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"Condemnation before investigation is the greatest form of ignorance"
, Albert Einstein
"Never fear the path of truth, for the lack of people on it", John F Kennedy
"In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is revolutionary", George Orwell



You Create Your Reality

Below is a channeled message from Adamu, given to Zingdad [1], concerning NESARA. The conclusions are very interesting...

Adamu: Dear friends,

My dear Zingdad asked me about the NESARA concept – whether it was "true" or not. He expected a "yes" or "no" answer but what he got instead surprised him. So he asked me to channel the message through him for your interest. So here it is…

Before I will answer the question of the legitimacy of the NESARA concept I would ask you to look to your own heart. Does it matter to you? If so, why. I would suggest there are a few different camps:

1. The skeptics and naysayers that dismiss this out of hand for whatever myriad reasons.
2. Those that think it is probability (or possibly) true but are not "counting" on it.
3. Those that fervent want this to be true.

The first group will not in all likelihood be to interested in THIS channeling so I won't even bother speaking to them. They are fine. The second group will follow this story with some interest but they are not emotionally attached to the outcome. So they too are fine. It is the third group that concerns me. If you find yourself in such a group then I would say this to you. You are making yourself a victim to the hoped for benevolence of something which you can't even prove to be true. What this does is it takes away your power. You cease to engage with the world to make plans and to create your own future. Instead you hope these good people are going to rescue you from your financial woes. Do you see what this means? It means you believe you must be rescued from your life by some kind of savior. Worse… you seem to think that that savior can come in the form of money! This is just an all-round recipe for disaster. Some of these NESARA folks have even publically advocated that people willy-nilly get themselves into as much debt as they like… that they not concern themselves with trying to pay off those credit cards… because "any moment now" NESARA will be announced and your debt will be cancelled.

My dear friends! People who think like this have absolutely no understanding of how your reality works! On SO many levels this is faulty thinking. Firstly and most importantly: the point of your experience on planet earth is to teach you that you are the creator of your own reality. This means that you always will and MUST deal with the results of your own actions. If you don't like your situation then it is a object lesson for you that you should be making different choices in future. This is so for everything: relationships, experiences, work life… and most certainly also in the case of money. If you have made a mess of something and someone else swoops in and saves you from it then you have NOT learned how to create your own reality. What you have learned is that you are now a dependant of your rescuer. Every time you mess up you'll have to go back to them for more rescuing because plainly you have not learned how to do it yourself.

Secondly. Money ITSELF is worth nothing. It is just paper. Your current financial system is based upon debt. It's a horrible system. But that's how it works. There are other ways of doing it so that you have counters that represent actual worth but to get to such a system on your planet you will have to completely overhaul your financial system. I don't mean tinker with it… I mean throw it out and start again with a whole new system. If you do this then the "old" money will not translate into the "new" financial system. However many trillions of dollars they say they have in the bank will be meaningless if there is a new system that is actually love-based and equitable. And the bank? Well they are the corner-stone of the mess that your world-markets are in! Banking as you have it on your planet at this time is really a most iniquitous thing. I haven't the time to go into it – read up on the way national central banks cause the impoverishment of the nation some time. It will shock you. But the point is – if the NESARA plan is to us the current economic system and the existing banks… well then they are not changing anything. And, here is the clincher… if they managed to pay out all this cash to all and sundry then the economic system would instantly implode. If everyone has surplus money then no-one is a wage slave. No one feels that they must trudge off to work to do the job they do to earn the money. So you'll have cash… but there will be no one working the stores or manufacturing the goods you desire. They'll be too rich to bother with that! And… if there is no debt then the banks cannot charge interest. If they are not charging interest then they have no reason for existing. They are out of business. And then the wads of money you received under NESARA are suddenly worthless anyway. SO! You cannot have NESARA and keep the financial system in tact. Central banking fails, meaning that your national economy collapses. And local banking does not function either. And the economy ceased to be viable. If every one gets rich then no-one is rich. Then you just have so much paper - that isn't even any good for blowing your nose on. So you can't work NESARA under the current financial regime. And if you change the financial system then the money that they are apparently going to pay out is worthless. It is meaningless to talk of all the billions and trillions that they have ready to disburse if they intend paying this into a non-debt based economy. The money will not translate. You cannot swap debt-based money for value-based resources. So either way this is a dead duck.

