Thursday, June 27, 2013


Fidel Castro is Dead!



Fidel Castro died in 1981, and was replaced by a look-alike CIA plant. The dictator ate tainted shellfish and died. CIA infiltrators wasted no time in covering this up, and installing an agent named Alexis Papagos to impersonate Castro, and run the country. This information comes to THE UNCOVEROR via Cuban national, Igor Davidovich Martinez.
Why, then, does the U.S. government maintain the embargo against Cuba? "The CIA is turning a great profit by selling contraband Cuban goods on the black market," says Martinez, "and they don't want to give that up." The CIA sees to it that the embargo stays.
What tipped Martinez off? Before 1981, the real Fidel Castro nearly always wore a military uniform. After that year, "Castro," really Alexis Papagos, appeared more often in civilian clothing.  
This prompted Martinez, and several others to start digging. Of those who discovered this deception, only Martinez remains alive.
The plot almost failed. A few people in 1981 heard of Castro's death, and began a rumor that he had died of syphilis, but the CIA quickly made those people, some of them Americans, Disappear. They needed the world to think that Castro was still alive. They didn't want you to know, but thanks to THE UNCOVEROR, now you do.



Spying with Ceiling Fans



Big Brother is listening! According to an anonymous source, who fears for his life, the government has been bugging ceiling fans. This program was begun in 1997 on executive order of President Clinton! (or maybe it was Hilary.) The spying continues today.

"He just doesn't trust the people. In fact, almost no one in the government does," said my source in mid 1998. "They are obsessed with knowing what we are doing and saying at all times." Since 1997, nearly half of all ceiling fans sold in the U.S. contained a hidden listening device. "This program is not unique to the Clinton administration. The government has been spying on Americans for no good reason since the red scare of the fifties, but it has never gone this far until now. Anyone who has a ceiling fan should rip it out of his or her ceiling, and throw it out without delay!" Some had hoped that as president, George W. Bush would end this practice. He has not. Renewing Clinton's executive orders on the surveillance of private citizens were among Bush's first acts. "You didn't really expect a country club aristocrat to trust ordinary Americans, did you?" asks my source. "Like his father, and the Clintons, he is dedicated to bringing about the New World Order!" They didn't want you to know, but now you do, thanks to THE UNCOVEROR.


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