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A Poison called Fluoridation

Israel Bans Water Fluoridation: Must End By 2014! (VIDEO)

water fluoridation
More great news on the fluoride front as Israel’s Supreme Court has just ruled that water fluoridation in the country must end by 2014. Israel stacks themselves onto a large list of countries & cities that are making the decision to remove the toxic waste product from municipal water. The big decision comes as health minister Yael German backs the research of Irish scientist Declan Waugh who has been helping cities in countries all over the world put an end to water fluoridation over the past few years.
“Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that Fluoride is a pro-inflammatory agent that can contribute to all inflammatory diseases, not just asthma,” Declan Waugh
The water fluoridation debate has been raging for years as pro-fluoridater’s continue to choose to fluoridate regardless of there being no scientific evidence that water fluoridation helps to prevent tooth decay. Those in favour of removing fluoride have been on a journey of researching and studying the dangerous affects water fluoridation has on many areas of the body including the thyroid, brain and bones. Many believe it is an unethical form non-consented mass-medication. It appears that many political leaders in cities or regions that are still fluoridating, simply are not open to realizing the truth about the toxic waste substance and instead continue to poison the people.
Israel is one of the few countries left that widely fluoridates municipal water. The other main players include the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, England and Australia. Israel’s decision comes after several other big cities and regions banned fluoride recently including: Portland Oregon, communities in Australia, and Windsor, Ontario. It was also recently overturned in Hamilton, the fourth most populous city in New Zealand.
This weekend (Saturday Sept 21st, 1PM) many will be assembling in Toronto, Ontario to support the removal of fluoride. The event should bring out at least 500 people and already there are over 1000 signatures on the petition to remove fluoride from Toronto’s water. More information about the event can be found here.


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Desire as the Root Cause of Death

Desire as the Root Cause of Death

Buddha said it best when he said that "desire kills" and that to conquer death one must conquer desire.

Our passions, lusts, and desires are what kill us, perhaps not immediately, but certainly in stages. 

Carnal or base passions are especially deadly, such as eating and sex. Eating especially, since it leads to sex(and sleep). 

When you eat, most of the force or energy centered in your brain and keeping you conscious, goes down to your belly in order to digest or eliminate what you just ate, and you become drowsy or lethargic as a result. When the digestive process is completed, this energy goes back up to your brain and you return to full conciousness again. Digestion alone takes an astounding 80 to 90% of all your energy or life force! It is imperative that what you have ingested must be broken down, assimilated(if possible), and/or eliminated, otherwise it would surely rot and kill or poison you! Even when ingested or digested properly, all physical food still takes its toll on your life and health. Our bodies, however, have become so accustomed to the eating process and built up a resistance so that we die slowly rather than quickly, and we call this aging or disease.

Eating is a kind of sex and sex is a kind of eating. Both lead to sleep, debility, and eventualy death. 

Sleep is a kind of death. It is as close to death as we come without actually dying. We sleep because we have abused ourselves either through eating, sex, drinking, smoking, working, or any other demanding or intoxicating activity, and we need to shut down for repair and regeneration. The more you abuse or intoxicate yourself the more you need to sleep or rest. When the body is perfectly clean or regenerated there is no need for sleep.
When you are young, you have a surplus of energy or life force that thwarts degeneration despite your bad habits. At some point however(usually between 30 and 40 years of age) this surplus peaks and then we go into decline. Some of us use up our surplus faster than others depending on our lifestyle. Diet, environment, heredity, stress, and attitude all play key roles in determining this. After our peak has been reached degeneration or decay sets in and unless you change your negative ways you will surely degenerate and die. 

Actually, the degeneration process begins even before age 30. The effects of our unnatural diets and lifesyles begin to show up almost immediately after birth and especially during the teen-age years. Our early exposure to drugs, radiation, pollution, an inorganic environment, and processed food continually weaken us so that by the time we are teens we are already showing degenerative symptoms such as chronic disease, debility, and premature sexual development. This is especially prevalent in the modernized temperate zones where we are largely divorced from nature.

In the warmer tropical and semi-tropical regions of the planet conditions are much better for life and health but modern degenerative practices have infiltrated here as well. Food should be self-grown and consist mostly of unprocessed fresh fruits and vegetables. Onced babies are weaned off mother's milk, a fruitarian and then vegetarian diet should follow. The option to remain a fruitarian or even become a breatharian is an individual matter. Fruitarian-breatharian diets will go a long way in producing a disease-free and long-lived humanity. Meat, dairy, and grains, especially in their processed states, are responsible for nearly all of our diseases.

Besides a natural diet we need a natural environment. In the Sun belt there is no need for artificial heating or over-clothing, both of which are injurious to health. Our bodies need to be exposed to the sun and air as much as possible to remain healthy and we need more interaction with animals and nature as well. We need to bare our feet more as well. Natural life is simple and healthy without any of the absurd complications of modern life. There is no need for politics, industry, science, or medicine. These are all artificial systems imposed on humanity for its slavery and are a direct outgrowth of our artificial or unnatural environment. There is not even a need for money. Money is based on greed and convenience and serves only the evil ones among us. Nature is abundant and provides freely for all. No one really "owns" or has a claim on anything. 

