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Galactic Federation Update for 24 May 2010 by Sheldan Nidle

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10 Kan, 2 Pax, 7 Ik

Selamat Balik! We return! The process of transforming your world moves forward at its own divine pace. Meanwhile, the Ascended Masters intend to take this opportunity to expand on what they have labeled “conscious governance.” The next part of your journey in consciousness requires you to explore some new concepts about how your societies are to be organized. This new worldview would benefit from looking at how Inner Earth and other such societies naturally bring about order to their lives. This involves what we call “the four basic Societal Laws.” The Divine gave these to us as we emerged from limited into full consciousness while still on Vega some six million years ago, and these laws have been an inspiration to us ever since. Every human society, as it approaches its full potential, is given these four sacred guidelines, and the time is coming for your Earth-bound societies to be so blessed. We have asked your Agarthan cousins to prepare a comprehensive overview of these four laws and their earthly history, so that you can more easily understand their significance to you.

Galactic societies tend to organize themselves on two levels: the first is centered on the individual and her or his immediate community. The second level is an intricate system of highly specialized clans. The individual and the intertwined local community are paramount, and function as a large parenting and educational network, providing each person with the wisdom and training to carry out their clan-oriented life skills. Each recognizes their unique talents and is confident of being able to communicate their creative perspective via a fluid process to solve the clan’s and the community’s current problems. This type of confidence is built into a special parenting process so that individuals develop a strong sense of who they are and how best to fulfill their life contracts. They are encouraged daily to contribute their unique genius to the general welfare, thus creating a natural flow that becomes the basis for fluid management. More on this subject is to follow later.

Blessings, dear Ones! We come today to continue our discussion with you on the essentials of conscious governance. The crucial word here is consciousness. As humans grow in consciousness, we become more aware of the spiritual nature of physicality. We see that all things are grounded in Spirit and notice the way all things are uniquely connected to one another. We observe that a special pattern set forth by Heaven governs the way life works. This web of life is complex, and to fathom its inner meanings seems at first to be beyond one’s reach. However, your growing consciousness soon provides the answers you seek. This enlightenment comes from a major shift in your physical Beingness, unifying your female and male components and enabling you to look at the physical in new ways and to grasp easily its multifarious connections to Spirit. You can then feel that your spiritual essence is one with the physical. All things at this point are possible, and divine service becomes your greatest joy!

In this state, you easily perceive the shortcomings of government as it is practiced here. You long for something that can express what you now know. This ardor is felt by all as enlightenment encompasses us. The point here is that the increase in global consciousness has reached the requisite plateau where such fundamental reforms are possible! This is what excites the majority of those individuals and groups what we daily deal with regarding the setting-up of new forms of governance. Consciousness opens the doors to new ways of looking at, proposing, and agreeing upon how to deal with society’s problems. Consciousness, as enlightenment, adds abundance and a creative joy to the mix, unlocking possibilities that were previously hidden from you. So now a new way to inject these ideas into your milieu becomes essential and we suggest you look deeply into where this rise in consciousness is leading you. The path is heading toward the four sacred societal laws that reflect the needs and desires of your coming full consciousness.

In fact, these four laws are just beginning to manifest on your world. We watch you using your growing power to demand people-oriented government, and indeed, the sudden uprisings throughout the Middle East are an external manifestation of these efforts. Everywhere, the public is putting a premium on freedom, and is forcing out regimes that fail to heed the call of their citizens. Unlike the popular revolts in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s, these uprisings are part of a growing global momentum that is ultimately to bring a host of new governments into power. These temporary rulers are to announce publicly the vast reforms just recently agreed to by a special conference in Europe. These announcements are to redress world debt by the use of debt forgiveness, set up a new global hard currency, and bring peace to your world. This will be topped by full disclosure, that above you lies a vast fleet of benign Beings.

The coming disclosure about your space family will be immediately followed by the introduction of several new communication technologies, one of which will be a small, hand-held device with direct, global visual and verbal access to anyone anywhere, without the use of wires, cables, or satellites. It will have a videophone and a holographic computer, and will use zero-point technology. This means that everyone will be in contact with a device that radiates life-enhancing energy, as opposed to your present devices which harm your life force. To make travel easier, a teleportation device will be made available to you by the first contact fleet, which will use the fleet’s technology to move you swiftly to your destination and then back home again. These are only two examples out of many new types and applications of technology which are to be introduced to you.

