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Australia's GMO Wheat is killing millions of Kangaroos (and possibliy peoples)

December 30, 2017

“Playing With God” Ignites Kangaroo Apocalypse In Australia As Death Toll Soars Over 21 Million
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A truly fearful new Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (ROSSELKHOZNADZOR) report circulating in the Kremlin today—who’s required to report on global instances of genetically modified organism (GMO) abuse under the 29 June 2016 law banning all GMO foods and activity in Russia (that made Russia the world’s largest GMO-free territory)—states that Australian government-scientists have been caught “playing with God” in their genetically manipulating their wheat crop—and whose consequence of has led to the largest kangaroo apocalypse in history whose deaths have now soared into the tens-of-millions.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Australian 2016-2017 kangaroo apocalypse death toll now numbers a staggering 21,687,258

According to this report, with Russia having “shocked the world” this past year with its unprecedented 81 million metric tonnes of wheat production, ROSSELKHOZNADZOR experts began their estimating of what the 2018-2019 planting schedule of this vital grain crop should be—paying most particular attention to the expected output of foreign competitors so as not to create a world glut—which would, in turn, suppress prices. 

As Australia, in 2015, was the world’s 9th largest wheat producer, this report details, ROSSELKHOZNADZOR experts had estimated that this nations production would remain at around 25 million metric tons through, at least, 2020—most significantly because Australia's average wheat yields, which had more than tripled due to technological advances between 1900 and 1990, had not increased from 1990 to 2015—and that, also in 2015, they had reported the emergence a new fungi disease named White Grain Disorder attacking their wheat.

White Grain Disorder begins attacking Australian wheat crops in New South Wales (NSW) during 2015

In early 2016, and while facing a stagnant wheat crop, if not an actual decrease in yields due to the emergence of the White Grain Disorder, this report continues, Australian government-scientists began working with the world’s largest GMO company Monsanto—who has done business in Australia for 20 years—resulting in what ROSSELKHOZNADZOR experts call a “secret planting regime” of various GMO grain seeds throughout Australia, but mainly centered in the vast wheat growing fields located in the New South Wales region.

As early as 1993, this report says it’s important to note, the Australian wheat field farmers in the New South Wales region had been warning about the damage kangaroos were doing to their crops—with Paul Remond, whose family owns 120,000 acres in Northern New South Wales, stating that kangaroos routinely destroyed at least 10%, and sometimes more than half, of his 13,000-acre wheat crop alone—and was due to wheat having become a main food source for these marsupials who are all are strict herbivores (physiologically adapted to eating plant material).

So it was with alarm, this report says, when, in late 2016, reports began to emerge from Australia, most especially in the New South Wales region, of hundreds of kangaroos being found dead—and whose numbers of mysterious deaths by November were rapidly increasing with it being reported that they were “simply laying down under trees and dying”—and whose dead carcasses were being left untouched by other animals—and as one witness verified by his stating: “All the wedgies, the crows and the black-tipped kites that normally get into carrion ... nothing had been eating them.”

Tens-of-millions of kangaroo carcasses untouched by other animals litter Australia

To the success of the Australia-Monsantosecret planting regime” of GMO wheat crops, though, this report continues, ROSSELKHOZNADZOR experts say it can only be categorized as unprecedented—and as evidenced by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) reporting that their 2016-2017 winter crop production had increased by a mammoth 49% to over 58.9 million metric tonnes.

Coinciding with this “mammothGMO crop increase in Australia, however, this report grimly notes, is the stunning kangaroo apocalypse—who after having fed upon these wheat and grain fields, are no longer just “laying under trees and dying” anymore—but are now dying by the tens-of-millions of a “mystery disease” that causes blindness, massive hemorrhages and internal bleedingkills them within an hour—and whose mass death is, also, increasing in severity.

As to what these kangaroos are really dying of, this report explains, one must first note how Monsanto has flooded hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars into the world’s top universities as payoffs to some of the world’s top agricultural researchers—one of whom is Australia’s Research School of Biology Solomon Lab for Wheat Biosecurity—and who, in late 2015, used millions of these Monsanto dollars to identify the cause of the White Grain Disorder.

Once having the DNA sequence of the White Grain Disorder provided to them by Australian scientists, this report details, Monsanto then created a new GMO wheat seed—but which they then added a  viral hemorrhagic fever (HF) component to in order to “target for death” the massive kangaroo population in Australia—whose numbers are estimated at over 500 million with the Australian government having labeled them as a “pest—and whose government sanctioned killing of has resulted in the largest slaughter of land-based wildlife on the planet.