Most of us are so removed from nature that it is a marvel we survive at all. True humanity does not need all of the gadgets or conveniences we have today. These are artificial creations or replacements for the abilities that are dormant within us. The untapped power we have within us can put to shame any technology we have developed or will develop. But we are lazy and constantly give in to our pet desires which is why we are dependant on this technology and in so much trouble. In exchange for our indulgent pleasures and desires we give up our spiritual power and rights and fall victim to abuse, decay, and death.

Most of us do not even know WHY we die. We are kept ignorant by a self-serving elite who know the truth but are not willing to share it. Even if they do share it they know that most of us will never change or ways or that we will fail trying. Humanity is a drugged or addicted race and just like a drug addict, our chances of becoming drug-free are very slim. Food is a drug. Sex is a drug. And so is just about every other stimulating activity on this material plane. 

If you think about it, this whole material plane is one big drug and the body you reside in is a miniature version of this. The descent of spirit into physical matter was gradual and increasingly addictive. Pure spirit is pure life and pure matter is pure death. All living beings are situated somewhere inbetween those two extremes. The closer you are to pure spirit the more conciousness you have and the longer you live. Astral beings live longer than us because the astral realm(mind/emotion) is the mid plane connecting spirit to matter.

We were formerly angels or light beings with lightly developed astral and or physical(etheric) bodies which densified over time to what we are now. This densification process increased our sensorial natures but decreased our spiritual power proportionally. The more we indulged in the physical senses, the more we lost our connection to Spirit, and this degeneration process or fall continues to this day. The theosophical Root Races and the astrological Great Ages are a way of measuring this descent or degeneration. 

The more degenerated we become, the smaller(physically), the more stupid, uglier, and less sensitive or spiritual we become. Our life spans also shorten drastically. In the Golden Age, many thousands of years ago, our planet was larger and so were all of its life forms including humans. The inner or hollow earth, with all its huge and long-lived life forms is a good example of how life was on this exterior Earth before the invasions and corruptions began. Ideal human height and longetivity is proportional to the planet's own diameter or duration and the divisor is always 12. The Earth is 8000 miles in diameter. Divide this by 12 and you get the diameter of Earth's inner sun(666 miles) or a small moon, state, province, or country. Divide this by 12 and you get a large metroplitan area(55 miles). Divide that by 12 and you get a city area(4.6 miles). Divide that by 12 and you get a district(2037 ft). Divide that by 12 and you get a large building or home(170 ft), and divide that by 12 and you get the average height of an inner Earth dweller(14 ft). Since our exterior surface is slightly larger than the concave inner Earth surface, we humans should average no less than 14 or 15 feet tall! We are less than half that which shows our level of deterioration. We also need to be living at least 600 years! Only by living long and enlightened lives will we be able to truly understand the world and universe around us.

Of course, to live that long or be that tall, Earth's ecology or environment needs to be changed drastically. This means the reinstallment of a cloud or water canopy over the planet which will produce paradisical conditions throughout and induce exponential health and longetvity. The removal or replacement of our Moon may also have something to do with our restoration. Apparently, our current artificial Moon or satelite and the people who brought it here some 10,800 years ago played a key role in humanity's downfall or regeneration. It needs to be removed and replaced with a smaller and friendlier satelite similar to the one we had before the invaders came and destroyed it. Most of all we need to wake up and take back our power which we have sheepishly given over to the anti-human beings who rule us and who are making life miserable for us.

The key to taking back our power is to realize that our selfish desires, which our rulers are deceivingly perpetuating, are destroying us and that we need to conquer or control these desires, and that it all starts with your gut or stomach. Our desire for more and more taste or epicurial sensation is the single most destructive addiction we face. It is the mother of all addictions, and untill we curb this desire we are doomed. Our food producers know this and in their endless quest for profits(another addiction) they are processing our food to make it as addictive as possible. We have become a bunch of drug addicts and this is why our world is in such a mess. We need to individually control everything that goes into our mouths. The best way to do this is to grow or prepare your own food. Stay away from processed or packaged foods. The only real or natural food is the kind that grows on trees or plants. Don't cook or heat your food and avoid condiments like salt or sugar. Stay away from meat and dairy products and minimize grains as well. This may be too much for some but it is the only real way out. Learn to fast. Also, avoid vaccines, x-rays, and mercury fillings. Minimize and eventually eliminate all drugs or medicines. Move to warmer and more natural climes and avoid cities or crowded and negative areas. Exercise and stay outdoors more often. Learn to meditate and connect with your higher or inner self. Only by being in top form will you be able to see through and do something about the shams our deceivers have imposed upon us.

Finally, realize that our stay here on the material plane is temporary, even if you manage to live hundreds of years. You cannot experience all you need to know in that one body you are currently in. We come here many times to experience the grand diversity of life. It is our destiny to know what it is like to be male or female, black, oriental, or caucasian, rich or poor, educated or self-taught, married or single, successful or unrealized, etc. Then, when we are tired or have mastered the lessons of this planet we go on to another one. In this sense death is unavoidable. It simply means the end of one phase and the beginning of another. Even desires are unavoidable -that's what we're actually here to experience, but desires have a high price(usually your life) and untill we have control of them death will always be the victor. 

