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Your Stolen Immortality

Reclaiming Immortality, Freedom for the Greater Life

The spin today is a simple layout: a few more wars, famines, disease for population control. Then the floods come, and, the Ice Age is just around the corner…again. A simple plan that works in the decimation of humankind, through history. The Cosmic Wheel Spins.

The human organism is an immortal one, by nature's design. The interruption of this design is artificial, out side the origin. Death is an artificial mechanism, set to reduce or marginalize human efficiency, in an order to keep the humans in placement, on the Earth. The arc of Evolution is interrupted by these mid-deaths and Humankind's placement in mortal rituals is lengthened artificially again and again over time, far longer than nature has designed in its original will. In this methodology, many humans are attracted to the regressive behaviors that have set numerous time dwelling tenants on this Earth plane. The abilities to be multi-dimensional, invisible, interplanetary travel at whim, communicate telepathically, have been taken, robbed from surface Humankind. In their place humans have been transferred to a state of endless marginalized ego solving commentaries in revolving consumerism. Basically monkeys who can never be satisfied. They lack the High VRIL, contact to their own inner power of Immortal Consciousness. They have not as yet reclaimed their High Immortal Awareness. They have not taken of the Inner Immortal Elixir.

Because there are many various species on this planet who are not ready, or have readied themselves to evolve further, great enstranging alignments have been placed, to allow for the subjugation and neglect of the human species; edifying those who seek to rule supremely, to be in charge. Their reasons for not respecting humans are inadequate, made up, falsely imagined and guided; they seek to place humans in a difficult spot, that humans may grind, wilt, feed upon each other. Only the very determined will not be distracted by the forms of conceit that have been perpetuated on to the Humans.

The 5 obstructions Humans suffer in their inability to contact Divine Immortality:

1 Heavy Drink
2 Foul Food
3 Distraction of thought by media, creating and necessitating vanities, satiation of minds with out true challenges of pure intent
4 Use of finite energy sources (presently) and the creating of chaos by wars over these finite sources
5 Deliberation of confusion by holy orders, religions that have no assessment of true reality – universities that support false education processing, and containment of human energies by corporative structures; science offered as the solution , over the power of the human mind and heart as the one true answer

Seek the Inner Immortal Elixir. Therein is the answer. Reclaim your Immortality.

You are the Immortal One. You will endure.

Greg Gavin


Royal Raymond Rife

This video tells the story of Royal R. Rife, the pioneer of electromedicine:

The Royal Rife Story (Electromagnetic Cancer Therapy) - Google Video

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"There is no path to peace. Peace is the path" - Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, July 21, 2006


To Your Total Health

To Your Total Health

Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec

Why You Do Not Want Animal Protein

- Metabolic studies in humans show that animal protein raises blood cholesterol more than saturated fat. This means that eating lean meat may be just as damaging to your cholesterol as a piece of fatty bacon.

- Experiments show that when a diet high in animal protein is fed to laboratory rats that have liver cancer the tumors grow rapidly. The tumors stopped growing when the animal protein was replaced with plant protein. Although the experiment did not test living plant protein, it would have most likely seen the tumors decreasing in size.

- As animal protein increases, oxygen content decreases in the blood up to 60%

- Most pathogens are anaerobic, which mean they grow best in low oxygen environments.

- Nobel prize winner for physiology and medicine, Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated that the key ingredient for the formation of cancer is a decrease of oxygen at the cellular level.

- Dr. Warburg show that when oxygen supply is decreased as little as 30%, our excess protein filled cells (from our high protein diets) can become malignant cancer cells.

- Dr. Warburg also stated that with a steady supply of oxygen to all the cells, cancer could be prevented indefinitely.

Cancer grows rapidly in the following environments:

- Sugar of all types - this is cooked starches, flour, grains, vegetables.

- Cooked animal protein.

- Low oxygen.

- Acid pH - cooked animal products, and cooked starches are acidic to the body.

In closing I applaud any effort to move people away from eating food that turns into sugar in their body, but do not see the benefit when you give something that will help at the same time giving something that will hurt. Why not have the best and eat only what helps every cell in your body. Eat a diet that will not feed the pathogens with sugar, will not decrease the oxygen levels in the tissues, not decrease the flow of nutrient into and waste products out of the cells and at the same time adds life and health into every cell in the body. This is a living/raw food diet of plant origin. A diet that consists of sprouts, seeds, nuts, legumes, green vegetables, vegetables, sea vegetables and avocados. With these diet choices not only will you lose weight and feel great, get healthy, but you will be GREAT. You will be adding health to every cell and not taking it away from any cell.