Thirdly. Your money DOES have an unseen value. It represents, to you, energy. It is a way to transfer resources. You see, if you work a month you get your thousand shekels (or whatever). That means you are accepting and agree… no CREATING… that your time and effort for a month is worth those thousand shekels. This now becomes a very powerful symbol for you. And so, if you are in debt then it is so that there is an energetic imbalance in your life. Quite simply, you consume more resources that you can produce. If there are two friends and one friend always takes more out of the friendship than he is prepared to offer back then that friendship will sour. Imbalances like these must be dealt with and addressed. If you are in debt then you are in a state of energetic imbalance. It is no wonder debt plagues on the mind of the debtor! And I would tell you that this is also a strategy of those that would keep you stuck in the duality game. If you are worried about your debt then you are hardly in a great position to find the inner peace that is required for you to raise your consciousness and see through their illusions! Doubt, fear, worry, anger, frustration… these are the emotions that keep you from seeing your own true nature. And what does the "system" propose for those that are indebted? It offers them another credit card! "Are you depressed about your finances? Go buy something nice with your new credit card to make it all feel better! But whatever you do, don't find balance and inner peace because then you won't play our game anymore!". And so I would say to you, my friends, anyone that tells you not to deal with your debt is no friend of yours. They are inevitably seeking a way to manipulate you.

Fourthly. The mechanism for the NESARA "payouts" is… suspect. Many of the NESARA proponents claim to have some kind of "inside line". They are part of these workings. And they can help you get YOUR package… but you must first give them some cash to "enroll" or some-such. Friends! What are we thinking? You buy a story about the wicked machinations of the power cabal without any proof. Then you buy a story about some improbable financial plan that will heal the harm. And then you buy the story that payouts will be made only to individuals on "the list". And you, sure as nuts, are going to get yours! The fact that this means the overwhelming majority of the planets inhabitants WON'T be on the list doesn't bother you. That they will remain in poverty hasn't phased you. You just want YOURS. And the fact that it is inevitable that those living in the most abject poverty have not even got access to the internet, let alone having heard of NESARA means that they will just remain below the breadline. While you have your burgeoning debt cancelled that has funded your comfortable well-fed life.

Are we serious?

Do we think this is okay?

Does this sound like a healing of the iniquities of the system? Or does it sound more like "I don't care because I got mine"?

You are so busy being a victim to the circumstances you have created that you don't want to give a thought to the inherent problems with this NESARA story because you so badly want to believe that Santa is going to sweep in and make your rich. And you also don't seem to mind that that doesn't fix the problem as long as it fixes YOUR problem.

And then there is the small isssue of the "N" in NESARA standing for National. It refers to the nation of America. I'd love to know how it is proposed that this will occur in only one nation. Your world economics are so intertwined that you really cannot separate one nation from another in such matters. If the NYSE crashes then global trade ceases. As has happened. And as is about to happen again. But that's another story. The point is you cannot institute such a plan in one nation alone. Unless of course you are quite happy to visit financial ruin on all other nations? Again... not the actions of the loving beings these messages purport to be speaking for. Enlightened beings know they are responsible for their actions. Such a being would not contemplate inflicting the kind of hardship that will befall, especially the worlds poorest-of-the- poor in order to fill the coffers and fluff the egos of the American people! Not very loving at all...

Fifthly. You will notice that these updates and bulletins talk in terms of retribution and punishment for "the wrong-doers" who are in power. The evil power cabal will, according to these missives, be imprisoned and punished. And military action will be taken against their backers. Threats are issued left, right and centre against those in power who might try to oppose them. Even warnings on pain of death! The "goodies" are going to punish the "baddies" most righteously!


