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2008 Agenda


2008 Agenda for Disclosure

Page update: 29.12.07

High-status disclosures of previously suppressed information will bring the following changes in 2008:

The Bush-Cheney-Clinton political clique will be removed from American public life permanently. George Bush Jnr, the 43rd President of the United States of America, will leave office several months before the end of his presidential term. Decisive announcements to this effect may be broadcast as early as January 2008.

The identities of the hidden Khazar Zionist political bosses embedded in corporate America will be disclosed. The use these bosses have made of human clones in American political management will become common knowledge. The use made of human clones in managing European Royal families, international banking, spiritual fascism in religion, industrial militarism and political assassinations will be made clear for all to see. The fact that mind-controlled human clones have been democratically elected into national leaderships, have signed state and religious papers of moment, and have been terminated at will and substituted with others, will be revealed.

Joseph Ratzinger, the present Pope, will be obliged to retire. Queen Elizabeth II of England will abdicate or, at the very least, will begin to withdraw from active personal involvement in Constitutional, Church of England, and international banking affairs.

All around the world, national leaders and regimes which have political, corporate and legal connections with the American governing establishment will be removed from power. Particularly likely to benefit in this regard are Burma, Congo, France, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, and The United Kingdom.

The low-vibration AntiChrist energies of lies, deceit and personal greed, as channelled by the American political establishment (Republican and Democrat), will cease to be sustainable. Undetectable manipulation of the Bush-Cheney-Clinton kind will become increasingly impossible on Earth as the energetic environment of planetary cleansing and ascension raises the dominant vibrations of light throughout the planet. More information about the disintegration of the Bush White House can be found

In 2008, there will be a brief, but decisive, worldwide banking collapse starting in Japan as the yen carry trade unwinds out of control. Corrupt or incompetent banks will cease to trade under their present boards and major shareholders. Particularly vulnerable in this regard are banks such as Northern Rock, Paragon, Bradford & Bingley, Alliance & Leicester, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, New York Mellon, Credit Suisse, Al Rajhi, Banque Saudi Fransi, Leumi, Hapoalim, Japan Post and Sumitomo Mitsui. More about corrupt banking practices in the USA can be found

The NESARA global prosperity programmes will be announced and activated. One of the funds involved is The Saint Germain World Trust. It contains deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattuordecillion USA dollars. This is $1 with forty noughts after it; ten thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, million dollars.

Among other projects, this money will be used to buy out all oil corporations, banks and pharmaceutical cartels. And it will zero out (permanently cancel) all personal, corporate and national debts worldwide.

The whole human population will benefit from NESARA. Earth is a most abundant planet. There is more than enough gold-backed human money currently in existence on Earth for each and every human being to be a GBP millionaire without debts of any kind. GBP = Great Britain Pound. NESARA is about sharing the resources of the planet around fairly. And NESARA is about putting benevolent banking systems in place worldwide to deliver this monetary fairness. No individual anywhere on Earth will be beyond the reach of the NESARA wealth redistribution programmes. And no individual or organisation anywhere on Earth will be able to stop it.

NESARA will cancel all credit card, mortgage and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government corruption worldwide. Income tax will be abolished. A new 14% flat rate tax on non-essential new items will provide the necessary revenue stream for national governments. Money will cease to be spent on war, elite security and covert militarism. There will be increased benefits for senior citizens. In the USA, there will be a return to Constitutional Law at every level of the legal system.

And in the USA, a new banking system - American Banking Central - will click into function and will involve twenty nine new banks. The Federal Reserve Board will be abolished. The Internal Revenue Service will be abolished. More about these NESARA-related changes can be found

Free-energy Tesla technologies suppressed by the Bush family's corporate energy cartel will become freely known and freely available. There will be no further need to burn fossil fuels once the Tesla technologies are in place in industry, homes and vehicles.

Things will be seen in the skies, on the surface of the Earth and inside the Earth which mainstream corporate media and mainstream western education say do not exist and cannot happen. The core signifiers of ancient mythologies will be found to be real.