With Russian doctor-scientists, in the 1940’s, first coining the phrase viral hemorrhagic fever—that described a syndrome comprised of fever, a constellation of initially nonspecific signs and symptoms, and a propensity for massive bleeding and shock, this report explains, Monsanto’s inserting it into Australia’s wheat seeds has, most certainly, provided an effective means of killing animal “pests” targeting these crops—and is due to these viruses tending to be zoonotic—residing either in an animal reservoir host, or an arthropod vector, and that are totally dependent on their host for survival.

Though hunting is allowed in Australia, this report says, its 1996 mass gun confiscation law has left that nation with an entire generation of citizens unable to become the skilled hunters it needs to effectively manage its now uncontrollable kangaroo population—and that Monsanto believes its new GMO wheat seed can now provide the “cure” for—but that the Australian government never allowed its people to have a voice in doing so.  

To the greatest danger, however, of this new and monstrous Australian-Monsanto GMO wheat seed causing this kangaroo apocalypse, this report concludes, is the growing evidence that viral hemorrhagic fevers are now mutating and could be spread through the air—and if that occurs, would see tens-of-millions of Australian citizens laying dead next to their kangaroo “friends”—but with neither of them being able to comprehend the motives of the monsters responsible for their mass death.

But NOT in America…where farmers markets are now ruled racist because they are a form of environmental gentrification which displaces low-income residents and people of color.

December 30, 2017 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

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Declaration of National Emergency in USA !

December 24, 2017

Trump Declaration Of National Emergency Throws US Media Into Silence, And Global Elites Into Terror 
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An astonishing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that after a full 72 hours, the US mainstream propaganda media has yet to inform the American people that President Donald Trump has declared a National Emergency—and whose direct purpose for is the destroying of Hillary Clinton and everyone associated with her “Deep State” coup plot against him—and that has, likewise, left the entirety of the globalist elites money and power structure in absolute terror.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, 72 hours ago, on 21 December, President Trump issued a gravely worded Executive Order declaring a National Emergency, and whose exacts words stated:

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act (Public Law 114-328) (the “Act”), section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C. 1182(f)) (INA), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code,

I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, such as those committed or directed by persons listed in the Annex to this order, have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems

Human rights abuse and corruption undermine the values that form an essential foundation of stable, secure, and functioning societies; have devastating impacts on individuals; weaken democratic institutions; degrade the rule of law; perpetuate violent conflicts; facilitate the activities of dangerous persons; and undermine economic markets. The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.

I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

The ability of President Trump to use American military forces during this now declared National Emergency, this report explains, are contained in what are called his nations War Powers laws—but with this conflict, mostly, being conducted in secrecy as Trump further declared “I therefore determine that for these measures to be effective in addressing the national emergency declared in this order, there need be no prior notice of a listing or determination made pursuant to this order.”—and who, without doubt, will be aided by the secret intelligence operation he has built around himself to battle against his “Deep State” enemies.

The historic significance of what President Trump has done with his National Emergency declaration, this report continues, is that he seems to have grabbed a handful of US and International accords and policies to declare war on his “Deep State” globalist enemies—most particularly the international money laundering operations masquerading as humanitarian organizations, such as Clinton Foundation and George Soros Foundation—with billions of their dollars having been immediately seized upon this Executive Order being issued.

President Trump, also, in his National Emergency declaration, this report details, made no secret of whom he was targeting either—and did so by his listing an Annex to this Executive Order naming specific individuals to be targeted, and everyone associated with them, too—and that includes: 

Angel Rondon Rijo—an Dominican Republic government official embroiled in a massive bribery scandal [English] involving the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht—who are known to have funneled millions, if not billions, of dollars into the Clinton Foundation

Dan Gertler—an Israeli international businessman whose criminal dealings were overseen by the global fugitive Marc Rich—whom President Bill Clinton shamefully pardoned for his crimes on his last day in office, and continues to “pay out big” for him and his wife Hillary.

Sergey Kusiuk—the commander of an elite Ukrainian police unit who engineered the Obama-Clinton regime coup against Ukraine, including his hiring of the Georgian mercenary snipers who were ordered to fire upon police and protestors alike

Goulnora Islamovna Karimovathe daughter of the late Uzbek dictator who boiled his political opponents alive, and who arranged tens-of-millions of dollars to be given to the Clinton Foundation in order to get favors granted to her nation by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

President Trump National Emergency target Goulnora Islamovna Karimova (left) with President Bill Clinton (right)

In targeting these globalist criminals who have laundered money with the Clinton’s for decades, this report notes, President Trump was not short on using irony either—and as evidenced by his citing the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act law as one of the weapons he was using against them—but had been the law the “Deep State” enacted to use against Russia—but who are now seeing Trump using it against them. 