Disclosure comes when the present illuminoid-controlled governments are legally replaced by the actions of our Earth allies. The time for this reform is close. We daily converse with our Agarthan cousins as well as the Ascended Masters on these vital matters as the time draws near for our joint divine intervention. This intervention is predicated on the fact that your shift to full consciousness can no longer be delayed. The dark is still determined to convert you into its slaves, but this, as we have said many times before, is not to be permitted by Heaven. Our fleet came here to complete a mission, and this shift in consciousness for Gaia and you is now to be manifested by us. This is a solemn declaration that we make. The evil on this world needs to be abolished and it needs to be done now!

Today, more has been revealed. The time to transform the very dark nature of your world has arrived. Our ships are in position to provide a beneficent galactic alternative to the plans the dark has for you. With the approval of Heaven, we are ready to lead the Light to divine victory! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


SaLuSa, 16-May-2011

Matters are quickly leading you to a time of changes, that will enable our promises to you to be fulfilled. It has taken immense time to create the opportunities that provide us with progress towards our goals. With opposition from the dark Ones we try to stealthily move towards our objectives without their knowledge. The sheer size of our tasks makes that almost impossible, but unlike our allies we can operate without being seen. Both our craft and its occupants can be cloaked with invisibility, and that gives us a distinct advantage when we enter the “lions den”. It has been quite useful when needing to be present when dark Ones have held their secret meetings, and it does not matter where they take place as they cannot prevent us being there. We cannot always act on what we learn because as we have explained previously, there are karmic issues involved that you as a civilisation have to experience. You often set the stage without realising it and it is important that you see the outcome of decisions you have made. If you really understood that even your thoughts mould your reality, you might be more careful in this respect.

You originally became aware of the benefits that are planned for you through NESARA, and it helped considerably to awaken people to the potential of a New Age. It promoted ideas that would have been considered impossible not very long ago. However, it stirred the imagination of many people, who could see that there were others ways that Humanity could live in comparative comfort. Certainly the idea that there were answers to overcome poverty, and provide all with a reasonable standard of living was a new concept. NESARA inspired people to find a way of manifesting its proposals, and out of it was born a powerful movement for change. It was taken up by us with the permission of St.Germain who is responsible for the World Trust Fund. Together with our allies, the Ascended Masters and many Dear Ones who support the cause, you are near to experiencing the first of many beneficial changes. It is an exercise in co-operation, that has been taken up by many individuals on the Internet that has swelled our numbers. It clearly shows what can be done when people awaken to the truth, and allow their Light and Love to take over.

Time is passing at a faster rate than previously, and that is proof of how the whole process of Ascension is speeding ahead. With the recognition that your consciousness levels are also increasing, you hardly need reassuring that everything is proceeding well. The earth changes are becoming more frequent and so it will continue, as there is still much to do. In this connection we are keen to assist you in dealing with the consequences, and that is best handled by our being with you. We are totally prepared and have been so for a long time. Our presence will show that our intentions are honourable, and that we come to you as friends.

We know that many of you have a great desire to join us, and you will do so as Galactic Beings. However, first you must reach the required levels of consciousness, and as time passes that will become easier. There are many high points of energy that allow for an increase in your vibrational levels, and as an evolving Being of Light you will attract them to yourselves. It has been ongoing for many years now, and all part of the Divine Plan to help you ascend. Do not let up now or be distracted with such a little time to go. Allow for events to occur that might not be of the Light, knowing that these are but the final acts arising out of the old energies that are now being cleared from the Earth. Hold on to your visions for the future and in this way help manifest them. You the Lightworkers have important roles to play, and we encourage you to spread the truth wherever you are able. It is not by forcing your opinion on to people, but simply relating the truth for the discernment of others.

The movement of people and animals is taking place on an unprecedented scale, and is a clear indication that the end times are well under way. All will eventually find themselves where they are intended to be, so do not be concerned about the events taking place around you. Your individual destiny is assured regardless of what you experience, and it is not too important because you will still ascend. The whole object of this current period is to get as many souls as possible ready for Ascension. Many Guides support each one, and they are constantly at your side waiting the opportunity to help you. Acknowledge their presence and call them to service on your behalf. They will serve you and accompany you for the final period of this cycle. Remember that sometimes what you want, and what you think you need are often quite different things.

