Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hilarion’s Weekly Message 25 December 2011

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Beloved Ones,

You who have walked the lonely path of Light are soon to be joined by many, many others who will begin to walk their path with you. For every sacrifice you have made for the highest good of all, the Universe is already bringing to you many wonderful synchronicities, miracles and gifts. All you have to do is open your hearts to receive and be in trust and in joy. Watch for these in your daily living, recognize them, receive them, enjoy them and record them. Soon you will begin to know without a shadow of doubt that you have always been loved and cared for and that you never walk alone.

Along your trail blazing path, you have encountered much that was not love and being empathic, took on these energies thinking they were your own. The time has come when your power of discernment and intuition will grow by leaps and bounds and you will find the ability to detach from the energies and challenges of others while still giving Love and compassion. Each of you have had tests and trials that have been making you turn yourselves inside out in your quest for transparency and purity. Even as these old energies are still being brought out from the depths of your Being, know that it is only a matter of time before these fall away from you forever, leaving only wonder and awe in its place.

Your higher senses are now coming to the fore and we ask you to be prepared and cognizant that these will open up the ability to perceive others thoughts and inner motivations before even they are aware of them. It is important to use loving detachment when these occurrences take place and not take what you tune into in a personal way. Become the observer and scientist and instead of dwelling on the revelations of the inner workings of others, dwell upon and record the synchronicities, the revelations, the frequency, the timing, the intuitive promptings that happen so that you can begin to perceive the new you beginning to manifest in a totally new way.

The true test of higher abilities is to stay in the energy of Love in all ways, even when your perceptions reveal that the underlying motivations of others that are crystal clear to you are assumed to be hidden from you. Just observe and do not judge or react. Practice loving kindness and compassion. This is a temporary stage that could bring discomfort to you but it is the next step on your journey to higher consciousness and perception and the continued Mastery of your self. Like a diamond cutter, you have been cleansing and polishing your outer self to better reflect the brilliance and purity that lies within just under the surface waiting to emerge as sparkle and shine.

Your Light now reaches a much greater distance around your physical body and can have an effect on the energy fields of those with whom you come in contact. This will grow in its power so it is most important that you practice inner and outer discipline and walk the way of peace and harmony so that all that you touch will be empowered and blessed. Staying balanced in your daily life is key and when you feel yourselves out of alignment in any way, bring yourselves back into balance as quickly as you can. You have at your disposal many tools that have been presented and now is the time for you to use them. Self discipline is another requisite to the Mastery of self along with discernment and can only be administered by your intention.

Try to filter every happening through your heart chakra so that you train yourselves to be a heart centered person rather than one who processes through the mind. Many times, the heart will lead you straight to the core of a matter with a directness and clarity that will bring you freedom from all confusion or doubt. Know that you are each Loved beyond measure and enfolded always in the energy of the Angels as you walk upon this World in service to the Divine Plan for the highest good of all.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana, (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.


Friday, December 23, 2011


Message from SaLuSa for 23 December 2011

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You want to see evidence of the progress we have made, and that is understandable after patiently waiting for quite a long time for something that indicates the stage that events have reached. That type of proof is only known by those actively involved who are of course our allies, that you will find in many different countries. They are however principally in the U.S. that is the home of many of the covert operations that have taken place. It is also where the Illuminati are to be found and for that reason, where you may expect the first news of their apprehension. Clearly nothing of this nature and of such importance can go ahead without information being leaked to the outside world. So what you can do is keep in touch with reliable contacts on the Internet who are privy to such news. This way those who are issuing disinformation will be sidelined and unable to confuse people.

As the weeks pass by you will need to be vigilant, and bear in mind that the dark Forces are being pursued regardless of which country they are in. Depending on the outcome it will determine when we can take our plan to a higher level, and get the desired results that will allow us to go ahead with Disclosure. Everything is so near to being resolved, and we wait with keen anticipation. All the players in the game of duality have to abide by the rules, and none more so than us who have to be seen to do so. We of the Light must maintain high standards within the Love and Light that we operate. The main thrust comes from the allowance of freewill choice, which ultimately dictates the reality that Humans create for themselves. Having done so we cannot interfere, albeit that we may see you have taken an undesirable path. The truth has to be discovered through experience, and we cannot deny you what you have chosen.

However, we do not mean to infer that you are still held in the depths of the lower energies. In fact the awakening progresses very well, and with the revelations that are soon to follow we expect it to occur even faster. There is nothing like the truth to spur people into action, and bring them onto a different path that is going to lead to Ascension. It is a road to the future that holds all that you could ever desire, as you try and envisage what it would be like to permanently move into the Light. Bear in mind that the material level that you have been used to, is only a pale reflection of what life can really be. The higher level will still appear quite solid but energy will be more refined, and what you perceive as matter will have a higher level of consciousness and respond accordingly. For example some people already talk to their plants, but how would you like to be able register their response and “talk” with all forms of life. That will all come in good time, but after you have ascended.