If you are concerned with getting enough protein from a plant based diet the answer is found in nature. Where does an elephant the largest land animal get it's protein from to grow those enormously strong muscles? The answer is green grass and leaves. If there is enough protein for the elephant there is enough protein for you.

Total Health Tip: A Living/Raw Plant-based Diet

If you haven't begun, start transitioning your diet to a living/raw, plant-based diet. The purest, most health-promoting diet on the planet is living/raw food, which consists of sprouts, seeds, legumes, nuts, vegetables, sea vegetables and avocados. When this type of food is consumed in the uncooked state, it has bioelectrical charges to jumpstart sick or dysfunctional cells back on to health and life. This is the food all animals in the wild eat. No animal eats cooked food, except your dogs and cats and they contract the same diseases that the human race does: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, etc.

How do you begin? Eat more living/raw food and eat it first in the meal. If you eat a large salad of sprouts, greens, cut up vegetables and avocados, you are going to get full. And if you are full with the right foods you are less likely to eat the wrong foods because there is no more room in your stomach. This way, if you ate the large salad with all the above in it and you still want to eat some meat, pasta, or something else cooked, you will not have much room in your stomach for
the living/raw, health-promoting food.

Foods to avoid:

1) Sugar
2) Salt
3) Dairy
4) Processed or preserved
5) Man-made/artificial--saccharin, NutraSweet, MSG
6) Hydrogenated fats and oils
7) Meat, chicken and fish
8) Cooked animal products
9) Flour

More information: go to for more information.

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Cure Cancer and Aids using Microcurrents

See how you can do that, spending less than 2 dollars, seeing this talk of Dr. Bob Beck:

In summary, in this video Dr. Beck says that all deseases can be cured combining the use of 3 simple and cheap instruments:

1. A zapper, that electrifies - in a pulsed form - the circulating blood;
2. A set-up to generate coloidal silver, a natural antibiotic, without any bad colateral effects;
3. An emitter of pulsed magnetic field, using a flash of a photografic camera coupled to a coil.

Using these techniques, Dr. Beck, that was fat became thin, and he was bald and became hairy, according to his claims in this video...
Why these solutions are not known by the public? Words of Dr. Beck: "A pacient cured is a customer lost".... money is the reason....

Have an interesting video session, Rui.

PS: Today the Brazilian actor Raul Cortez died of cancer, certainly not knowing the above solutions...

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The Vatican Assassins

To really understand history (in the last centuries) and the present political situation, it is important to know the role of the Jesuits in these events. Eric Jon Phelps talks about this in this video:

Saturday, July 15, 2006


From Prison to Paradise

David Icke talks [for more than 6 hours!] about the daily lies that are fed to us since long time ago... It is important to know how the manipulation works, since this sentence is true: "Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"...

Have a nice video session.


Get Rid of Your Sleeping Pills NOW!

Cognitive behavioral therapy for six weeks may treat insomnia better than drugs, according to a study by researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway.

The study included 46 participants over the age of 55 who had suffered from insomnia for three months or more. The participants were randomly assigned to receive weekly 50-minute therapy sessions, a drug called xopiclone or a placebo for six weeks. It was found that:

  • Those who received therapy increased the time they spent in bed actually sleeping from 81.4 percent to 90.1 percent.
  • Those who received zopiclone had a decrease in sleep efficiency, from 82.3 percent to 81.9 percent.
  • Therapy participants spent more time in the deepest stages of sleep and less time awake at night than those who received zopiclone or placebo.

The researchers concluded that cognitive behavioral therapy is more effective than zopiclone for treating chronic insomnia. The therapy included education about lifestyle factors that influence sleep, such as sticking to a sleep schedule, as well as how to correct poor sleep habits and perform relaxation techniques.

Journal of the American Medical Association June 28, 2006, Vol. 295, No. 24: 2851-2858 (Registration Required) June 27, 2006

MSNBC June 28, 2006

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

Americans are taking more sleeping pills than ever before. Drug companies spent over $300 million in 2005 to advertise sleep aids -- a more than four-fold increase over 2004.