The covert interaction of several world governments with negative extraterrestrial groups will be exposed. The role of positive extraterrestrial groups in promoting the energisation of the planet and the manifestation of the NESARA process will be explained. The significance of the agriglyphs (crop circles) will become better understood. The availability of off-planet technologies for pollution control, human transport, and information retrieval will be revealed. Sonic healing machines will be released for the free use of all. The negative stargate (or interdimensional portal) in Iraq at the ancient Sumerian site of Entemenanki (the locality of the ziggurat of Marduk in ancient Babylon) will be closed.

Books will be opened. Human histories will be corrected. Many veridical accounts of human history still exist but have been hidden away and protected for final release during this end-time. They will be released and published in many languages and will be held safe beyond the censorship of dogmatic religion. Remote viewing of suppressed texts in closed libraries will become common. Extraterrestrial text-energy reading technologies, along with manuscript reconstitution and multiplication techniques will become available.

It will become evident that no history, no experience and no exchange can ever be totally destroyed. Everything that has ever happened still exists perfectly in its original energy pattern. With extraterrestrial and spiritual technologies, past histories anywhere and anywhen can be comprehensively restored and published. Every event that has ever taken place can be retrieved, reproduced and replayed in sound, vision, tactuality and multiple sensation. During 2008 this will begin to be understood. More information about positive extraterrestrials and the Higher Evolution can be found

During 2008 more young people and old people, inside and outside world governments, will speak the truth with greater energy, greater clarity and less fear than ever before in human history. And their words will be heard, preserved and multiplied beyond the reach of establishment suppression. They will tell of many things from their own personal experience. They will tell of Earth changes to come and they will tell of Earth changes past. They will tell of how freak weather conditions in the USA, and earthquakes in Japan, have been deliberately man-made by covert government agencies. They will tell of the fate of the thousands of missing children worldwide. They will tell how diseases such as Ebola, AIDS, SARS, H5N1 and Morgellons were the results of deliberate bioterrorism by government agencies seeking to reduce the world's population. More information about the Morgellons mystery can be found

On the web, a new democratic social encyclopedia to replace Wikipedia will arise. Unlike Wikipedia, this will be constructed in such a way that security, corporate and Zionist misinformers will be unable to manipulate its content. Truth will become clean and free for all.

Into this climate of disclosure will emerge the greatest discloser of all - the long expected World Teacher of The Aquarian Age. Called variously The Imam Mahdi, The Fifth Buddha, The Messiah, Krishna, or The Christ, The World Teacher and his team of spiritual masters will disclose openly the diseases of past history and the healing of the present. And The World Teacher - no surprise here - will not be a religious figure. More information about the emergence of The World Teacher can be found here.

In 2008, there will be further disclosures about endemic professional corruption in Western healthcare systems. Modern allopathic medicine will be shown to be a manipulative con designed by the corporate controllers of the pharmaceutical industry to make people ill, keep them ill, and kill them prematurely. The tools of this manipulation are sophisticated poisons dressed-up as expensive medicines. The medicines in most cases are unnecessary, as is the fashion for casual intrusive surgery which makes even more expensive medicines necessary. Follow the money. Notice also the establishment attempts to suppress or outlaw alternative herbal remedies which work better and cost less. More information about The Ritalin Conspiracy can be found here, and about the Statin scam can be found here.

The story of what going is to happen in 2008 is the biggest story in the history of human civilisation on this planet. It is too big a story to be handled accurately by the corporate mainstream media. The news will be broken, initially, though Indymedia, alternative news, and progressive spirituality sites on the web. But most of all, the story will be discovered in personal experience. As more and more people learn the spiritual exercises of meditation, invocation, affirmation and dream management, more and more people will break free, see clearly and speak openly of that which was, and that which is to come.

The dark is crumbling. Thirteen millennia of elite-led disinformation are coming to an end. Disclosure is light. Disclosure is change. Disclosure is free.


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Cell Phone Safety

Sometimes you just need to take matters into your own hands.

For the last ten years, I’ve been convinced that cell phone radiation is a real concern for all of us. That’s why I first introduced the RF3 Headset to help you minimize your radiation exposure.