We know that many people simply cannot comprehend how the changes can take place, in the comparatively short time that is left before the end of the year 2012. With the closing of the cycle of duality and the quantum leap in consciousness levels, you will through your own powers of creation and having the advantage of advanced technologies, quickly move into the New Age. Ascension as such is not unique, and it is a natural conclusion to the movement upwards from one level to another. It is why every soul that chooses to remain in the present dimension, will have yet another opportunity to ascend when the next cycle ends. We must add however that each soul can of its own endeavors, ascend at any time providing it reaches the necessary level of consciousness.

Dear Ones, you have not come this far to be let down, and the promises made to you will be fulfilled. You are to experience abundance and know what it is like become as One and live in peace and happiness, before you ascend. It will be a large step up from where you are now and take place very quickly. Indeed once the dark Ones and their interference are out of the way, it will be a most exciting time in your lives. Truth shall abound and life will take on a new hue of the rosy red of love that will permeate everything around you. Even those remaining that are of the lower vibrations will feel the changes, and any aggressive tendencies will be calmed. No one can remain in such times without feeling the affect, and it will help those who are late awakening.

The world will remain in a turmoil for quite a while where financial problems are concerned, and the Euro problems are far from settled. You may find that the outcome will have a big bearing on what happens in other parts of the world. Some currencies will die, and others victims of the move for Gold backed currency that will return. There will be warnings of the outcome, and mixed advice by those who have a vested interest in it. Clearly they cannot all be right, but be assured our allies are involved and the correct decisions will be made.

This message will be our last one until a week today, so we wish you every happiness according to how you celebrate this period, when many are taking a break for Christmas. You may ask do we celebrate special occasions, and our answer is yes, but usually for Cosmic events that we can participate in and give of our energy. We naturally have great love and reverence for the Creator, and never forget that our life force is one and the same. You could say that our lives are one continual meditation in honor of the Creator. You too will undoubtedly eventually acknowledge the Creator as the Source of All That Is. Such a realization is going to bring all souls much closer together, and gone will be the attempts to elevate one God over another. Understand that each Universe has its own God within whom you have your being, so the quarrels you have about whose God is supreme are irrelevant and totally unnecessary. Let us also make it clear once again, that God is all Love, and it is only lesser gods that promote war and indulge in punishment.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust you can understand that it is necessary for everyone to be prepared to carefully look at any firmly held beliefs, in case they are challenged by the truth that shall soon be given to you. We who come from the Galactic Federation together with the Masters, have no intention to mislead you but desire to lift you up to our level where only Love and Truth exists, and that is your real home.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.


Thursday, December 22, 2011


Message from the Galactic Federation 12/21/11

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Your new world will be greatly assisted and partially governed by the higher Spiritual Realms. This must be to never allow what has occurred here to happen again. Until such time that the people of Earth clearly demonstrate their honorable and peaceful intent and that all the natural abundance of the planet will always be shared equally, we will oversee such procedures. Think not of our assistance as management or rule, as we have no desire to dictate to others. Instead, try to look at our guidance as a nurturing mother seeing to it that her young are protected and cared for.

We wish to see you, our children, forever safe, happy, and well cared for. In time, you will once again govern yourselves completely, but always keep in mind, that what has occurred here will never be permitted to happen again. Many of you will take this as good news, and indeed you may, as your new world will resemble more a beautiful dream than what you have come to accept as your given reality, and we will never let anyone take what you have earned away from you ever again.

We are your family from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles


Monday, December 19, 2011


Message from the Galactic Federation 12/18/11

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We will show you from your viewpoint the things of your society that need cleansing. Just as there are issues within your physical bodies that need cleansing before ascension, so too does this apply to your outer world. This would be the microcosm to the macrocosm, or as ‘above so below’. We wish you to see where your society has gone so wrong, and what could have been done differently to prevent such a state of usurped power that has led to such blockages to the proper functioning of your civilization. Please take the time to study the grand scheme of things to familiarize yourself as to which individuals and what organizations steer your ship today and why this ship has now taken on so much water. As we have said, the forward progress of your ship must cease as this water is bailed out before you can safely proceed on your journey. Please be advised that certain events must transpire to allow the righting of your vessel. Do not become alarmed as there is no reason for fear. All must be done in the name of progress, and we will make every effort to see that all events, either natural or man-made, will result in the absolute minimum of human suffering. Please be aware that certain events must be permitted to occur to allow for the balancing of karma according to one’s incarnate blueprint. Every event you have experienced throughout your life has been agreed upon by you before your incarnation, and many of these events were in fact planned by you and your fellow brethren during pre-incarnation meetings. This is how all your incarnations into the physical are mapped out before you leave your homes in the spirit world.

We are keeping an eye on the cabal and all their last minute scheming, and we can tell you that they are quickly running short of options and are finally realizing that there is no alternative but complete surrender. There remain holdouts to this surrender, but we have ways to safely remove them when the moment is deemed appropriate. Fear not of any major disasters or offensives of the dark ones and their misled minions, as any attempts to cause chaos and catastrophe will not be permitted by we, the Galactic Federation and our many dedicated Earth allies of light. Plans are underway to back the cabal’s remaining forces into a corner from which they shall find no escape. Be prepared to receive us shortly thereafter, as a mass first contact is our following priority. We will have announcements made to explain our presence to your world population, and we thank all of you who have worked so hard to spread our messages and all of you who have given such great effort to shine your light throughout your world that we see as a welcome mat for your Family of Light.