This is especially problematic as, like nearly all drug solutions, there are many potential dangers from taking sleeping pills.

More than 82 million Americans routinely have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. For those who have ever experienced a few sleepless nights in a row you are likely familiar with the feeling of desperation that sets in as you struggle to function during the following day.

If it's any consolation, you are not alone. Close to 40 percent of the U.S. population over the age of 15 reports they've experienced insomnia at least occasionally.

This is a serious issue because insomnia will affect your hormone levels, accelerate aging and has been named as the culprit in a variety of diseases including:

Methods to Help You Sleep

If you're suffering from insomnia it may be tempting to look to a pill for an immediate solution, but in the long-term the effects of these drugs are likely to be worse than those of the insomnia. Here are my top 11 suggestions from my Guide to a Good Night's Sleep for those of you who are having sleep problems.

  • My favorites for insomnia are the Insight Brainwave Synchronization CDs. This is a great tool that seems to consistently work for the patients that I recommend it to. It is a CD that you listen to before you go to sleep at night.

    The CD plays out a phase of pleasant-sounding frequencies that resonate your brain to relaxation frequencies. It is very similar to meditation in that you achieve a deep delta wave state.

    The only major difference is that you achieve this state in a few sessions rather than many years of hard work. You might call this the lazy man's solution to sleeping well. It is one of my favorites, especially when used with the approaches described above

  • Energy psychology tools like EFT are powerful ways to normalize the stress and anxiety that is frequently at the root of much insomnia.
  • Avoid before-bed snacks, particularly grains and sugars. This will raise blood sugar and inhibit sleep. Later, when blood sugar drops too low (hypoglycemia), you might wake up and not be able to fall back asleep.
  • Sleep in complete darkness or as close to it as possible. When light hits the eyes, it disrupts the circadian rhythm of the pineal gland and production of melatonin and serotonin. There also should be as little light in the bathroom as possible if you get up in the middle of the night.
  • No TV right before bed. Even better, get the TV out of the bedroom or even out of the house, completely. It is too stimulating to the brain and it will take longer to fall asleep. Also disruptive of pineal gland function for the same reason as above.
  • Wear socks to bed. Due to the fact that they have the poorest circulation, the feet often feel cold before the rest of the body. A study has shown that this reduces night wakings.
  • Read something spiritual or religious. This will help to relax. Don't read anything stimulating, such as a mystery or suspense novel, as this may have the opposite effect. In addition, if you are really enjoying a suspenseful book, you might wind up unintentionally reading for hours instead of going to sleep.
  • Avoid using loud alarm clocks. It is very stressful on the body to be woken suddenly. If you are regularly getting enough sleep, they should be unnecessary. I gave up my alarm clock five years ago and use a dawn simulator, which switches from an alarm to a dimmer switch that gradually turns the light on to full intensity over 45 minutes. I just love it as it is so gentle, and if I need more sleep I get it without being startled or disrupting my adrenals. Almost like a real dawn.

  • Journaling. If you often lay in bed with your mind racing, it might be helpful to keep a journal and write down your thoughts before bed. Personally, I have been doing this for 15 years but prefer to do it in the morning when my brain is functioning at its peak and my cortisol levels are high
  • Melatonin and its precursors. If behavioral changes do not work, it may be possible to improve sleep by supplementing with the hormone melatonin. However, I would exercise extreme caution in using it, and only as a last resort, as it is a powerful hormone. Ideally, it is best to increase levels naturally with exposure to bright sunlight in the daytime (along with full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs in the winter) and absolute complete darkness at night.

One should get blackout drapes so no light is coming in from the outside. One can also use one of melatonin's precursors, L-tryptophan or 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). L-tryptophan is the safest and my preference, but must be obtained by prescription only. However, don't be afraid or intimidated by its prescription status. It is just a simple amino acid.

  • Get to bed as early as possible. Our systems, particularly the adrenals, do a majority of their recharging or recovering during the hours of 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. In addition, your gallbladder dumps toxins during this same period. If you are awake, the toxins back up into the liver, which then secondarily backs up into your entire system and causes further disruption of your health.

