Sunday, August 05, 2012


Zero-Point Energy: Perendev Magnetic Motor

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Zero-Point Energy and You

2012 July 25: Your Body Works On Zero-Point Energy: Within one proton(center of the atom) can exist all the energy and mass of the universe. This means we have more potential power locked up in our bodies than all the possible universes of creation, yet we only access or produce an infinitely small part of this. Similarily, within one cubic inch of empty space is all the power necessary to run our entire planet for a very long time, and this is called zero-point energy, yet we use polluting fuels such as gas and coal and other dirty sources of energy or fuel. So-called "empty" space is not empty at all. It is in fact far more dense than visible matter itself which is a by-product of this invisible space. What do you think powers your body every time you use or exert it? It's not the food but the air or "space" or "vacuum" that you breathe into it. Air and light contain infinite power. Food and thought actually interfere with this power. This is the new physics of the 21st century. There is a time soon coming when all of us will be able to extract any amount of power or energy freely and out of "nothing" and gone will be all the waste and pollution of our planet. 



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