There will be those who will continue to fear our arrival even after we have explained our mission openly through your media, but in time even the most stubborn of our detractors will have to concede that our intentions are nothing but purely honorable and that our assistance is greatly changing your world for the better. Deep inside, all of you see and understand how dire your current situation has grown and how major changes are needed quickly to preserve this beautiful planet of yours. This is our intention, and we will give our sincerest efforts to assist you in the task of returning your world to the utopia it once was. You will see this day, one of many blissfully wonderful days that await just ahead for each and every one of you.

Until then, keep your eyes to the skies as we continue to allow increased sightings of our light ships to acclimatize as many as we can to our presence. We will be with you again shortly. We love you, and wish you all a wonderfully love filled holiday season.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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Friday, December 16, 2011


Message from SaLuSa for 16 December 2011

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Faith can really move mountains if sufficient of you get together, and as you progress through the final year to Ascension, it will become more powerful and way beyond you present ability. Yes, Dear Ones you are in for quite a ride, but one that is very desirable and will fulfil your wishes to ascend. There will be a total mix of surprises, so be prepared to reconsider any long held beliefs. Some experiences will involve the Earth changes and depending upon where you reside, will determine how much you become involved. Most likely the known earthquake areas will be at the centre of such activities, but as you know the repercussions are usually felt some way from it. Whatever happens precautions will be taken to protect you, but it is your responsibility to look ahead and also be prepared.

At a conscious level there is a separation taking place as those of the Light are continually increasing their vibrations, while those held in the lower vibrations are often oblivious to the opportunity that is presenting itself. It would be true to say that if they are subconsciously trying to achieve a greater understanding of the purpose of life, they will be helped. There will certainly be many announcements that will make it clear as to what is taking place, and our involvement in it. Our intervention is needed, and will give the answers to your immediate problems that are to be solved. We are speeding up the final moves that our allies are taking, to present us with the ideal opportunity to press ahead with our plan to reveal the truth about us.

Use your coming celebrations to give yourself a deserved break from the everyday problems that occupy your minds. Think positive and live in the Light that you have created around yourself. Be of cheer and feel the joy that comes with the realisation that after what seems a long arduous experience, you are looking past the door that is opening to the year 2012. There you see scintillating Light that shows the path to completion in all its glory, and you will be riding on the crest of that wave. All is prepared and the Galactic Federation has taken up its positions, so as to carry out the final stage of what has been a remarkable mission so far. For us with our extended life cycle, we have followed your progress for thousands of years, and share your excitement at what is soon to be revealed to you. You are to get to know us in a true relationship as your Brothers and Sisters of Light. To that end we will commence showing ourselves to you, and meeting with those who have a main role to play with us in the near future.

The dark Ones continue to be a nuisance but their power is very much reduced, and without their many underground bases have little to fall back on. We shall continue to take out those that pose a threat to the Earth and its people. Before long they will have to admit to supporting a lost cause, as the structure and command has been severely impaired. Be assured we are well aware who is behind the attempts to cause us problems, and they will not delay our plan that will soon manifest into your lives. Now time is so short we will be looking to fully start our mission within the next month, as we are being urged to commence as soon as possible. Be assured that it will be underway once the bits and pieces are in place.

Nothing that you have experienced so far is going to measure up to the coming period. You are entering a new era where many of the labours of life will no longer be handled by Man. Those that can be carried out by automation will be given to robotic or computer programs. Only special needs will be carried out by Man, and even then they will be assisted by Automatons. Your place is to oversee the functions, ensuring that the goals are met within the time frame involved. The larger projects will be monitored from our ships, and some of you will come aboard for that purpose. Your time will eventually be taken up by creative work rather than the old ways of occupying yourself, and will be more productive. Working for the good of all people will become commonplace, as they realise the Oneness that brings them together is dependant of the sharing of Love and Light.

That feeling of desiring to come together will get stronger as time goes by, and there is already evidence of it as you act as one voice to overcome the denial of your rights. The impetus will continue to grow and there is no way anyone can stop it from achieving its aims. It is all part of the natural changes that result from the intense energies that encircle your Earth. None of you can avoid some reaction to them, and the Lightworkers will normally take them into their Being without any problems. However, those who have yet to awaken are becoming uncomfortable because of them, and confusion is likely to result.

Everything is about energy, because that it is ultimately what it is about, and it helps to understand what is happening now if you view it that way. The higher your vibrations the more you become a Being of energy, and lose that heavy feeling that exists with the lower vibrations. It also allows a greater freedom of movement through your creative powers of thought. You can for example change the appearance of your body at will, and appear to anyone exactly as you wish. It can be useful when you want to show yourself in such a way that you can be recognised. You have to bear in mind that you have been known in various guises through hundreds of lives. As we have recently mentioned, you will eventually have no need for form as you understand it for you will be a Being of Light.