    Prior to the widespread use of electricity, people would go to bed shortly after sundown, as most animals do, and which nature intended for humans as well.

  • For 19 more tips, visit the "Guide to a Good Night's Sleep."


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    Sentence of the Day

    "It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen"

    Claude M. Bristol
    1891-1951, Author of The Magic of Believing

    Thursday, July 13, 2006


    The Amazing Power of Apples

    Apples are a marvelous anti-aging food. They stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, control the appetite and keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

    Researchers have found that those who eat more apples tend to have a lower incidence of colds and upper respiratory ailments.

    Be sure to eat the skin -- it contains pectin fiber, a soluable type of fiber, which is a well known anti-cholesterol agent.

    Eating an apple a day will keep you younger in many ways.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006


    The Reptilian Agenda

    This is a very bizarre issue: a shaman in Africa [Credo Mutwa] says our world is controlled by a group of a shape-shifting reptilian race [illuminati]. Credo is interviewed by David Icke:

    Have an interesting video session.


    Avoid GM Foods, Fluoride, Vaccination and Aspartame

    See this brief talk section video by David Icke, about these issues:

    Best regards, Rui.

    Thursday, July 06, 2006


    Sentence of the Day

    "The best way to protect an evil thing is to deny its existence"

    Credo Mutwa - South Africa


    Cleaning Products, Solvents may cause Asthma

    Exposure to fumes emitted by cleaning products in the home could cause asthma in children, a study shows. The study found that children exposed to higher levels of volatile organic compounds were four times more likely to suffer from asthma than children who were not. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are found in solvents, paints, floor adhesives, cleaning products, polishes, room fresheners and fitted carpets, the study said.

    The study included 88 children who were treated for asthma at the emergency department of the Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth. The study also found that volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations were higher in homes where people smoked indoors, as well as homes that
    had been recently painted or had new carpets. VOCs are carcinogenic (cancer causing) and some may be significantly related to asthma.

    Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec comments:

    Asthma and respiratory disease (which is the fourth leading cause of death in America) are a large cause of not living life to the fullest.

    Important things we can learn about asthma and respiratory disease:

    1. Use the most natural cleaning supplies, always buy them at the health food store.

    2. Remove carpets, they are extremely toxic, a mold and dust collector and a major health hazard not only for asthma and respiratory disease but also for your entire health.

    3. When painting use only the best non-toxic paints available.

    4. Purchase the best air purifiers that have a combination of ionization, ozonation, and ultraviolet.

    5. Do not look at asthma and respiratory disease as diseases to take something or do something to get rid of them. There are steps you can take to help manage asthma and respiratory disease which have been mentioned in these articles but the most important step is to not look at the effect which is the disease but instead focus on the cause, the root cause of imbalance in your body, mind and emotions that will cause anything from asthma to cancer to depression to heart disease. Take your eyes off the things and start a journey into total health so that you will make an environment where NO DISEASE, CONDITION OR SYMPTOM could ever develop or grow in. Remember your problem is not your asthma or your respiratory disease , it is not your cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, your chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, your anxiety/depression.

    Your problem is that you have broken the fundamental law of sowing and reaping and have not taken care of your body (the temple of God 's Spirit). You are not living the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health(TM). Once you start living the 7 Basic Steps to Total Health(TM) everyday of your life, you will absolutely see changes and balance will start to be restored to your being and you will see a progressive decrease in your symptoms, condition and diseases.

    Some additional action steps you can take with asthma and respiratory disease are:

    1. Asthma is linked to carbohydrate maldigestion/malabsorption so get away from the refined sugar and flour. They will always make it worse.

    2. Asthma is related to general maldigestion from the stomach. This is why those with reflux or heartburn have a higher incidence of asthma. Start decreasing the digestive load by eating more living/raw plant food which are uncooked and higher in enzymes. When food is cooked the enzymes are destroyed which causes a tremendous digestive burden for your system. This result in heartburn, reflux, constipation, diarrhea, bloating and gas. This will change as you eat
    less cooked food more living/raw plant food. If you eat cooked food make sure you take DIGEST-P digestive enzymes with every meal.

    3. Dairy products are the number one food allergen and they clog and congest the sinuses, respiratory tract and the digestive tract. This clogging and congestion will worsen all respiratory tract disorders, so eliminate them as soon as possible.

