days, responsible for countless wars aimed at the extinction of the human population from the surface of this planet. The same liars who hide from us the destruction of Tartary by the mud flood tell us that we live in a heliocentric world and that vaccines are very good for our health. Watch out! You are being deceived. The goal is our genocide, with another restart ( reset ) of humanity.

The famous Brazilian writer Machado de Assis wrote "To the victor, the potatoes". But it was up to the winner, in addition to potatoes, to rewrite official history, hiding relevant facts such as the one mentioned above. Interestingly, in English, history is spelled  History , that is, His Story (the story told by him, the winner, usually a "old wives' tale"). It's possible that our whole ancient history is all a big lie! Ever heard of tartar sauce? This sauce makes reference to Tartary.

Below, photo of Kansas City (USA) being dug up from mud in 1860. What caused so much mud?
Below, photo of the great (ghost) city of St. Petersburg (Russia) in 1860. No one in the streets and apparently muddy streets!

To get a sense of the wonderful civilization of Tartary throughout the world and its systematic destruction, read the book by James W. Lee [1]. 

Brian Dunning is a skeptic on the subject of Tartary and the mud flood, but his critiques on these subjects are worth reading [2].

Why majestic structures such as churches, palaces, castles, strong stars (forts with symmetrical star-shaped structures), etc. have very large doors? Because these are typical structures of Tartary and the Tartars were very tall people, with statures between 2.5 m and 3.5 m (between 8 and 12 ft tall) [3],[8]. How big is the person who would read the ancient book shown below?

How big were the beings that used the stairs below, with these huge steps?

Why residences with giant doors (as in the photo below)? To pass giants?

These large structures, mentioned above, had a main function that is not what we think it is (church to pray, for example). These structures were made to work as power plants for generating electromagnetic energy, extracting this energy from the ether through domes, towers and obelisks. There was always a source of living water or a canal near these structures [4].

In the same way humans build chicken coops to raise chickens for consumption, humans and non-humans (reptilians, grays, etc) build human chickens to raise human children (and adults) for food, sex, substance extraction (adrenochrome, blood, etc.), extraction of organs for transplantation, sacrifice in satanic rituals, slave trafficking on Earth and beyond, repopulation of places where the entire population was exterminated (with the flood of mud, for example), biological experiments, etc. Humaneiros are usually built underground, but some are on the surface, such as orphanages. Below, a photo of a train of orphans in the United States of the 19th century.

It is speculated that most Tartarians (Tartars) were breatharians ( breatharians ), a being who does not use digestion and burn calories from food and water to live, but receives energy directly from air (ether). Therefore, they had no need for toilets in their home bathrooms[3].

The degree of technological advancement of the Tartary Empire was much greater than our current technology [5].

The video [6] shows an engraving with three spherical spaceships resting on a station and a fourth in the air, technology from Tartary. It is no accident that Russia was the owner of terrestrial airspace in the mid-20th century, with its cosmospheres. Many letters from Dr. Peter David Beter [7] comment on Russian cosmospheres.


[1] James W. Lee,  The One World Tartarians: The Greatest Civilization Ever to be Erased from History ,

[2] Brian Dunning,  Tartaria and the Mud Flood ,

[3]  Tartaria Mud Flood Reset ,

[4]  Tartary Empire - Aether ,





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History repeats itself

Apparently, there is an alien race that conquered human society thousands of years ago and uses it for their food. Periodically, when the number of humans grows too high, they cause global tragedies to cause a great genocide of our race, affecting also other races and the environment. Therefore, it is very important to study the great cataclysms of the past, to take possible lessons and try to avoid falling into the traps (traps) that this dark race (and its human collaborators: illuminati, deep state), etc) periodically arm us. There was a flood of water in the time of Noah. There was an enormous flood of mud that destroyed the ancient world order of Tartary; the devastated regions were repopulated with many orphans, to erase the memory of Tartary's grand past. There was a Spanish flu that killed millions, mainly due to the vaccines applied at the time. Now there is a fake pandemic planned (plandemic) to scare the population into accepting a lethal injection, dubbed the "covid-19 vaccine", for the genocide of most of the planet's human population. It's time to wake up so that we don't fall into the dark traps once more!