The more you understand about existence in the higher realms, the more you will realise that your experience on Mother Gaia is far removed from whence you came. However, it has proved a most beneficial experience, and you knew that it would give you a most wonderful opportunity to advance your spiritual evolution, more quickly than you could otherwise have achieved. You have all faced the challenge of duality, and now so to say it is time to put your feet up and take a rest. Your experiences are now to be more in line with your expressed desires, and you choose what they are to be.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that we are so near to Disclosure, as it will allow so much information about us to be released. God Bless you All.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.


Thursday, December 15, 2011


Pleiadian Messages 12/14/11

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Now that many avenues and lanes of communication have opened, you have begun to awaken to your possibilities. All that has been promised you and a great deal more is available to you, and with just the right amount of encouragement we feel you will be motivated to go after all your heartfelt desires. Understand that all is choice and that there are many who choose at this time to delay their journey back to the higher realms. This is their decision and we honor the free will choice of each and every individual. All will reach the same destination at some point, and we respect their decision to remain in the lower dimensions to continue their schooling amongst the familiar. You are the ones who have chosen to begin a new and exciting adventure. You are the ones who are showing your desire to pursue expanded lanes of consciousness. The door is open for you. Step through it now confidently and know that there is nothing to fear. We cannot stress enough that today is the day to step away from your fears, your doubts, your reservations, your distrust, and don your new polished armor of courage. You have learned throughout your long journey through duality to distrust strangers, fear the unknown, and shelter yourself with the familiar. Your days existing within the limited confines of duality are over for you now if you so choose this. Is this not what you want? If it is, then step out of the old and into the new with bravery as the day is yours. You have earned all that you are to receive. Think not that you are accepting gifts from a stranger. Know in your hearts dear ones that through all your hardships you have earned all that the Creator now offers you. There are no free rides in this universe, and a free ride is not what you are about to receive. Trust that the universe is a safe and protected sphere for the Creator’s children to learn, grow, and to play. You have never been left alone. We of the higher realms have always been with you, guiding you, protecting you. We have often introduced new technologies to help you on your journey. We have many times introduced cures to help you fight disease and illness. We have many times protected you from extraterrestrials who have journeyed here for their own purposes. We would never let any harm come to you. Why would we now let you down in any way? You are our children, and it is time you’ve come home to the light. We are love. We exist within love, and we open our arms to accept you back among us. You all have been missed so greatly. Do you not feel it is the time for this reunion? The table has been prepared.

Much is transpiring below the surface and much goes unseen and unreported even by the few members of your media willing to speak the truth. We wish you could understand and see more of what is truly happening all around you and the time for that is drawing very near. Soon the veil of secrecy will be lifted and all will be revealed for even the most blinkered individual to awaken and take notice. Understand that all is choice, and honor others sacred right to proceed along the journey according to their own blueprint. Continue to shine your light to act as a beacon to all the newly awakening ones just as those rays of light shined brightly for you when you began to open your eyes to the newly breaking dawn.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the family of light for their efforts to bring to this world a new start, a new golden age utopia for all to enjoy and prosper. Remain patient. We understand much has been promised you and you have remained so very patient for so long, but we tell you all will commence very soon. You can find evidence of the changes even in mainstream media reports. These changes are just the visible tips of the icebergs and below the surface a great restructuring is occurring at the hands of many dedicated soldiers of light. You will soon see much evidence of this. Remain grounded and steadfast in your convictions, the end is in sight. Keep looking to the skies. We promised you increasing numbers of sightings of our ships and we are making good on our promise. We will continue this process to familiarize many to our presence. We are here in numbers so fast it may surprise even those of you who have followed our communications for quite some time. Continue to focus on all your dreams you ever wished to come true, for it is just this that you are materializing into your reality. You are today creating your new adventure just as a writer would create the characters and plot line for their new story. Focus on all the positives, the beauty, the joy, and the bliss that the universe has to offer you and your new novel will be everything you have ever wanted to experience, page after page, forever and ever. Keep writing. Keep dreaming.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Message from Matthew

1.This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. Each year this season in your world is especially emotional, when the fortunate could look forward to exchanging gifts, decorating homes, attending religious services, perhaps traveling to celebrate with family or awaiting visitors. For them, this season has offered enjoyment and merrymaking. For the less fortunate, those who were grieving or sick, lonely, hungry or homeless, feelings of sadness and despair were amplified.

2. This year even many of the fortunate are besieged by confusion and apprehensions about their country's unstable political and economic situations, and there are more sorrowing and desperate souls than in better times. As your year 2011 is approaching its end, we see many, many heavyhearted souls.

3. How we wish everyone could know that this time next year Earth will be on the threshold of her Golden Age—the tumultuous transitional stages of your world's transformation will be over and all darkness vanquished! Every heart would be uplifted in anticipation of this glorious world that you already have co-created in the continuum!

4. With respect to this unusually busy time when so much is competing for your attention, our message today is brief: succinct reminders of previously offered enlightenment. Please accept our gift as it is meant, to serve you well, with confidence, assurance and excitement as you embark upon the new year.

