Tuesday, October 01, 2013


The lie about global warming

Global Cooling Rather Than Warming
Temperatures have been actually cooling rather than warming since 1997 and ice accumulation is growing as is seen in these two images of the Arctic taken one year apart. 2013 is turning out to be one of the coolest years(overall) on record and the trend will continue for about the next two decades, followed by another warming trend. These mini cycles of 25-30 years operate within larger cycles of about 250 years, the last of which is in a cooling trend. They are based on cyclical solar, oceanic, and underground activity.
That's the latest conclusion by the Heartland Institute or NIPPC(2008- ) on the average long-term climate trend of our planet.
So what's all the hoopla about global warming spewed out by the United Nation's IPPC and some of our government and scientific leaders in the last ten years or so? It's obviously a lie and a scam designed throw us off guard and make us ill-prepared for what's really coming. Don't you just love how evil and deceptive these people are? People like Al Gore and Ms. McCarty must be in hiding now. McCarty was forced to admit that the false and scientifically baseless glob al warming forecasts(based on carbon emissions)were intended for political, financial, and social control such as the creation of the notorious carbon(CO2) tax which is now being thrown out along with the people behind it.
Basically, the global warming scam is an attempt to fleece both the public and industry, here and abroad, with costly, untenable, and unproductive energy schemes such as ethanol which ruins engines and expensive solar panels and wind turbines which produce little actual energy, and to slow down the industrial growth of competing nations such as China and India.

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