And all this is declared in the name of ascended masters, Christed ones and other high and holy beings. This my dear friends does not stand up to even a seconds scrutiny. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for an ascended master, a Christed One or and enlightened soul to look at another and wish to punish. Impossible. By definition ascended and Christed beings KNOW that they are One with every single other being in All That Is. They know that even the "vilest" of wrong-do-er was only acting out of his own fear, pain and confusion. They know that this duality game is just an illusory game which beings play out their lives in so that they can experience what is here and learn what they came to learn. They know that the most sainted being has had at least one lifetime (and probably many) somewhere in his reincarnational history where he too has been an abuser and a manipulator. And they know for a fact that the "wrong-do-ers" are not healed with violence and retribution. That just makes of YOU a wrong doe-er too. It perpetuates the pain. You do not heal violence with more violence! No. Only love can heal. I know it is but my truth (as expressed through Zingdad) against theirs, but for what it is worth I will tell you blatantly that this is is incongruous. It doesn't stand up. Ones that talk of violence, aggression, war and punishment are by definition ones that are deeply embroiled in duality. These are not the words of a enlightened consciousness. I am not saying that all you will read here is untrue or that it doesn't reflect so measure of what might occur... but I very firmly do caution you to use your discretion and your intuition. I will state my truth that this material does not source from where it claims. And if that us so then you would do well to ask yourself what the real objective of this material is. A falsification of the point of origin does not bode well for the content, I'm sure you'll agree.

My friends. I tell you this: You are living in an amazing, wonderful time. This is the time of the planetary ascension. It has never been as easy for you to find your own true power and to ascend into your own magnificence. The very heavens all conspire to give you every assistance to make this choice. But YOU must make the choice. You must decide to be the creator being that you are. You must take responsibility. You must heal your own psyche and find inner peace and balance. And you must stop demanding of the world that SOMEONE ELSE must come and fix up your own mess. Whatever that might be. Creator, create!

This is not an opportune moment for me to talk at any length about ascension and what it is and how it works. But I shall make another opportunity with my young friend, Zingdad, to do so. Suffice it to say you now have a choice. Do you want to go another round inside this duality system, or do you want to raise your consciousness out of it and find out who you really are? If you choose the former then you will get more of the same as your current life. Different specifics but the same general theme. If you choose the latter then you will be astounded, I promise you this, at what you will discover about yourself. I tell you, you will learn things like matter manifestation. You will travel the Space/time continuum in a wink as we do. You will now mastery over death and ill-health. You will have instant access to all your deepest memories of past-lives and experiences in other realities. You will have a kind of a telepathic heart-to-heart connection with all manner of beloved beings. And these are not the most amazing of the realisations and abilities that you will disover! Dear friends, if you would pay any heed to old Adamu then hear this: your ascension is a more desirable thing than it is possible for you to imagine or for words to convey. It the greatest prize of your entire reality. It is the reason you have gone through all the trials, tribulations, pain and confusion of all your many incarnations in density life. No matter how much you have struggled across your innumerable incarnations… your Soul knew that it would we worth it for you to gain the prize that lies ahead: your ascension. But you must first choose it. And if you DO choose it… let me promise you now that you will have less use for money that a fish has for a bicycle. An ascended being residing on the New Earth will definitely not use such as system! You will not allow yourself to create with such imbalance. And moreover… the New Earth does not have "property" the way you currently think of it. And there are no jobs. Everyone will follow their passion. But before I digress too much, let me come back to what is going on, on THIS earth. Unfortunately there are those that very much do not want you to know of these spiritual truths. As long as you believe you are powerless then you will hand control to them. When you begin to discover who you really are then suddenly all their silly manipulation games cease to compel you. So they work against this. You see, they want as large a number of people as possible to NOT ascend so that they remain inside the system which they are in control of. They want to keep you here because as long as you are here you are apawn in their game. You make them feel powerful and smart. You work for them and serve them and you don;t even know it. A portion of every cent Every cent you earn or spend goes to them. And as they own the money system they keep making themselves richer. They keep gaining more power and control. When you work you work more for them by far than you do for yourself. Becasue everything is done in terms of this money system which they own, control and manipulate. Of course all this is very cleverly hidden from you. They find myriad ways to keep your attention away from what is really going on. Politics, wars, debt, fear, disease… and so on. These things are all used to keep you servile.