Light, the same energy as love, is the way to peace, harmony and balance within each individual and in your world.

You absorb light by being kind, honest, compassionate, forgiving and generous, and the light of a smile has immeasurable ripple effects.

Aids to maintaining or restoring balance include meditation, soothing music, walks in Nature and the company of animals.

You have the innate wisdom and spiritual strength to successfully manage whatever you encounter and to assist all who are receptive.

Every soul has as many opportunities as needed to embrace the light and evolve spiritually.

The energy of love will reunite you and those people and animals dear to you who have moved on.

Focusing on what you want in your life and your world is the key to manifesting it.

Everything you need to know is within. Ask, be silent, and heed your soul's guidance—conscience, intuition, instinct, inspiration, aspirations.

In every moment of your spiritual and physical journey you are assisted in myriad ways by light beings throughout this universe.

5. Our unconditional love and the infinite blessings of the universe are with you as you prepare to joyously greet Year 2012.



Suzanne Ward

[Note from Suzy: Holiday blessings to all!]



Message from SaLuSa for 14 December 2011

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The financial saga in Europe is far from finished , and its repercussions shall travel far and wide. We hold no particular desire as to the outcome, but we see the opportunity arising to put forward the final plan that shall release you from the old paradigm. It will manifest one way or another, as there is no going back to the old ways of managing your affairs. As if by magic the coming of the year 2012 will release more energies that shall lift you up more rapidly than any previous period. Even those amongst you that have given little thought to its significance, will sense that dynamic changes are taking place. Rumors will fly around, with both acceptance and denial causing some dissension, but eventually the truth will come to the fore. It cannot be suppressed indefinitely and will always remain regardless of attempts made to conceal it. The problem is that you have lived in your illusion for so long, that it is difficult to see the truth that must replace it.

It is imperative that you enter the coming period with few fixed ideas, but allow for changes that will clearly point out the direction that your civilization is going in. It is of course Ascension but its path will meander somewhat before it is clearly laid out before you. Allow it to unfold in its own good time, and we will be on hand to direct you in the right direction. Most of the Lightworkers have a good idea of what will happen, but not necessarily the finer details. We of the Galactic Federation are as you might say, on the edge of our seats as the pressure to go ahead is almost unbearable. However, we will say time and time again – that there is a right time for what we are here to do and all will proceed far better as a result. In one sense there is no urgency, given that regardless of what happens, you will reach Ascension as intended. On the other hand, we know that the sooner we can start, the quicker we will have your support.

So we ask you Dear Ones, to please concentrate on where you are going and let anything of the lower vibrations pass you by. You have been entering the higher vibrations for quite some time now, and they support you in your quest to rise up. Each souls journey can be somewhat different to another’s, but in principle you are all looking for a way forward that takes you out of your present predicament. Short of being too fearful to face change, there is no reason why you should not welcome upliftment out of your present experiences. We detect the tiredness and lack of motivation that holds some of you back, but the answers are coming very soon and will give you a lift out of the gloom. Have faith in what has been planned for your civilization to end this cycle of duality on a high note. You are going through the final days now, and if you change track to one that is full of promise for the future, you will be actively involved in the changes that will delight you, and bring peace into your life.

It is time to share your knowledge, as many questions will arise once the truth of our presence is announced. We can of course speak for ourselves, but at the grass roots level your assistance will help clear the way for the greater truths to be told. Bear in mind that not everyone has access to the Internet, and many are quite oblivious to what is coming. Your elderly people are mostly affected and also come from generations that usually have a totally different mindset, and need your help. Be gentle with them and give only as much as you feel they can comprehend, and make sure they realize that all will be well.

Let us emphasize that everything is going to plan, and the best is yet to come. At different stages leading up to this time your leaders have been given an outline of our role in the world changes. So the announcement of our presence will not be such a surprise as you might imagine. They will have had time to accept that our part in your lead up to Ascension is not negotiable, as we answer to much higher powers than those on Earth. In any event without us the end times would have been quite different. We are your assurance that nothing can alter the divine plan that we are carrying out at the Creator’s request. This is why we constantly implore you to keep your eyes on what you have been led to expect. The sequence of events is more or less established, but we have our own desires where they are concerned. Changes are easily accommodated, as we have each aspect clearly defined and planned in great detail.

Even as we prepare for our mission to start the various projects in earnest, we note the deterioration of the worlds population as hunger grows unabated. Can your leaders really accept it is right that the problem can go unattended for so long, as the numbers grow to unmanageable proportions. We realize that without intervention, the deaths from malnutrition will reach record levels. That is not to mention the consequent sickness which also goes largely untreated. Dear Ones, the problems are already beyond your capacity or willingness to solve them, which the dark Ones ignore because of their desire to reduce the population of Earth. We are ready to deal with them, and we have ways of providing nutrition that will quickly overcome the hunger.