We are talking here mostly about physical or carnal desires which are usually negative or debilitating. Desire can be good if it is for non-physical(or emotional) objectives, such as the desire for knowledge, truth, and wisdom, or for love, peace, and freedom. These are of course good desires which extend your life and which should be cultivated. In astrology, the lower desires are represented by the earth(physical) and water(emotional) signs and the higher desires by the air(mental) and fire(spiritual) signs. The more there is density, the more there is darkness or negativity. Only a portion of your spirit or life force is anchored to your body. Another portion occupies your larger astral-mental self and a final portion is pure unimpeded spirit or highermost self. During sleep or or death the part that is immersed in your physical withdraws itself. 

Our desires are what bind us here on the material plane and why we keep reincarnating. If you did not have a chance to express or fulfill some need or desire you will most likely come back to experience it. We are experience collectors and write our own history books. Each page or chapter is an experience or lifetime highlighted by peak yearnings or desires, and when the book is finished we will probably write another one. In this current life you are living all your other lives as well and are setting the stage for more to come and when you set out to conquer a desire it may not be easy as its roots may extend beyond you and now. You may even be fighting the collective and if you succeed, you will be paving the road for others as well. 

Desire is aptly described by the water signs in astrology and the desired object is the earth element; Pisces lures or tempts the prey, Scorpio holds or paralyzes it, and Cancer proceeds to eat or assimilate it. The water element is the soul or emotional nature in us which hungers, needs, and wants. The body is complete and needs nothing and gives or produces rather takes. It is our soul self or emotions that want to eat or possess or have sex and not our bodies. Cancer is more closely linked to eating and hoarding whereas Pisces has more to do with drink, drugs, or intoxication in general, and Scorpio is desire or possession through sex or intense emotion. Whereas water is the dying or assimilating process, earth is death itself, and within death are the seeds of life itself. That is why, Taurus, the most physical or dense of the earth signs is also the most fruitful sign of spring. 

Desire means need and need implies deficiency or imperfection. Basically all desire is evil -as is fear, dependancy, and ignorance. Most good things in creation were created complete or free from need and dependance. Something changed that and the result was evil, violence, and death. We are currently in a planet of need and therefore evil. Something or someone has tampered with us and this planet to create this unhealthy dependance. Many say it is outside alien forces while others say we have done this to ourselves as a challenge. Whatever the reason, we need to come out of it and become complete and good again. Almost everyone knows or feels that there is something wrong with the world we live in especially in this fast-accelerating global society we live in. At the same time we feel we are moving collectively towards a major break-through. It's the best and worst of times and that is why there are so many souls here now. It's as though this is the ideal time to express any desire both good or evil, and that's exactly what we're doing. We're "clearing house" or experiencing our full range of desires and potentials in a very short or concentrated period of time. It's no wonder Pluto was discovered(1930) in our era as this is the planet associated with intensified living. In no other era can we more fully and freely express our sexual and criminal selves or face our mortality and immortality as individualds and as a species. It is an era of sin or extremes to be followed by an era of judgement or rebalance. Neptune's discovery(1846) before Pluto lured us to the kill and all that remains for us now is to be "eaten"?

In astrology, Scorpio is the sign of desire and as such it is also the sign of death -the two go hand in hand. Intense emotional desire is what motivates this sign or what it bases its decisions on rather than thinking or reasoning. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet that is driving our 20th and 21st centuries or end time era, which is killing us in one sense and regenerating us in another. Scorpio's desire-ruled nature gives it great pleasure but also its great pain. They are the two sides of the same coin and no other sign experiences both as intensely as Scorpio does. This is the double-edged sword of desire; the great pleasure it gives must be balanced by an equal amount of pain or displeasure. There is no law greater than the law of balance(Libra), and both Scorpio and desire know this. But what is life if you don't experience both good and bad or both heaven and hell? This is the Scorpio paradox.

Desire is a powerful thing and basically makes us who we are. It is forged out of habit and subtlety and can serve or destroy us. The only way to counter habit or desire is through RESISTANCE. No, my dear Borgs, resistance is definitely not futile. There is a certain power in resisting your "sinful" urges and temptations. The first time is always the most difficult of course, but keep doing it or persist and the urges eventually weaken or fade away. This is the power of earth over water. The urges or temptations never die or are removed, rather they are weakened, controlled, or put to sleep(and can be reawakened at any time). It's no use for the preachers to damn these urges to hell where they will never bother us again(this is silly). Rather, these urges are to be tamed or transformed and used purposefully or constuctively like wild horses driving a chariot. Desire is not to be killed or denied but transformed or used properly. So you let go every once in a while -that is OK too and part of the learning process. The important thing is to keep on track untill you eventually reach your goal which is to master your desires, for to master desire is to master death itself. 


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