However, as time went on, I realized that some improvements could make the RF3 Headset even better — and more convenient to use. And that’s exactly what I asked my team to do.

A few issues that I challenged my team to improve on were:

Well, my team came through in flying colors and created a newly designed headset called the BlueTube Headset.

But before I get into more details on this new and improved headset, here’s what’s behind my decision to use one in the first place…

Cell Phone Radiation – A Growing Concern

The first cell phones were introduced in 1984.

By 2004, we reached one billion cell phones. It only took EIGHTEEN months to reach the second billion. But wait it gets far worse: it only took NINE months to reach the third billion. And to get to four billion cell phones? Only SIX months!

Cell phone use is pervasive.

That makes your personal use even far more of a concern. Why? Your total radiation exposure is rapidly increasing — even if you don’t use a cell phone. And when you add your personal exposure, it only compounds the problem.

The emission of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from cell phones continues to become a growing concern. However, you’ll not hear the large wireless corporations or the federal government publicly talking about cell phone EMR emission issues.

Why? Big-time profits linked to large powerful corporations. Sound familiar?

Why You Won’t Catch Me Using My Cell Without an EMR-Reducing
Cell Phone Headset

Before I became educated on this issue, I used my cell phone regularly and thought that my off-the-shelf headset minimized EMR emissions. However, I eventually discovered that:Blue Tube Headset

Now I simply refuse to talk on any cell phone unless I am using a speaker phone or headset designed to reduce radiation.

In fact, as you already know, I just completed development of a new and improved headset that comes with my full recommendation — the Blue Tube Headset.

Getting rid of your cell phone is probably not an option these days. Today's cell phones are much more than phones. They can also be your camera, video recorder, hand-held computer, and your lifeline to staying in touch with your work and family.

So, how do you continue to use this convenient device and reduce cell phone radiation?

5 Ways to Help You Minimize Cell Phone Radiation Emissions

Here are some sound solutions that can help minimize the EMR your phone emits:

  1. Use your cell phone on speakerphone. While this is a great solution and I strongly recommend it, it's simply not practical much of the time. Especially if you are in a public place where rules of discretion and proper etiquette prevail. Another problem is that not all cell phones have speakerphones — and even those that do may have poor sound quality. I do recommend that if you are choosing a new cell phone, make sure it comes with a speakerphone option.
  2. Always keep your phone as far away from your body as possible. There’s a dramatic drop-off in radiation exposure for every inch you keep your phone away from your body.
  3. Get yourself a Blue Tube Headset with an airtube. In my opinion, this new design is the best headset on the market. Others may actually increase the amount of radiation emitted.
  4. Limit your cell phone use to the bare minimum. Your cell phone is constantly searching for signals and emitting EMR while you’re using it.
  5. Turn off your cell phone when not needed OR keep it a few feet away from your body. Even when not in use, as long as your phone is turned on, it continually emits EMR as it connects to its base station.

Get the New and Improved Cell Phone Accessory You Need to
Help Reduce EMR

The telecommunications industry is constantly deluged with new devices being marketed and sold that claim to reduce the amount of radiation during cellular phone use. When it comes to cell phone headsets, don't be fooled by false claims.

Blue Tube HeadsetJust like the RF3 Headset I previously recommended, the new and improved Blue Tube Headset was developed specifically to help minimize EMR. Again, it’s the only cell phone accessory I personally use and can recommend for you and your family.

It's simple — the further away your phone and all electronic components are from your head, the better. The new Blue Tube Headset with advanced acoustic technology was developed with simple physics in mind to keep radiation to a minimum.

The main advantage of using an airtube headset, like the Blue Tube, comes from incorporating an acoustic exchange principle (similar to a doctor's stethoscope) to eliminate using a wire all the way to a headset earpiece that can emit microwaves.

By replacing the typical wire found in nearly all cell phone headsets with this airtube, the Blue Tube Headset helps you reduce radiation emissions.

Plus, the Blue Tube Headset features advanced acoustic technology, delivering safe, superior communication and hassle-free use by combining the following state-of-the-art features:

And that’s not all.