It is obvious that not all anti-covid vaccines are fatal (as it would be easily discovered) and that many other means are being used to decimate the population, such as the poisoning of the environment (air, water, food) and the use of energy weapons direct (DEW=Direct Energy Weapon) to burn down inhabited places, as has occurred in California and, more recently, in the vicinity of Boulder, Colorado, as seen in footage from a helicopter:

Video Evidence Proves DEWs Completely Destroyed Homes
Geoengineered Windstorm in Boulder CO Area

Note how artificial the Boulder fire is: sequences of adjoining houses are incinerated and trees between them remain intact; cars seem to have their wheels fused, something impossible in a normal fire, but normal to happen with a DEW gun; very clean streets, with houses reduced to ash heap on both sides (thus excluding a natural fire, blown by the wind, as in the present case the fire came to the sky, through DEW weapons). Fun fact: the state of California, where numerous DEW fires occurred, is ruled by the Democratic Party (=communist left); the state of Colorado (Boulder) is ruled by the Democratic Party (=communist left); the United States, with Biden and Kamala, is ruled by the Democratic Party (=communist left). Currently, in Argentina, there are numerous fires, in several provinces. Today's Argentina is ruled by the communist left. There seems to be a pattern emerging between communist left (dark) and big fires. Curiosity: in the 19th century, there were huge floods of mud and also numerous fires, which destroyed most of Tartary.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

We Need A Revolution


We Need A Revolution

We need to wake up and break out of this ridiculous pandemic situation we're in that is sapping all of us of our money and spirit. It's been a scam from the start and will never end until we make it end. We need a revolution!

While the elite globalists get richer and more powerful, the common people get poorer and weaker, and this will not change until we take action. The bigger government gets, the more the people under it suffer. Government is a parasitical entity that takes more than it gives. It is a mafia, and the kingpin of all mafias is Yahweh, that old serpent who palms himself off as God. After thousands of years, Yashweh's time is coming to an end, and when he and his minions are removed and chained to the bottomless pit(inner Earth) humanity will flourish again. We can help make that happen by refusing to comply with his destructive restrictions. Remember that humanity was created to replace the Devil who has failed to live up to his appointed role as steward of this Earth. The devil/Yahweh/Yabaldoath/Satan knows this and hates us for it and will do anything to destroy us. Luckily the true God, El Elyon, is in charge and will not allow humanity's total destruction. He will however allow it to be tested, and this it what is currently happening(again).

You see humans have a problem. When left unchallenged, we become lazy and greedy and sensual and stupid, and this is when we fall and become enslavbed or controlled by others. America and the West have fallen and the rising nations, particularly China, are taking advantage of this. They are being used by Yahweh to punish America, and if we don't repent and change from our evil and corrupt ways, we will become enslaved by them. If we still had our morals we could have easily staved off the infiltration. Instead we have allowed weak and corrupt individuals in the current world administrations to sell everything we have to the kings of the East who are now overtaking us. It may already be too late for most of us, but for the few who are still good and pure, they will stand out as lights in the darkness, and can still lead us out of bondage.

Remember the pre-covid days when we were generally free and thriving? The post-war 1950's, 60's, and 70's were exciting times. People were hopeful and creative and the leadership of the West set an example for the rest of the world. Then we started degenerating or slowing down in the 1980's 90's and early 2000's, particularly with the financial crash of 2008, the Twin Towers demolition of 2011, and finally covid-19 beginning in late 2019. The United States, leader of the Free World, under its Pluto return, is under threat of destruction, but also possible rebirth. Pluto in Capricorn is cleaning out all the rot and trash and Neptune in Pisces is dissolving the old and making ready for the new. The Great Reset is upon us and the world and it wlll continue into the rest of the decade.