President Trump’s anger at Hillary Clinton and her “Deep State” allies causing him to declare a National Emergency in order to destroy them, this report explains, involves a Democratic Party linked commercial research and strategic intelligence firm based in Washington, D.C. named Fusion GPS—and whose owners, Glenn Simpson, and his wife Mary Jacoby, on 17 April 2007, co-wrote for The Wall Street Journal an article titled “How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington” alleging how prominent Republicans, including the 1996 Republican presidential candidate Robert Dole, opened doors in the American capital for Kremlin-affiliated oligarchs and other friends of President Putin.

On 14 May 2008, during the 2008 US presidential campaign in which Obama was first running, this report continues, Fusion GPS owners Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby co-wrote another article for The Wall Street Journal titled “McCain Consultant Is Tied To Work for Ukraine Party”—and wherein they alleged that Republican Senator John McCain was “colluding with Russia” for his having hired as one of his advisors the longtime known Republican Party operative Paul Manafort.

Following the path of Fusion GPS owners Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby lies linking Senator McCain to the Kremlin, this report details, the rest of the Obama supporting leftist mainstream propaganda media quickly followed in lock step during the month leading up to the 2008 presidential election by, likewise, printing salacious lies claiming McCain was a “Putin Puppet. 

For those wondering if why what Fusion GPS did to Senator McCain during the 2008 presidential campaign in linking him to Russia sounds exactly what is now occurring nearly a decade later with President Trump, this report continues, they’d be correct in believing so because it’s true—and is due to the fact that when Trump’s victory was nearing, Fusion GPS owners Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby dusted off their 2008 smear book against McCain and then began shopping it around for anyone willing to pay for it be used against Trump.

Willing, of course, to pay millions-of-dollars to Fusion GPS to smear Trump with false Russian lies, this report details, was Hillary Clinton—but who, in the gravest travesty of justice in American history, was joined in this criminal effort by the Obama regimes Justice Department and FBI—and that has led the highly influential American-Jewish online magazine The Tablet to grimly warn

If a sitting president used the instruments of state, including the intelligence community, to disseminate and legitimize a piece of paid opposition research in order to first obtain warrants to spy on the other party’s campaign, and then to de-legitimize the results of an election once the other party’s candidate won, we’re looking at a scandal that dwarfs Watergate.

Yes! There be diabolical criminals afoot in America today!

Among the shocking revelations discovered by The Tablet’s investigators into how Obama, Clinton the Justice Department and FBI turned the 2008 “McCain Russia Dossier” into the 2016 “Trump Russia Dossier, this report details, the most stunning was how Fusion GPS hired a former British MI6 operative named Christopher Steele to update it with lies about Trump as he was the former head of MI6’s Russia Desk—but when Fusion GPS discovered that Steele didn’t actually know how to speak or write Russian, then saw them hiring an acknowledge American-Russian expert named Nellie Ohr—and whose husband, Bruce Ohr, was a top official in Obama’s Justice Department who met secretly with Fusion GPS owner Glenn Simpson as Trump’s victory was nearing in order to finalize the details of this coup.

This report concludes by stating that the most likely reason the US mainstream propaganda media is not telling the American people about President Trump’s declaring a National Emergency is due to their knowledge that many of their top journalists and media executives are some of his targets, too—and with all of them failing to ever fully realize that Trump is not only the greatest enemy the “Deep State” has ever encountered, he’s, also, smarter then all of these lunatic coup conspirators put together—whose, perhaps, greatest failing was to know that when Trump said he was going to “drain the swamp”, he actually meant it.

Do you mind if sit back a little?  Because your breath is really bad.”  Donald Trump

December 24, 2017 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Note: Many governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagree with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit us, and others like us, that is exampled in numerous places, including HERE.]

[Note: The website was created for and donated to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal in 2003 by a small group of American computer experts led by the late global technology guru Wayne Green (1922-2013) to counter the propaganda being used by the West to promote their illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq.] 

[Note: The word Kremlin (fortress inside a city) as used in this report refers to Russian citadels, including in Moscow, having cathedrals wherein female Schema monks (Orthodox nuns) reside, many of whom are devoted to the mission of the Sisters of Sorcha Faal.]

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NESARA is Coming !