We want you to see what can be done with the natural resources of your world, of which there are sufficient to feed the whole population if handled in the correct way. Naturally we will introduce advanced technologies to make the best of what you have. These will be passed onto you, but the need for them will be short lived as once you ascend an even newer concept for food production will be introduced. On board our ships it already exists, and our Mother Ships are self contained farms if you wish to use that description. Naturally because of the higher vibrations of our bodies, our needs for solid food is very limited but we can enjoy the fruits similar to yours. In fact, we also cater for the needs of different Beings to ourselves who serve with us. The ultimate provision is from a Replicator that will provide anything that you may desire, which is useful for Earth Humans on the occasions that they stay with us for a while.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and look forward to this time of the year, when many of you have kind thoughts for those less well off than your selves. If shows the deep love within that stirs at such times, and shows you true selves.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.



Galactic Federation Update for 13 December 2011 by Sheldan Nidle

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5 Manik, 0 Mol, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return on this eve of your numerous global holidays! Your reality continues its upward path into the 5th dimension. This progress can be charted by the ever-rising base resonance of Mother Earth. Gaia is going through a series of swift birth pangs which parallel a similar change happening throughout our galaxy. The galactic core is rapidly increasing the amount of zero-point energy that she is flinging out to every farthest corner, and the amount of Light is reaching a point where many 3-D realms are being compelled to change into 5-D ones. This sacred scenario is another cosmic sign that the dark ones on your world do not have much time left to enjoy their dominion, and it is imperative that they accede to the realities of the situation according to their highest freewill choice. As you know, your solar system is preparing for the switch to a monopolar state, which explains the Sun’s rather peculiar behavior and the much-heightened activity on the planets in your solar system. We have observed these dramatic changes in detail and know just how little time is left until the birth of your new reality!

The nature of the situation you find yourselves in demands that your ‘current events’ must get sorted out at a much quicker pace, which means that we need to take a firmer role in your affairs. Up till now we have looked upon this as something that your various Light groups were truly capable of handling. We listened closely as our Earth allies described the series of stages needed before disclosure was formally announced. However, we now firmly state that these stages need to be fused into a shorter timeframe and those actions securing each state must be more rapidly done. To this end we have reworked these stages and presented a more succinct alternative to our Earth allies. We expect the result of these meetings to condense the timeframe originally given to us and to bring forward the disclosure broadcast. For our part we have increased the number of liaison teams in order to achieve these swifter goals and have put the dark cabal on notice that the time for its dismissal has arrived.

The dark cabal has used every means it can think of to delay what is truly unstoppable. Over the last decade, our personnel have come to know much about these immoral scalawags as we watched them cook up endless schemes to keep our Earth allies from their goals. We understand what Heaven has been doing over the past five years and we now intend to bring this stage of your swiftly declining world to an end. Heaven desires that the monies and the various projects associated with them now go into effect. New governance is required to do this and the series of steps needed to accomplish this have been clearly known to all concerned. We call in earnest for our Earth allies to finish the job. The present power structure is in reality a den of thieves held up by a house of cards, and this house is now so fractured that only force of habit maintains it. All it needs is a deft push to bring it whooshing to the floor, and this we intend to do if your “white knights” cannot quickly do so.

In our opinion, first contact has been delayed for at least a decade. It is therefore our plan to set in motion the means to begin those steps we alluded to above. Over the past month, Heaven began a series of special blessings to ensure that our sacred mission be carried out as first planned. Your body guardians are moving you to a point where the dark can no longer prevent your return to full consciousness, and these transformations have ignited a great longing in you to be free from the shackles of limited consciousness. You yearn to become a fully integrated and wise Being, and remaining in your present state of ignorance and restriction is no longer an option for you. This can be clearly seen in the way you are reacting to the various forms of repression being used by many of your governments to squash your desire for freedom. These moves are wholly counterproductive! We intend to arrive on the scene in the very near future and put an end to their futile imbecility!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We bless you, dear Hearts! We come with a message of hope and truth! Currently, we are involved with the Agarthans and our secret sacred societies in completing those projects that secure your deliveries. Further, we are watching the final legal barriers divest the US Corporation of any remaining claims to the American Government. Thus the way is being cleared for the forces representing the true “De Jure” governance to take back what was so callously stolen over 150 years ago. The dark cabal has lost its command of the American nation and occupies the seat of power only for as long as it takes to finish these final legal issues. Once done, we expect the agendas agreed to by the divine coalition to be commenced. Our purpose is to oversee these vital activities and assure ourselves that the deliveries, promised to you for so long, roll out as planned.

Meanwhile, our family in space has put into place the essential maneuvers that will allow those actions described above to occur. The goal of all these activities is to give you your freedom and your rights as sovereign citizens of this wonderful blue-green orb. In addition we are doing many things to keep you on your sacred path to full consciousness. We cannot overemphasize the importance of your return to your natural state. In this state of Beingness, you are truly amazing and powerful guardians of the Light. You become one with us and reunite with your Inner Earth family to create a truly vital addition to the Galactic Federation of Light. Much is to happen in our immediate future as this galaxy completes its long transition back to the Light. Many events are required and our mission is to assure Heaven that all this unfolds as the divine plan so directs!