So all that said… you have by now come to decide that dear old Adamu wants to tell you there is no NESARA, not so? Well I do not. There is indeed a proposal in place which is being worked through the corridors of power. There are discussions around creating an equitable financial system and there is a proposal which is about redress. You see those in power can see the way the cookie is crumbling. They are now either scrambling to get themselves to come out looking squeaky clean or they are desperately trying to tighten the reigns of control. So there is a this-way-and- that-way about this. And so? Will it come to fruition? Well, that depends. You see you are not all going to experience the same "future". Time-lines are now already beginning to fragment. You are going to get the results of your choices, whatever they are. Someone that is intent and remaining in duality will not co-habit a reality with someone that is of ascension-conscious ness. There are many possibilities for what you will experience and where you will go as the coming singularity moment approaches. All you need to know about this is that every single person will get to experience a new reality or "future" that is congruent with who you are and what you are choosing in your life. And if you would have the most magnificent possible outcome for yourself then I assure you it does not come in a cash-package! It comes from within you. From your heart. Through you make the choice to create it thus.

Now old Adamu has been quite rough with you. I am unaccustomed to speaking in such harsh terms. But dear friends, time is of the essence right now. If I can cause just one of you to look at your life and your choices and to make the choice for your own magnificence then I will be well pleased.

So, in conclusion. I am really not trying to tell you that all this is "false". There are many future outcomes available to you and it most certainly could be that you choose to experience a timeline in which NESARA comes to fruition in one form or another. And yes, there are all kinds of forces that are baying for blood. And yes, there are myriad power-machinations going on behind the scenes that are hidden from you. And yes, there are those that are fomenting war on an unimaginably large scale. A galactic war, even. And some or all of this could come to fruition in the reality you come to inhabit if you make a certain set of choices. So, if that sounds like a good time to you then I have no quarrel. If you want to punish someone for what has happened to you in this life then you apparently still have an interest in duality. If you would see your "enemies" demise in a bloody war then that is most certainly an option for you to experience. And that's okay. Nothing wrong with extending your sojourn in a place of learning and experience when you desire those experiences. But please do not be mistaken into thinking that this madness is inevitable for you. Things are not as they appear to you. You don't live in the kind of a linear, fixed, single-outcome reality that you believe you do. As you travel the ascension path you will begin to see that this reality is far, far more "fluid" than it would appear to someone who is still wrestling with it. And miraculous events are bout to transpire! But, it must be said, those that will be expending magnificent loving energies to bring these miracles to fruition are not in the habit of forcing themselves on anyone. If you are not willing to choose for your own magnificence then they will not force you. You won't ascend if you don't want to. And I must also point out that it isn't just the one thing or the other. There are realities available to you that are not "ascended" realities but that are still a LOT more loving than this one. And there are realities available to you that are non-stop strife. Many possible outcomes, here where there is the duality of "dark" and "light" there are also infinite shades of grey. Just so that you are aware that your choices are ,essentially, limitless. So please give some thought as to the kind of life you want to lead and the kind of world you want to live in. And then make sure your every single choice from RIGHT NOW is congruent with that. And FINALLY… it is never "too late". No matter what has gone before. No matter what your current situation. If you are willing to be steadfast in choosing a better reality for yourself… if you are willing to have your thoughts, your words and your deeds all align with a grander version of you, a you that is a being of love, and magnificence. A you that has the majesty of the One-ness of All in your heart… then you will be amazed at ho things can be turned around for you. I tell you there are miracles afoot! Right now! They are happening to all kinds of people all over the planet. Because these people are aligning themselves with their souls purpose. And when they do that then they are suddenly aligned with the movement of the entire universe. You can create with exponentially more power when your creations are congruent and in tune with what all the most powerful beings of the universe are creating! So, if you engage with this earnestly then you will not fail and you will not be lost. Choose now. Think what you want for yourself and in your life. State your intent. Act congruent with that.

And now that is all I will say at this time. I will talk more in due course about this concept of "ascension". It is an important topic. In fact it is THE most important thing in the whole galaxy right now.

Until I speak with you again I wish you all joy and peace. Love yourselves magnificently!



Grow your own Light. It's time for you to not depend on Masters or E.Ts to save you! Keylontic Science teaches all lies within you not outside of you! Don't let ENTITIES create paradigms/grids to create their own reality threw you! Always remember everything is of light. So there is many shades of light. Empower yourself! Why call on others for there light. When your are made of your own light.


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