However, in time whatever you lack now will come your way, as it is our intention to raise you all up to a level where you are comfortable and safe. Where you can live a happy and content life, and apply yourselves to the task of getting ready for Ascension. For too long you have been led to believe that poverty and hunger are acceptable living conditions. That has been imposed upon you by the dark Ones, who in their own reality live lives of plenty at your expense. The fair distribution of wealth is so essential to creating equality and a happy society, where each person feels valued and loved. That shall take place and it will not be long before these issues are addressed. There is so much happening in your world right now, and the way forward will soon become apparent.

Once disclosure is announced we must become known to you and enter your lives, as we are essential to the program for clearing up your Earth and putting a stop to further destruction. You cannot do it alone as the tasks are beyond you, particularly in your present state of disruption and chaos. Fortunately it can be handled quickly and efficiently once we are able to freely move amongst you. That we must arrange through your representatives, but it must be at a time when the new governmental appointments have already been made. All is proceeding along these lines and it will not be too long before some announcements are made.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and once again pleased to come to you and tell you of the current situation.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

According to the intentions of your speakers, you will know if they really come to help you or if they have other things in mind. This advice can be applied in all spheres, not only in the terrestrial sphere.

Until only a few years ago, you had to be very alert about the communications you were receiving (some contactees know this well, like Sixto Paz and Eugenio Siracusa, among others), for there was on the surface of your planet some visiting civilizations whose interest was more of a scientific nature (for their science, obviously) than a spiritual one. They had not come to help you evolve spiritually, but to study your behaviour and also your genetics, and to understand how your internal organs functioned.

You named them “the Greys” because of their skin colour. There are famously sad abduction cases in which members of your human race were beamed into their small laboratory-spaceships where they were observed and studied by those small beings.

They gave all of us the same reputation, that extraterrestials had come to kidnap and terrorize you, and in that way they put us all in the same “bag” – no matter who we were, no matter what intention we had.

Also the wish of some filmmakers to produce sensationalistic and frightening movies has contributed to the expansion of that lie, that we all come with those same selfish and egoistic intentions.

But since a few years ago, close to the turn of the millennium, the Galactic Federation decided to intervene in order to protect the population of the Earth and to dissolve the agreement and plot that the Greys had organized together with some members of the United States government.

Although there were other countries who were aware of this plot, it was explicitly the United States military government who had made this agreement with the Greys, especially the military command of that North American country.

The Federation intervened in order to protect the innocent population, mostly in the United States, for many of them were being used as guinea pigs, with the approval of the military and certain North American Secret Espionage Agencies.

It (the Galactic Federation) intervened with a complex logistical plan, starting by disabling those visitors’ technology, and ending with their capture inside their own spaceships, banishing them from this planet and sending them back to their Solar System of origin, one very close to yours.

Once the first part of the plan, the Greys’ evacuation, was concluded, a grid formed through a type of energy unknown to you on this planet was created, one that is self-intelligent – without having a life of its own, for it has been weaved through our technology – and capable of discerning the type of visitor trying to gain access to your atmosphere and ground.

Well, if a visitor or visitors don’t have a pure and altruistic intention to help the population, this help possibly having a whole array of characteristics, the energetic grid will impede their access to this planet.

In this way, the Galactic Federation makes sure that no other exterior civilization with intentions similar to that of the Greys can interfere with the Ascension process to which you have a right, by express decision of He Who Is All Love and All Mercy.

We don’t deny to you that there have been occasions when we have had to adopt drastic measures with some civilizations who came with hostile purposes or, at the very least, with no intention to help you; but you can count these cases with the fingers of one hand because the vast majority of visits that you have had since the beginning of the new millennium have been those of (your) brothers who have come to help, not to experiment or to extract minerals from the earth’s crust of your planet.

I have explained this to you so that you are calm, knowing that your process of elevation to the fifth dimension is being protected by all of us, as well as by the precise technology of the energetic grid surrounding Gaia since a few years of your Earth time.

The internal events occurring on your planet in which you yourselves play a leading role, and which you have knowledge of because you see them on your daily newscasts, are another matter we will speak of in another communique later on.

May the Light of the Infinite and Eternal Creator of all worlds surround you and fill you with Peace and Love.

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won


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