This Reset, however, is not the one Schwab and his cohorts are preaching. Their Nazi one world government will fail and be replaced by a true government of the people to last one thousand years. Yes, many millions and perhaps billions will die in the transition, but out of the ashes will come a new and better world and humanity -without the presence of the evil ones who have been holding us back for thousands of years. During the coming millennium of peace and the new Heaven and Earth, the vast majority of humanity will flourish and mature into its divine potential or from 3D to 5D and go on to explore the cosmos. The laggards will either be detroyed or relocated to other worlds or realms where they can continue their evolution.

In the meantime, what can we do to better our situation? We can start by not complying to the ridiculous edicts and mandates of the current globalist governance which is intent on either destroying or enslaving us. They want humans to merge with AI(Artificial Intelligence) and become their cyborg slaves. This is being done through all the chemicals in our food, water, and air, the chemtrails, the nanobots in the vaccines, and the 5G and other electro-magnetic radiations that are constantly bombarding us. This merging will utterly fail since biological humans and artificial intelligence or machine are not compatible and do not mix. Only living matter and intuitive intelligence will merge successfully and create the perfect being which is what humans are all about. There is no greater computer than the brain and no better technology than the human body but most of it has been shut down or stunted by our controllers. We can remedy this situation by putting on the full army of God through fasting and prayer.

True education is key. Everything you've been taught is mostly lies, from your history to your geography, to your science and religion, to health and finance, etc. It's all rigged against us and the sooner we wake up the faster the nigntmare ends. The Earth is a flat cratered plane with a dome overhead just as the ancients described it, and it's only part of a vaster plane with other worlds or "ponds". The GLOBEalists on the other hand want us to believe it's a ball with oceans that curve. Water does not curve, and weight, not gravity, is what keeps everything down. The Sun. Moon and stars are within or part of the dome which only goes as high as 62 miles. Our crater has been mined and our civilization has been fully reset many times. Our current modern civilization and humanity is only some 200 years old and everything we've been told before 1800 AD is complete fabrication. Our weather is completely controlled and all earthquakes and cataclysms are artificially produced. Humans are a slave or servant race used and abused forever, yet we have the spark of divinity within and the ability to overcome our oppressors. The key is true knowledge which can quickly transform you.

If people knew that we did not have to eat or work to live, the game of life would change drastically. So long as you are well hydrated, your body can virtually live forever and be disease-free. What keeps people from achieving this state is ignorance and fear. We are fed an unnatural and addictive diet that is slowly destroying us from within and is the cause of most of our diseases and ailments. We should only eat what nature produces on trees and vines. Processed or man-made food is bad for us and drugs and medications and surgery only hide things and usually make them worse. Get away from the cities and cold zones which are traps, and live naturally and grow your own food. You do not have to eat meat or dairy or grain or even vegetables -all of which create disease. Farming or agriculture is itself an abomination which kills animals and destroys the land. Trees are your best food source and they require little or no work or maintenance. Before the last great reset, giant trees, humans, and animals existed which lived in harmony before Yahweh and his religious fanatics took over and ruined everything. We had free energy and beautiful buildings many of which are still here today(the Greco-Roman-Indian=Asian type buildings found all over the world). Most of our history is a lie. The feudal Middle Ages was made up. Only the great world empire of Tartaria/Atlantis existed before the early 1800's with its free energy and flying ships. It was destroyed mercilessly by the high tech weapons of Yahweh, the reptilian false god of the ancient Israelites, of which Britain and the US are part of.

Most people will not switch to a fruitarian or vegan or even vegetarian diet, nor will they adopt an agrarian self-sustaining lifestyle, or even stop listening to the lying mainstream media, so the problems of society will continue. In the end, however, the truth always comes out and wins and people will finally realize the painful truth that we've been manipulated and controlled by our parasitic governments and institutions for hundreds if not thousands of years. Even then, some will refuse to believe the truth and carry on their deluded way until their last breath.

The scamdemic has gone on for too long and whoever does not see it for what it truly is at this point =is truly lost. It is not enough to just realize what is happening(the attempted genocide or morphing of the human race), we must also do something about it. Let's not wait for Trump and the Alliance to get their act together(if they ever will). We need to become leaders and fighters ourselves, and it all starts with a healthy body and a healthy mind. We cannot sit this one out. Future generations are depending on us.

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