With the new and improved design, the Blue Tube Headset is clearly superior to my previous recommendation, the RF3, in the following 5 ways:

So, you can see why I feel my team delivered an even better headset than the RF3. The Blue Tube Headset will now become the new standard by which all new headsets will be measured.

This sleek and sophisticated headset will have your friends asking where they can get one.

5 Solid Reasons Why I Recommend the Blue Tube Headset

As cellular phone use increases throughout the world, so do concerns about overall cell phone radiation emissions.

Blue Tube HeadsetI had the Blue Tube Headset created specifically with this in mind. It is durable and won't quickly wear out on you. Plus, it's so comfortable you will actually enjoy wearing it.

But most of all, I recommend the Blue Tube Headset because it:

  1. Helps minimize EMR emissions.
  2. Delivers state of the art, crystal clear sound - you receive high-clarity sound using advanced acoustic technology through an air-filled wireless tube.
  3. Provides flexible volume and sound control - with your convenient thumb slide volume control and mute/talk button.
  4. Fits comfortably in your ear - with its sturdy and adjustable ergonomic shape designed to fit you comfortably.
  5. Delivers trouble-free day-after-day operation - through its versatile retractable cord and easy storage capability.

For those of you who like the convenience and freedom of movement that comes with using a hands-free kit, the Blue Tube Headset offers you one of the most convenient and safest alternatives on the marketplace today.

Both the airtube and earpiece contain no metal conductors — reducing the radiation otherwise present in typical hands-free units.

This headset is backed by the highest level of quality from the manufacturer.

Bluetooth Wireless Headsets Are NOT the Answer

Notice I said Blue TOOTH (our headsets are Blue TUBE).

Bluetooth wireless headsets are even worse than regular ones. Why? Because the wire is replaced with a transmitter and receiver operating with low power at frequency levels between 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz.

The maximum frequencies for wireless products compliant with Bluetooth specifications are 2.497 GHz. The frequency power of wireless headsets rivals that of microwave ovens, which also operate at 2.4 GHz.

And, while in a few cases emission may be lessened by the use of a cell phone headset or earpiece, it may not reduce radiation enough. This means that even a product that offers up to 70 percent reduction in EMR is not nearly as effective as it seems.

I doubt you'll find as much radiation reduction in other headsets on the market. The Blue Tube Headset advantage is clearly illustrated below.

Conventional Headsets

Conventional Headsets use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also emit electromagnetic radiation.

The RF3 AirCom Technology

The Blue Tube advanced acoustic technology delivers the clearest sound achievable through an air-filled wireless tube that reduces the emission of radiation.

Don't Be Sorry Tomorrow — Order Your Blue Tube Headset Today!

Blue Tube HeadsetThe stylish Blue Tube Headset is available in 2.5mm plug version, with an EarHook design (pictured right) that will fit about 70-75% of cell phones.

A small percentage of phones will require an adapter for use with the headset. Check your model now for adaptability.

Don’t put off providing you and your family with the best cell phone headset on the market that helps minimize EMR emissions. Do yourself a favor and help your family take advantage of this incredible product today.

Even though we greatly improved on the design of its predecessor, the Blue Tube Headset is priced less.

Your loved ones DESPERATELY need this vital EMR reduction. So, if you want your whole family (or friends) to minimize EMR from their cell phones, take advantage of our “Family Pack” of 5 Blue Tube Headsets at a steeply discounted investment of only $83.91!




Protect your Ears

Stop Ear Ringing Before It Starts

By Mrs. E.D. Brown

I wanted to pass on something regarding ringing in the ears. My ears started ringing, and I got a little worried when my husband said, "That's how it starts." (He wears hearing aids.)

So I began to carry in my pocket and wear ear plugs for any and all tasks that involved louder noise than normal: using the blender, food processor, the vacuum cleaner, the mower, weed eater, tractor -- absolutely everything. I even put them in my ears when my husband turns the TV louder than I would.

My husband's ear doctor said I would never be a patient in his clinic. Soon after I started using the ear plugs, the ringing quit and has never started again; my hearing is very acute.