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006


    Keeping Active Helps Prevent Breast Cancer

    By Ralph Moss, Ph.D.
    The Moss Report

    Postmenopausal women who remain active throughout their
    lives have a lower risk of breast cancer. Scientists at
    the Alberta Cancer Board in Canada found that women with
    the highest levels of activity were 30 percent less likely
    to be diagnosed with breast cancer than were couch
    potatoes (women who had the lowest activity levels).

    The Canadians compared data from 1,200 breast cancer
    patients with women who did not have breast cancer.
    Researchers found no association between physical activity
    and risk of breast cancer among younger, premenopausal

    They are not sure why activity prevents breast cancer.
    Reduced body fat or enhanced immunity may explain the
    connection. The lesson is that we need to remain active
    throughout life. It doesn't mean you have to race in the
    Tour de France, like Lance Armstrong. However, finding
    excuses to walk instead of ride, to do gardening instead
    of watching TV, are going to benefit you. Although this
    study did not show any particular benefit in younger
    women, good health habits are best established early (Am J
    Epidemiol 2001;154:336-347).

    Obs: The lynphatic system does not have a pump to move the lynph: it needs the movement of the body to move the lynph around [lynph eliminates toxins from the body; stoping lynph movement acumulates toxins in the body]. On the other hand, blood has the pump, called heart, to move it...Bra also contributes to block lynph movement and also contributes to breast cancer, as posted previously in this blog.

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    Messages from the Earth's Interior

    The Fountain of Eternal Youth and Immortality

    Adama through Aurelia Louise Jones

    Adama, please talk to us about the Fountain of eternal youth and immortality. Are you saying that it is created by our thoughts and intentions?

    Of course, but this is only one aspect of it. If you truly desire to attain this level of perfection and state of consciousness, you must first desire it with all your heart, mind and soul. This is your first key. Around the clock, every day of your life, you must also set out and renew your intentions to reach that level of perfection, engaging all your spiritual faculties until you reach your goals.

    Constancy is your second key. The "on and off" attempts have never brought much results. Maintaining absolute constancy in your intentions and the willingness to do what is required to attain that state cannot be emphasized enough.

    The fountain of youth and rejuvenation you are seeking lies within you always. It is there, waiting for your awakening and your awareness of it. The keys to find it have never been secrets. In fact, they have been known all along, but you have ignored them. For eons, you have been more interested in finding it through an external source, a quick fix that would substitute a true spiritual transformation. This is your third key. I ask you now: Have these external sources work for all of you, my friends? Have you succeeded in your society to eliminate aging, illnesses and death? Or are you building more nursing homes, hospitals and medical clinics?

    Very rarely on the surface up to now, a person has been willing to apply the keys of transformation to the extent that it brought them complete DNA transformation and immortality. Nevertheless, over the ages and millennia, there have been a few exceptions. Your DNA is another key to your fountain of youth and infinite vitality, the fourth key. It evolves at the speed that you evolve your consciousness and increase your love quotient. Your body is a mirror of consciousness. As it evolves, the body will begin to mirror the new consciousness you have attained. The fountain of youth has always been there inside of you, but you have to evolve your consciousness to activate it.

    Your thoughts, your words and feelings bring the subject of the fifth key. What is the quality of the internal dialogue do you entertain within yourself moment by moment? Does it reflect what you desire to attain? After you have done a few minutes of affirmations each day, what thoughts do you occupy your mind with the rest of the day? How well do you monitor your thoughts, your feelings and the words you speak to yourself and to others with each now moment? How do you feel about yourself and your body?

    Once you evolve your consciousness to the state of immortality, you will find that it simply happens effortlessly. You will find that aging only makes you wiser, more mature and stronger. Yes, we become older in age, and we do it with grace, nobility and dignity, as masters. This is also your destiny to reach this level of mastery. Maintain your physical prowess, agility, and strength by all the means you know. You will find that the more you do, the more you will always be able to do. Don’t let age or what people say limit you. You are unlimited beings who have forgotten.