Wednesday, November 01, 2017

NESARA announcements expected in 2017
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Picture: NESARA announcements imminent. Bill Clinton. 9-11.
NESARA is the covert National Economic Security and Reformation Act (March/October 2000). Notice that the S stands for Security; not for Stability. (S for Stability is a Bait-and-Switch mirror fraud; so is GESARA. More background here). NESARA is an American legal initiative with radical and benevolent global consequences.

The NESARA global prosperity programmes are on the cusp of being announced and activated. One of the protected funds said to be involved is called The Saint Germain World Trust. This fund contains deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattuordecillion US dollars. The word quattuordecillion is sometimes spelled quatrodecillion. It means ten thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, million dollars. Or $1 with forty noughts after it.


Among other projects, this money will be used to buy out all oil corporations, banks and pharmaceutical cartels. And it will zero out (permanently cancel) all personal, corporate and national debts worldwide. More about universal debt forgiveness and the imminent global debt jubilee can be found here. The Saint Germain World Trust resources are additional to, and separate from, The World Global Settlement Funds and the Global Collateral Accounts (pdf; 120pp).

The NESARA money was originally scheduled to be released in the year 2000, but the Bush White House and its banking and legal conspirators worldwide prevented the disbursement. And through corporate pan-global control of mainstream media outlets, nearly all knowledge of NESARA's existence was suppressed. This is now changing.

When the NESARA global prosperity programmes are openly and publicly announced, perhaps during
November or December 2017, they will permanently change human civilisation in every money-related way.

In early to mid 2017, there was said to be a delay among lead agents of Tier 1 signatories due to technical disagreements about how best to monetise and book the vast quantities of off-ledger gold held in Asian and other bunkers. Some of this gold was not quantised or stamped in bar form.

The funds are now ready. The gold-backed global currency reset is ready. The conduits for the benevolent capital flows are clean and clear; they will bypass the BIS, SWIFT, the US Fed and the ECB completely. People have begun to talk numbers not in Quadrillions, but in Quintillions.

( ► Note to readers: Future history is developing fast now. Most of this development is not being explicitly reported with appropriate emphasis in the Western mainstream media. We are maintaining a dated compilation of links to geopolitically significant commentary at the foot of our Future Historians' List page here.)

The whole human population will benefit from NESARA. Earth is a most abundant planet. There is more than enough gold-backed human money currently in existence on Earth for each and every human being to be a GBP millionaire without debts of any kind. GBP = Great Britain Pound. NESARA is about sharing the resources of the planet around fairly. And NESARA is about putting benevolent banking systems in place worldwide to deliver this monetary fairness. No individual anywhere on Earth will be beyond the reach of the NESARA wealth redistribution programmes. And no individual or organisation anywhere on Earth will be able to stop it.

NESARA will cancel all credit card, mortgage and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government corruption worldwide. Income tax will be abolished. A new 14% flat rate tax on non-essential new items will provide the revenue stream for national governments. There will be increased benefits for senior citizens. In the USA, there will be a return to Constitutional Law at every level of the legal system.

When the NESARA announcements are made, the US President and Vice President and all the officials in their administration will be removed from office with immediate effect. So will all members of the US Congress and their Khazar Zionist bosses.

They will be replaced with constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates, possibly including people such as Joseph Francis Dunford, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Timothy J. Holton, Paul Craig Roberts, or a retired Pentagon White Hat such as Michael T. Flynn or Carter F. Ham. Donald Trump may be allowed a temporary rôle in publicly exposing the machinations of the Bush syndicate and the Clinton Foundation, and in releasing details about the Satanist disinformation nexus connecting the US mainstream media and PsyOps cells within the US intelligence services.

There will be new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of NESARA's announcement. These elections will be carefully monitored to prevent vote theft, hacking and other illegal election activities by special interest groups or covert syndicates.

A new USA Treasury rainbow currency will come into being, backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals. A new USA Treasury Bank System will be initiated in alignment with Constitutional Law. The Federal Reserve Board System will be abolished. Personal financial privacy will be restored. All judges and attorneys will be retrained in Constitutional Law. All aggressive USA government military actions worldwide will cease and global peace will be established. Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 a month for 11 years, but the Farmers' claims will be paid first. Here, the settlements will include debt forgiveness of $300,000 (including mortgages, credit cards and loans) for each farming family. Similar reforms will take place in every country in the world. Enormous sums of money will be made available for humanitarian purposes. New hitherto suppressed technologies such as free energy devices, pollution cleanup equipment and sonic healing machines will be released for the use of all. More about the Quantum Healing Computer Technology can be found here.