Our present task is to prepare each one of you for your consciousness transformation and begin an education project concerning who you really are, spiritually and emotionally. The dark has relied on your constant frustrations and fears to control you and we need to show you how to change these patterns and in so doing, pave the way for your new reality. We are determined to guide you step by step into new realizations about yourselves and your capabilities. When you maintain an unbroken positive attitude and use this to visualize a goal in great detail, miracles happen; when you do this as a group, change occurs. It is hard for the uninitiated to understand how this works, and it takes time and a committed willingness to succeed. Nonetheless, your potential is in fact unlimited! The next step is to test these truths and show yourselves how powerful you truly are!

Today, we went over some of the events that are changing your reality. We reviewed what has been done, and what still remains to be accomplished. Your Ascended Masters and their allies are extremely close to some breakthroughs which will signal that your victory is ready to happen! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Monday, December 12, 2011


Message from SaLuSa for 12 December 2011

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The waiting has been long and a measure of your faith and ability to focus on all that is of the Light, because there have been many distractions including those sources that have set out to confuse people. However, you have become much wiser and able to discern what is truly of the Light. There are in any event different interpretations of events that are lined up to carry you forward to Ascension. The important thing is that you see whatever happens the ultimate goal is Ascension, and how you get there is not an issue that should lead to dissension amongst you. It is certainly in your interest to make allowances for the differences, as at any time the plans and timing can be adjusted. This you know only too well, but understand that changes are sometimes necessary to fine tune our activities. As the dark Ones are being forced to retreat, they leave a trail of failed attempts to cause disarray. We are determined to block all such attempts, and now have the divine authorization to use more forceful means to do so. Nevertheless, we do take care so as not to involve innocent people.

As you might imagine, after you have entered the year 2012 there will be much speculation and sometimes adverse comment about what it will bring. The Mayan prophesies will be used according to the beliefs of the person involved, and as you know many will interpret the end time as the end of the world. The last thing we want to see is that idea energized so that it establishes a fear factor amongst you. It may suit some because they already believe in the end as a punishment from God for the evil upon the Earth. However, we want to emphasize that there will not be mass destruction and loss of life on a great scale. That is not the plan, and since God is All Love it is clear that God would never withdraw that Divine Love in any circumstances. You are all Godsparks and whatever happens you will always remain immortal.

With the end times will come a “sorting out” as souls are directed to a path that is going to allow them to continue evolving, at the vibrational level that they are already on. There would be no purpose or gain, if souls were placed in a dimension where they were not compatible to it according to their level of consciousness. So do not worry about other souls, and bear in mind that all will eventually find the path that will not compromise their freewill. You knew before you incarnated what the outcome would be and that is what you have been working towards, so no one will be disappointed. We realize that many would like to continue earthly bonds and relationships and although the love link will remain, allowances must be made that gives each soul total freedom of choice. Humans put far too much emphasis upon the marriage vows, that are interpreted in a way that some desire to own or posses another Being.

People are brought together so that their relationships give rise to the experiences that will benefit them all, and from one lifetime to another they will of necessity change. So Dear Ones, try to be grateful to all souls who have travelled with you through duality, and know that you have all learnt from your experiences. Also bear in mind that to some degree you will all have played a part as a dark One. All told none will find that they have been holier than another, which is why you could be said to be on dangerous ground when you judge another soul. Ultimately, all souls will find their Light and Love and that there is no karmic liability left over from earlier lives. At some stage even the memories will be erased, when they no longer serve any useful purpose. Remember that you wanted to experience duality, and pit yourself against the lower vibrations that it was foreseen you would drop into. Having completed your time, there is no further need to dwell upon those experiences, because you will have proved your ability to overcome them.

You real home is in the higher dimensions living in complete harmony, and leading a joyful and fulfilling life. The illusion of lower dimensions is your creation, and having served its purpose will disappear by being re-absorbed in the unmanifest once again. Ascension is a process of Universal proportions, and it will occur as a single event. Without the Earth’s ascension the process would not be complete, and it tells you how important your civilization is at his time. Do you now see why you are being given so much help, and why you were chosen to be on Earth at this time. You are the Chosen Ones who it was known would achieve success, and as much as it is difficult to accept – the dark Ones are also part of it.

In your reality you have been living the illusion yet the experiences have been perfectively real, and when the curtain comes down and it ends, you will all acknowledge each others part in it and move on. So Disclosure remains an essential part of the means to bring us all together, and express the illusion in a way that you can understand. It will allow you to see how vulnerable you have been to the lower energies. How the dark Ones have stolen your freedom from under your noses, and how they achieved it. These revelations will be necessary to release you from those energies for once and for all time.

Already many of you are living your lives on a higher vibration, and you can safely walk through the minefield of duality unscathed. You have broken the attachments that you have collected through many lives, that no longer serve any purpose for you. Willpower is of course required to step up into a new vibration as we have often informed you, and once that intent is expressed you will get plenty of help. Part of our mission is to ensure that as many souls as possible lift up through Ascension. Revealing the truth about your experiences is part of the cure for your loss of memory about your true self. Be humble and accept that as intelligent that you may be, you have been fooled just like everyone else. The dark Ones have been clever and extremely devious, and patiently worked at taking over you and your world. However, they reckoned without our influence and that of the Masters who have visited Earth, and planted those seeds of Light that have opened your eyes.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and a part of the Galactic Federation mission is almost complete, but our service to you is never ending. We love you, and have such admiration for the way in which you have arisen again.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.