    The Fountain of Youth you are seeking is a state of Being, not so much a state of doing. To activate this wondrous fountain, you must first unite with it and then become it. This is your sixth key; and a most important one as well. The true fountain of youth is a fountain of Pure Light, a fifth dimensional tool. In order to activate it within self, you must increase the light in all the cells of our physical body and also in all your other bodies and more subtle bodies. You must cleanse your emotional body of negative human emotions; you must monitor your thoughts and begin to think like a master does. If you are not sure how a master would think in any given circumstance, go in meditation and ask that question. What would a master do, how would a master view this and what is the action a master would take? How does it feel to be a master of divine expression like our brothers and sisters in Telos? Your heart knows all the answers and it always has. You only need to consult it and learn to tune in again to that wisdom.

    Begin to consider your bodies as “magical forms”, see them as the most versatile machines that were ever created that can do all you want them to do without pain or limitation. They can even teleport anywhere in this universe almost with the speed of light whenever you have attained that level of consciousness. It is up to you to change the perception you have held regarding your bodies so far, and to learn how to utilize the full physical potential that these vehicles are endowed with.

    Begin to live your new truth and the results you are seeking will follow. It cannot be otherwise. This is the seventh key. In this regard, the fountain of youth is real. It is located in your very own mind and heart. You will be surprised and joyous when you discover how easy it is to maintain your youthful appearance.

    Return to Channeling From the Earth's Interior

    Obs.: There is information that says that human civilizations live below the Earth's external surface and that the Earth (and all planets) is hollow. Adama is an immortal human that is said to live in Telos, a city a few kilometers underground, below Mount Shasta in USA.


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    911 : Inside Job Demolition

    9/11 Eyewitness Video
    Click here to watch ...

    Scientific Analysis Proves Towers Brought Down By Incendiaries
    'Scientific analysis on WTC steel debris undertaken by BYU Professor Steven Jones proves that the twin towers were demolished by means of incendiary devices and the release of the conclusive evidence is imminent.
    The material that was first brought into question on the back of photos and video clips of the twin towers showing a dripping molten substance and floating white ash can now be confirmed as being thermate, combining thermite which is used as an incendiary device to bring down structures and sulfur, which cuts through steel quicker and leaves a yellow residue.
    Pools of molten yellow metal were also found underneath both towers and Building 7 subsequent to the collapses.'
    Read more ...

    Obs.: When a big crime is commited, a good investigator, to find the person that ordered it, makes the following question: "Who took advantage of this crime?". What is your answer to this question? The afghan people benefited from it? The iraqi people? The american people? Or was Mr. George W. Bush, that started the "war on terrorism", to Afghanistan, to Iraq, and approved the Homeland Security Office, the Patriot Acts, etc ? The criminal usually use the classical sequence of Problem-Reaction-Solution, creating a problem (and blaming another person/group), waiting for the reaction of the people in the media (controlled by him), asking for a solution, and then implementing the bitter solution (that takes liberty away from the people) that was impossible to approve in Congress if the big Problem was not generated in the first place. We are always fed lies, lies and lies by society. It was said "Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free", meanig we are slaves fed lies since the instant that we are born...



    Need a Cooker ? Use Your Cell Phone !

    Cellphones cook an egg
    'During the first 15 minutes, nothing changed. After 25 minutes, however, the egg shell started to become hot and at 40 minutes, the surface of the egg became hard and bristled. Researchers found the protein in the egg had become solid although the egg yolk was still in liquid form. After 65 minutes, the whole egg was well cooked.'
    Read more ...


    The Biological Computer

    "The physical body is a biological computer that can be programmed by those who understand how it works"

    David Icke


    How to Solve your Problems

    "The first step to getting out of a problem is knowing and accepting that you are the problem, and then you become the solution. Nothing outside changes, but as you change, a new outside replaces the old. The law of attraction and the law of cause and effect work this way."

    "Everyone has things that they can do now that they could not do before. You can now walk while as a child you could not. The ground never changed, but you did. You can now read while you once could not. The English language never changed, but you did. At one time, Bill Gates could not write software, now he can. The world did not change, Bill did. At one time, Jesus could not perform miracles, then he did. Miracles did not change, Jesus did. At one time the Buddha was not enlightened, then he was. The ways of the universe did not change, the Buddha did.

    Do you get the picture? There are a million things that a person can do now that they could not do years ago. Why?

    It is never those things that changed. What changed was the idea that this person had of himself or herself."

    Source: Article written by David Cameron

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