By the first half of 2016, it was apparent that the precise term "NESARA" might not be used, initially at least, to publicly describe the global package of prosperity, humanitarian, infrastructure and currency refinancing which had become necessary. With over a decade and a half having passed since the year 2000, and with the corrupt deterioration of most aspects of life in the Western world having reached such visible degradation, the "NESARA" aspects of the necessary reforms would need to be folded into (i.e.added to) a number of other financial and organisational rescue initiatives, in which Asia and the BRICS would take the lead.

Further background details and links about the NESARA global prosperity programmes and their history can be found further down this present blog page, and from James Rink here, from Patrick Bellringer here and from Mark Clarke here. In response to a critical interlocutor, Patrick Bellringer explains the legal history of the NESARA funding processes here (16/17.06.08). There is a useful compilation of NESARA links and material at here.
And a recent clone-related NESARA article can be found here.

Some historical information about US White House corruption which intersects with America's blocking of the global NESARA reforms can be found on other pages of this blog here (Citibank scandal), here (Bush White House begins to disintegrate) and here (The crucifixion of Chief Justice John Glover Roberts).


Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Nazi Atomic Bomb

September 25, 2017
Massive Cover-up Begins After “Final Proof” Shows Atomic Bomb Traded To US For Nazi Safety
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An intriguing Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has embarked upon a massive informational cover-up after a “final proof” discovery was made this past week showing that the Nazis were, indeed, the first world power to develop an atomic bomb during World War II—and that Soviet intelligence experts have always maintained was “traded/bartered” to the American’s in return for their saving the lives of all top German Nazi officials, including Adolph Hitler.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

German physicist Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker submits patent for atomic bomb in 1941

According to this report, this past week, in Brandenberg, Germany, a 64-year-old treasure hunter named Bernd Thälmann discovered a large metallic object subsequently identified as Uranium-235—and who after making this shocking discovery, he was quickly jailed by German police for his alleged illegal possession of radioactive materials.

Though not understood by many today, this report continues, the location of the discovery of this piece of Uranium-235 places it near the Nazi-era chemical company known as Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schädlingsbekämpfung located in Oranienburg—and whose company name is simplified to Degesch whose translation means: German Corporation For Pest Control—and who aside from their development of industrial-scale, high-purity uranium oxides, is more infamously known for their producing the Zyklon B pesticide used to kill millions of Jewish peoples during The Holocaust—and who today is one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies known as Evonik Industries.

In 2011, this report details, German historian Rainer Karlsch exhaustively detailed in his research book titled “Hitlers Bombe” (translation: Hitler’s Bomb) the critical role played by Degesch in the development of the Nazis atomic bomb—and whose eyewitnesses to its testing includes:

German test pilot named Hans Zinsser, who testified to US military investigators that he saw a “mushroom cloud” near the Nazi nuclear research facility at Ludwgslust in 1944, and who stated: “A cloud shaped like a mushroom with turbulent, billowing sections (at about 7,000 meters) stood, without any seeming connections over the spot where the explosion took place. Strong electrical disturbances and the impossibility to continue radio communication as by lighting turned up.”—and as was verified by his logbook recordings.

Thuringian resident Clare Werner, who, on 4 March1945, testified that she was standing on a nearby hillside when she witnessed an explosion in a military training area near the town of Ohrdruf—and who stated: “It was about 9:30 when I suddenly saw something ... it was as bright as hundreds of bolts of lightning, red on the inside and yellow on the outside, so bright you could've read the newspaper. It all happened so quickly, and then we couldn't see anything at all. We just noticed there was a powerful wind...”—and who further complained of “nose bleeds, headaches and pressure in the ears”.

Heinz Wachsmut, also a Thuringian resident, who testified that he worked for a local excavating company, and that the day after the atomic blast occurred, as described by Clare Werner, he was ordered to help the SS build wooden platforms on which the corpses of prisoners were cremated.  The bodies, according to Wachsmut, were covered with horrific burn wounds. Like Werner, too, Wachsmut testified that local residents complained of headaches, some even spitting up blood—with Wachsmut further testifying that higher-ranking SS officers told people that something new had been tested, “something the entire world would soon be talking about”.

Luigi Romersa, a war reporter for a Milan newspaper, Corriere della Sera, who testified about how he visited Adolf Hitler in October 1944 and then was flown to Rügen Island in the Baltic Sea where he witnessed an explosion that produced a bright light, and that men wearing protective suits then drove him away from the site, telling him that what he had witnessed was a fission bomb.