Monday, December 05, 2011


Message from SaLuSa for 5 December 2011

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Our allies continue to make progress in their efforts to bring an end to the activities of the dark Ones. Resistance is pushed aside as we are the ones in ascendancy, and some major coups could well open Pandora’s box and reveal those who have been behind the plan for world control. We are certainly closing in on those responsible, and for once money will not buy them a way out of it. So much has been revealed about the goings on that have taken away your rights, and bribery has played a big part in achieving it. Honest politics disappeared a long time ago, but that does not mean that there are not any honest politicians. Unfortunately their voices are often stifled and regularly ignored, but their day is coming very soon and be assured that we know each one by name.

Each day now offers the possibility of exciting news, and Disclosure is being energised by your focus upon it. It means that it will soon burst upon the scene, as it cannot be held back much longer. It will once and for all prove our existence, and remove suggestions that we have ulterior motives where you and your Earth are concerned. Once our true motives have been confirmed, we hope to have satisfied those who had doubts that we come in peace. You do need us, and in any event it is decreed that we come together in the Brotherhood of Light. Your future is going to take you into the realms of the Cosmos, that is your true abode and where you will once more achieve your true status. So as you can see, there is a lot to do and Ascension will be the first big step that will lift you up. It will be a great leap forward in your levels of consciousness.

Everyone will at some stage be offered the same opportunity to rise up, but it comes with conditions as you have to apply yourself to lifting up your vibrations. You cannot just walk straight into Ascension, unless you are compatible to the new levels. We have already told you that initially all you need is a firm intent to ascend, but you have to change your life to one that mirrors the new vibrations. It means gradually leaving behind those attachments that will no longer serve you. Ones that are perhaps habitual such as taking drugs, or indulging in practises that are of a low vibration. If you choose to pass over the chance to ascend, that is your choice and you will be directed onto a path that allows you to continue in your present way.

Some followers of religion expect the wrath of God to descend upon Earth, but we wish to make it clear that your true God Is All Love. That scenario is biblical in origin and comes from false teachings, or old predictions that are no longer relevant. Naturally there will be physical changes, as that is the nature of Mother Earth who is responsible for carrying them out. However, they are not intended to destroy the Earth but part of the necessary cleansing to prepare it for Ascension. In fact the more Light that is brought to Earth the easier it will be, and furthermore people warned where they are in danger. Some will heed them, but others will stay according to their intuitive feelings.

Dear Ones, you have come far to arrive at this pivotal point in your lives, so please take note of what is happening around you. Some information will be deliberately circulated to cause fear, and you should know by now that it is the very energy that feeds the dark Ones. Without lifting a finger you can help to keep them down, by denying them the energy they live off. Keep your Light shining bright all of the time, and never let your focus move from your goal. The year 2012 will see a speeding up of the level of Light being sent to Earth, that means you will rapidly leave the old vibrations behind. When you shed them you will notice a much lighter feeling takes over, and a beautiful peace descends upon you. If that is already you, we say well done and that you are doing everything possible to prepare yourself for Ascension.

We of the Galactic Federation continue to draw closer to you, and we have established direct contact on Earth with numerous Beings of Light who are to play a major role in Disclosure. If necessary, we can learn all there is to know about any individual, so you may be sure that whosoever speaks on our behalf is genuine. Where anyone else tries to intrude with disinformation, you will feel the difference because of the energies their words carry. Be discerning and remember that the dark Ones are easy to spot, and out to create fear laden messages. Understand that until this cycle is drawn to an end, the dark Ones still have freewill choice to do as they wish. Our hope is that they will soon see that the Light is about to take charge of the Earth, and they have nothing to gain by trying to create more confusion or chaos.

For many the time of goodwill approaches, and people look to the New Year to discuss their aspirations and what they wish to bring into their lives. Lightworkers who express their confidence that the future is going to bring peace to Earth, will immensely help still the fears that may otherwise arise considering the instability that is around you. An encouraging word here and there, can help lift the gloom and pessimism that many people feel right now. Your Light is a radiance that reaches far, and wherever you are will bring about a feeling of calmness. When numbers of you get together for the purpose of sending out your Light, its power is increased tenfold and you will be doing a great service for Humanity. Believe us, you are far more powerful than you give yourselves credit for.

We know that conditions are very difficult for many people, but please do not let them get you down as there is not far to go before it will all change. In fact, you will end up far better off than any previous period in your lives. You will be given peace on Earth, and your worries and problems eased until they no longer exist. In a matter of months you will see astonishing changes take place, and we are your guarantee that all we have promised will come to fruition. When we talk of “we” that includes all of the Beings that work with us from the highest realms of Light. The end times have been divinely planned, and there are no mistakes where the Creator is concerned.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bid you well and all that your dreams are made of and the love you seek.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.


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