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Healthy Sunlight


Sunlight is so vital to human health that one could write volumes to explain how intimately connected the two are. To keep it simple, one should know that there are eight basic ways to maintain proper health:

1. Pure air
2. Pure water
3. Pure food
4. Detoxification
5. Sunlight/energy balance
6. Exercise
7. Pure mind
8. Pure spirit

The sunlight-generated energy that our bodies are exposed to is extremely important to human health. I have summarized some of the many beneficial effects that sunlight has on our health.

  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Decreases resting heart rate
  • Decreases cholesterol
  • Decreases blood sugar
  • Increases energy, endurance and muscular strength
  • Increases body's resistance to infection (increases white blood cell count, i.e.: lymphocytes and phagocytes)
  • Increases tolerance to stress
  • Increases sex hormones

  • Regular gradual exposure to sunlight has a very similar effect on the body as regular exercise and even has shown measurable increase in physical fitness.
    A cholesterol drop of 13 percent was recorded in a study of 30 patients after just one sunlight treatment. One case study showed a female age 65 was given four successive days of sunlight treatment with no other changes in diet or lifestyle. Her cholesterol dropped from 333 to 221.



    Insect Bites

    Take the Sting Out of Insect Bites

    by Chet Day

    There are almost as many insect bite home remedies as
    there are seeds in a pomegranate.

    Here are a few of the more interesting ones I've read
    about lately.

    1) Soak the affected area with vinegar.

    2) Put a cotton bowl dipped in ammonia on the bite to
    draw out the stinger and reduce the pain and itch.

    3) Smash up a clove of garlic and place the poultice
    on the affected area.

    4) Spread some honey onto an old cloth. Place some ice
    cubes on top of the honey. Wrap up the cloth and
    place on affected area.

    5) Kill a rattlesnake and then eat some of the meat
    every day for the next week. (I don't recommend this
    one since monkeying with rattlesnakes is dangerous,
    but I included it anyway for any snake handlers out
    there reading today's health tip.)



    Remember to Blink

    Why Blinking Is Essential for Healthy Eyes and Improved Vision

    By Dr. Ben Kim

    Are you interested in taking optimal care of your eyes and experiencing your best vision? If so, I encourage you to learn how to make soft and frequent blinking a subconscious habit.

    Frequent and gentle blinking is essential to the health of your eyes and vision because it allows your eyelids to regularly coat your eyes with three beneficial layers of tears:

    1. The first layer of tears lies right up against the whites of your eyes, and provides an even coat of protein-rich moisture for the second layer to adhere to.

    2. The middle watery layer helps to wash away foreign debris. It also nourishes the cornea of your eyes with minerals, a variety of proteins, and moisture.

    3. The third outer layer of tears is somewhat oily. It serves to prevent the middle watery layer from evaporating quickly, and provides needed lubrication between your eyes and your eyelids.

    If your eyes are not regularly coated with the three layers of tears described above, they will be deprived of ongoing nourishment and cleansing, and they will be unnecessarily strained.

    One of the reasons why many of us don't blink as often as we should is that we don't see frequent blinking in mainstream media. Actors and anchor-people are typically trained to blink as infrequently as possible, so when we take in mainstream media, our subconscious minds learn that it isn't normal to blink frequently.

    To optimally support your eyes and vision, it's best to blink softly every two to four seconds, which translates to about fifteen to thirty blinks per minute. By consciously making an effort to softly blink at this rate, over time, your body will turn your conscious efforts into a subconscious habit.

    Here are some notes on blinking to promote optimal eye health and vision:

    Since the primary goal of blinking regularly is to keep your eyes well lubricated and nourished, another good tip for eye and vision care is to keep your eyes closed whenever you are thinking about something while you do not need your vision. For example, if you are stuck in the middle of composing an e-mail message, close your eyes while you think of your next sentence.

    For a more thorough discussion of the health benefits of blinking, as well as comprehensive guidance on how to improve your eyesight naturally, I highly recommend the following book:

    Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight - Naturally!

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