Photo credit: Luigi Romersa/Corriere della Sera, 1944

During 1944-1945, too, this report continues, “Red Orchestra” (one of the most successful spy rings that operated during World War II) continuously flooded the Kremlin with intelligence describing these atomic bomb blasts and describing how the production of Uranium-235 was being performed in vast subterranean tunnels—and though the American’s had, indeed, destroyed the Nazi nuclear facility of Peenemunde, the Nazi’s Island of Bornholm nuclear facility was never attacked.

During the 4-11 February 1945 Yalta Conference, this report continues, General Secretary Joseph Stalin expressed his fears about Germany’s atomic bomb to US President Franklin Roosevelt—and who further warned the American’s that “Red Orchestra” intelligence was stating that the Germans were stating that they were preparing their bombers to destroy Western Europe in 3 months, after which they would strike a violent blow against the United States. 

Upon receiving General Secretary Stalin’s warnings, however, this report details, President Roosevelt, in turn, revealed his nations “Manhattan Project” programme to build an atomic bomb—and with Roosevelt, also, assuring Stalin that American’s nuclear scientists had determined that no such atomic bomb could be developed by anyone before 1947. 

General Secretary Stalin, of course, this report continues, did not believe anything President Roosevelt had told him as the “Red Orchestra” reports were too substantial in their reporting of the Nazi’s testing an atomic bomb to be ignored—and that flew in the face of logic as German physicist Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker had, in 1941, already submitted a German patent application for using a uranium machine to, in essence, make an atomic bomb

At the ending of the Yalta Conference in February, 1945, this report explains, the estimated manpower of the Wehrmacht (unified armed forces of Nazi Germany) was estimated to be between 11-13 million—and that after World War II ended was confirmed as being true—but that according to calculations made by the US Army, these soldiers–man for man and unit for unit–were 20 to 30 percent more effective than was the British and American forces they faced.

So it was a complete, and shocking, surprise, this report continues, when, on 7 May 1945, the Wehrmacht unconditionally surrendered—with barely any of their military commanders facing war crimes trial for the atrocities they had committed, and even worse, nearly all of Nazi Germany’s top leadership disappearing from the face of the Earth—most especially to include the Chief of the Gestapo (the secret Nazi police) Heinrich Müller, who, along with Adolph Hitler, was last reported to be in a Berlin bunker—with neither one of them ever being heard from again. 

Three months after the Wehrmacht surrendered, this report further notes, the American’s dropped what they said were their atomic bombs on the Empire of Japan—but whose effects of matched exactly those given by those who had witnessed the Nazi’s atomic bomb being tested.

Coinciding with these atomic bombs being dropped on the Empire of Japan, this report continues, the American’s, also, smuggled out of captured Nazi territory to the United States nearly 2,000 German scientists, engineers, and technicians—that they labeled “Operation Paperclip”, thus prevented war crime charges from being brought against some of the worst barbarians our world has ever known—and US intelligence (military and CIA) further secreting top Nazi leaders to South America along the “Ratline Network”. 

With the only evidence of Adolph Hitler’s death being a skull fragment that was proved to be that of an unknown woman by DNA testing in 2009, this report says, even the United States FBI remains clueless as to the fate of this Nazi leader—but that General Secretary Stalin had always believed had his life, and those of his other Nazi leaders, exchanged for their giving the American’s their atomic bomb.

To the effect of the American’s colluding with these Nazis, this report concludes, began to be seen in the United States less than 23 years after World War II ended, when, in 1968, the US Congress adopted in its entirety Nazi Germany’s 1938 Weapons Law—and that over these past nearly 50 years has, also, seen this once free nation become nearly identical to Nazi Germany where the elite corporate and banking classes rules over a citizenry kept under total surveillance and control—and who are never allowed to know the truth about anything.   

September 25, 2017 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

[Note: Many governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagree with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit us, and others like us, that is exampled in numerous places, including HERE.] 

[Note: The website was created for and donated to the Sisters of Sorcha Faal in 2003 by a small group of American computer experts led by the late global technology guru Wayne Green (1922-2013) to counter the propaganda being used by the West to promote their illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq.]

[Note: The word Kremlin (fortress inside a city) as used in this report refers to Russian citadels, including in Moscow, having cathedrals wherein female Schema monks (Orthodox nuns) reside, many of whom are devoted to the mission of the Sisters of Sorcha Faal.]


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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Reduce Your Exposure To WiFi Radiation

WiFi Radiation – How To Protect Yourself

Do you need to protect yourself from WiFi radiation?

I guess the first question that needs to be answered is ‘what is WiFi radiation?’ Which leads to the question ‘is WiFi safe?’

Because if you’re not clear about these questions it’s pointless talking about WiFi radiation protection.

What Is WiFi Radiation?

WiFi devices emit radio-frequency radiation, otherwise known as microwave radiation. Most wireless routers and similar wireless devices emit a field of wireless radiation 24/7.

This microwave radiation is exactly the same kind of radiation that microwave ovens use to cook food.

Basically a microwave oven bombards your food with microwave radiation. This creates molecular friction which heats up the food. It’s known as ‘the heating effect’ or ‘the thermal effect’.

WiFi devices like wireless modem routers and wireless computers contain transmitters that use this microwave radiation to send information back and forth in the air.

Luis Hernan, a student at Newcastle University in the UK, has produced a series of photographs using an Arduino based Kirlian device that can show the strength of wireless signals according to color.

Cell phone in WiFi mode - Luis Hernan
Cell phone in WiFi mode – Luis Hernan

Is WiFi Safe?

Independent research links WiFi radiation to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:
    • increased blood brain barrier permeability
    • disruption to brain glucose metabolism
    • DNA chain breaks
    • generation of stress proteins
    • disruption of cell metabolism
In other studies, it is reported that WiFi radiation commonly causes such symptoms as fatigue, irritability, constant daily headaches and digestive disorders. And long-term exposure to radiation has been linked with many serious diseases including brain tumors.

The whole controversy surrounding the safety of these exposures revolves around this heating effect.

On the one side there is the telecom industry and other vested interests. They say that because there is no observable thermal effect (no heating effect), with WiFi and similar devices that these technologies are safe.

On the other side there are now thousands of peer reviewed studies conducted by scientists from around the world that show WiFi radiation to be potentially extremely harmful. Not to mention extensive anecdotal evidence – this website alone is littered with thousands of testimonials from people that have experienced severe adverse health symptoms from these exposures.

The World Health Organization has classified WiFi radiation type exposures as a ‘possible Class 2B carcinogen’.

What Are The Benefits To Protecting Yourself From WiFi?

People report these immediate benefits to eliminating/significantly reducing the wireless exposures in their environment:
  • improved sleep
  • having more energy
  • head feels better/clearer
  • room feels cooler
  • skin feels less prickly
  • no longer has metallic taste in the mouth
  • feeling more relaxed
The long term potential benefits of reducing your exposure to WiFi are that you DON’T suffer the adverse biological effects and diseases associated with WiFi as listed previously.

WiFi Radiation Protection Tips

There are some simple steps you can take to limit your exposure to WiFi router radiation. In this article I explain what they are.

1. Buy A JRS Eco-WiFi Router

Why? Because it offers a radically safer alternative to standard WiFi.

The JRS Eco-WiFi router is actually a package. It’s composed of:
  • An Asus router
  • JRS Eco-Wifi software
It’s the JRS software that gives the Asus router it’s unique low EMF functionality. You see, classic or standard WiFi operates at 10 pulses per second where as JRS-Eco WiFi operates at 1 pulse per second. This 10x reduced pulse interval translates to a 90% reduction in WiFi radiation when the router is on stand-by.  To see exactly what I mean, watch this video.

The other reason to invest in a JRS Eco-WiFi Router is that it offers the same performance as regular WiFi. You get the same download speeds, the same data transmission capacity… the same performance but JRS-Eco WiFi is a LOT safer than regular WiFi.

The ideal set-up is the JRS Eco-WiFi Router and some good quality shielded Ethernet cable.

Learn more about the JRS Eco-WiFi Router here.

2. Use The Right Ethernet Cable

shielded ethernet cable to reduce wifi radiation exposuresYour Ethernet cable is the cable that links your modem/router to your PC. It provides you with a hardwired internet connection.

Most people don’t give this cable a second thought. They use the cable which comes with the modem/router. Mistake.

This Ethernet cable can be a source of RF radiation and so needs to be shielded. There are lots of different qualities of cable category 5, 6, 7 etc. I recommend buying at least Cat 6a SSTP (screened shielded twisted pair) Ethernet cable. Maybe the cable that came with your modem/router is Cat 6a SSTP. In that case you’re OK. If in doubt change it.

3. Disable Wireless Function On ALL Your Devices

You’ve disabled the wireless on the modem/router but you must also disable the wireless on your on your computer (desktop, laptop, iPod Touche, iPad, tablet) AND also printers, projectors and anything else that might have Wi-Fi capability. Again a lot of people overlook this. Look for software options on these devices to do this.

Lower Wi-Fi power intensity is now an option on certain wireless set-ups. Look carefully what the software allows you to do. And keep your eye on it once you’ve changed the settings to make sure the default settings don’t come back on again.

If you’re unable to disable Wifi via the software you may be able to have the WiFi module physically removed (requires some electrical knowledge).

4. Swap Wireless For Wired

Replace your wireless keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner and whatever else you have that is wireless with USB wired versions. Solutions now exist even to connect devices such as iPads, which are not designed to be hardwired, to the Internet via a USB Ethernet adapter as shown in this video:

To implement the solution shown in the above video you will need:

5. Neighbors WiFi

Legally there is nothing you can do to oblige your neighbors to remove their WiFi so you need to have a softly softly approach. Go and see them, have a friendly chat. Ideally take an RF meter with you, show them the radiation levels they are exposing both you and themselves to. Take some print outs of some of the studies that have been done on the dangers of radio frequency radiation.

If they are unsympathetic EMF shielding should be considered only as a last resort measure. An effective WiFi radiation shield may well involve shielding several rooms – this is no small undertaking.

Reduce Your Exposure To WiFi Radiation Without Eliminating It

I know that some people can’t quite bring themselves to surrender their wireless devices so here are some tips on minimizing WiFi without eliminating WiFi.

1. Keep your distance

WiFi radiation exposures drop off significantly with distance (called the inverse square law). Many routers have a strong enough signal to maintain a connection up to 100m from the router. Make sure you put as much distance between you and your wireless router as you can without diminishing the efficiency of your connection. Remember: walls don’t stop wireless radiation, never situate a wireless router behind a bedroom wall.

2. Switch off at Night

Studies tell us that the biggest danger with WiFi radiation comes from nighttime exposures; cellular

 regeneration,mechanical timer to reduce emf exposures from a modem router rejuvenation, and detoxification is impeded. Notably melatonin production can be significantly reduced. If you really can’t bring yourself to remove your wireless router you can install a simple mechanical electrical timer (see attached image) on the socket where you plug your router in. Then just set it to turn the power off during sleep time.

I also recommend combining the mechanical timer with a multi-outlet power strip, sometimes called a surge protection unit. First you plug all your computer devices, , laptop/desktop, printer, monitor into your power strip. Then you plug the power strip into your mechanical timer which you then plug into the wall.
power stripThis means that when you set your timer to switch off from 10 pm to 6 pm, for instance, that it switches EVERYTHING off that’s plugged into your power strip. There are two advantages here, besides saving money on your utility bill, you also eliminate any EMF emissions that these appliances are producing.

My recommendation is to use a power strip that has surge arrest which will also ensure your equipment is protected from over-voltages (i.e. lightening strikes) and that it’s grounded.

3. Use USB Adaptors Wisely

If you use a USB Wi-Fi adapter (for PCs that don’t have a built in wireless network interface card) use it on a USB extension cable (10 feet or more). The same goes if you use a 3G or 4G USB internet stick, or dongle, to connect to the Internet while you’re traveling. A USB extension cable will significantly reduce your exposure. Tip: the further the USB internet stick is from you when you’re surfing the Web, the less you will be exposed.  Buy a USB extension that’s a good 10 to 15 feet long.

Is Powerline Networking The Solution?

This goes under various names ‘powerline networking’,’broadband over power lines’ (BPL) or ‘Powerline Ethernet’. Whichever name is used the principle is the same,  special adapters are used to send the Internet signal through your home or office wiring. What does this mean? It means you don’t need to have WiFi BUT these adapters do introduce radio frequency signals (RF radiation) on to your house wiring.

Combining RF radiation with power line frequency electrics is known to give rise to the phenomenon of ‘dirty electricity’. There are many health issues associated with dirty electricity. For this reason I do not recommend BPL as a safe alternative to WiFi.

Are Harmonizers And Neutralizers The Solution?

There all sorts of energy devices on the market which claim to harmonize and/or neutralize WiFi radiation. I do not believe that you should rely on these devices to form the basis of your approach to EMF protection. And I’m not alone. Over the years I have spoken to dozens of scientists, electrical engineers, researchers and EMF experts about this.

On this question professional engineer and Building Biologist Michael Schwaebe says, “when we choose to have an energy device to remedy something we know that’s wrong with us, what happens is that we often delay taking a pro­active move to mitigate our exposure so our exposure continues and ultimately the biology is affected at some point.

The dangers of WiFi are real. Use the above tips to mitigate your exposure to WiFi radiation.
Of course there is no cast iron guarantee that if you do reduce your exposure you won’t suffer any of the adverse effects associated with WiFi because unfortunately most people can’t feel these adverse effects, they just fall ill. What’s worse is they never make the link between these exposures and their illness.

Just try switching off your WiFi for one week and see the results for yourself.

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