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How to Cure Effects of Radiation Exposure?

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More Dangerous to Your Health Than a Nuclear Meltdown?




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Is This More Dangerous to
Your Health Than Radiation from
a Nuclear Meltdown?

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FDA Warning: Acid Reflux Drugs Increase Risk of Bone Fractures - Here's a Natural Alternative Remedy You Can Use Instead
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The Surprising Cause of Food Allergies ... Food Sensitivities ... and Other Digestive Problems

Did You Know...

... that there are effective methods for protecting your health against potential exposure to radiation? And no, it's not by loading up on potassium iodide!

Government officials claim radiation from Japanese reactors won't reach our shores because Japan is 5,000 miles away. But that doesn't mean radiation from the nuclear disaster there poses no threat to U.S. citizens, especially those living on the West Coast. According to the New York Times, half the mercury in the atmosphere over the U.S. originates in China -- just as far away as Japan!

Since the 1950s, it's become increasingly clear that there is no safe level of exposure to radiation. Yet we are all constantly exposed to low-level radiation in our everyday lives, especially in urban areas where there are multiple cell towers, wi-fi, wireless routers, cordless telephones, cell phones, radio towers and a myriad of other technologies bombarding our bodies with
electromagnetic pollution and radio frequencies that are hazardous to our health.

Dr. Mercola, the New York Times best-selling author and health activist, says, "Even diagnostic scans have been attributed to causing tens of thousands of unnecessary cancers each and every year, so the fear of heavy fallout is understandable." He recommends watching the situation in Japan closely as it unfolds, but cautions that "strategies against radioactive fallout have their own health risks and should not be used willy-nilly."

The most popular and potentially dangerous of these strategies is to take potassium iodide (KI). Many stores in Japan have already sold out of their KI supplies. But unless you live near active radiation fallout, the dangers of taking KI almost certainly outweigh the benefits.

Dr. Leonard Wartofsky, spokesman for the Endocrine Society and an expert on thyroids, says that it is "inappropriate, foolhardy and dangerous to be taking iodide supplements at this time. It's very important to hold off until it's absolutely necessary." That's because taking KI for an extended amount of time can damage your thyroid and even induce hypothyroidism.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns that taking a higher dose of KI, or taking KI more often than recommended, does not offer more protection and can cause severe illness or death. Other very common effects of KI are ...

==> Allergic reactions (possibly severe)
==> Intestinal upset
==> Rashes
==> Inflammation of the salivary glands

And KI does nothing to help your body detoxify radiation exposure or repair DNA, it only decreases exposure to radioactive iodine.

So What Can You Do to Combat the Effects of
Exposure to Radiation?

One of the most effective ways is to consume foods that supply your body with the co-factors and enzymes that directly repair DNA. Nuclear radiation quickly damages DNA cells -- which then mutate. With enough mutation, fatal diseases develop. DNA damage occurs even without exposure to nuclear fallout, so it's important to make sure you are facilitating the repair of your DNA -- something KI cannot do.

Two excellent options that can detoxify the body and facilitate DNA repair are marine phytoplankton and brown seaweed extract.

Marine phytoplankton is a simple microscopic algae -- which is known to have the strongest and broadest effect on DNA repair. You may never have heard about it, but certain microalgaes like chlorella were used with notable success after the Chernobyl disaster to detoxify victims' bodies of radioactive heavy metals. Unicellular microfoods like marine phytoplankton also help fight radiation by ...

  • Supporting the body as it repairs radiation damage to DNA
  • Nourishing the brain, heart, and every cell in the body so
    they can function optimally
  • Nannochloropsis Gaditana Of the microalgaes, says Ian Clark, founder of Ocean's Alive, "marine phytoplankton are the optimal choice" for combating nuclear DNA damage because it is ...

    ==> Contains the full spectrum of amino acids
    ==> Is most bioavailable
    ==> Has smallest cell size

    One amazing strain of marine phytoplankton in particular named Nannochloropsis Gaditana contains the highest nutritional values for human consumption. It is extremely tiny, 9 times smaller than a red blood cell -- yet, there is so much life energy stored in this single cell.

    Brown SeaweedBrown seaweed extract is another wonderful weapon against the effects of radioactive fallout. After the Chernobyl meltdown, a super concentrated brown seaweed extract called Modifilan was readily deployed to detoxify thousands of victims.

    Modifilan was also given to more than 2,000 reserve-drafted men between the ages of 25 to 45 who were assigned the task of re-excavating Chernobyl and changing the sewage system out. The men took 2 tablespoons of Modifilan on a daily basis for about 2 months under doctors' supervision.

    The results of the study exceeded all expectations! Not only did Modifilan remove heavy metals from these men's bodies -- it also rehabilitated thyroid gland function and increased energy levels in those who consumed it. Men with pre-existing health conditions -- especially those over the age of 40 -- reported many other powerful and unexpected healing experiences.

    The bottom line?

    Low-level radiation affects us all. That reality gets lost in the hubbub and panic over high-level radiation threats during tragedies like the meltdown in Japan. But some knee-jerk reactions -- like excessive and unnecessary usage of potassium iodide -- are actually harmful. Better methods, such as taking marine phytoplankton and brown seaweed extract, will not only help to protect you from radioactive materials, but will also improve your overall health.

    The company that manufactures Modifilan distributes its brown seaweed extract through a network of medical doctors (MDs), naturopathic doctors (NDs), dieticians, chiropractors, kinesiologists and online distributors such as Poseidon's Harvest. The most bioavailable strain of marine phytoplankton, on the other hand, is available from Ocean's Alive.

    = = = = = = = = = = =

    Featured Topic:

    FDA Warning: Acid Reflux Drugs Increase Risk
    of Bone Fractures
    Here's a natural alternative remedy you can use instead.

    Can heartburn drugs really cause bone fractures? Yes, they can. This week, U.S. health regulators warned doctors and patients about serious new risks of these common drugs.

    Fractured Wrist"There is a possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine if you take certain drugs for heartburn, acid reflux, or ulcers," the FDA warned consumers.

    U.S. and Canadian researchers linked the use of these popular medications -- called PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) -- to fracture risk in middle-aged adults. Another U.S. study says the drugs may also increase risk of infection with C. difficile, a bacterium that can cause severe diarrhea.

    The FDA reviewed 7 published studies on the drugs, 6 of which showed an increase risk of bone fractures -- and the agency will now require prescription and over-the-counter labels for these drugs to include new warnings.

    What the FDA is not telling the public is that safe, easy, all-natural remedies are already available to those who suffer from acid reflux. These are affordable, everyday remedies based on simple items that most of us have in our pantries right now.

    Unlike PPI drugs, natural remedies for acid reflux do not have unacceptable health risks, such as:

  • Bone fracture
  • C. difficile
  • Excess production of the hormone gastrin (the substance
    that tells your stomach to make more acid!)
  • Toxin build-up
  • Excessive mineral imbalance that can lead to
    hypertension or even Alzheimer's disease
  • These are just some of the many serious reasons why the millions of Americans who suffer from heartburn and acid reflux need the research-backed information about safe and natural treatments, instead of prescription drugs or over-the-counter antacids!

    Natural remedies actually address the problem instead of masking it. Acid reflux starts with a muscle at the top of your stomach, called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Normally the LES opens and closes allowing food to enter the stomach, and prevents acid in your stomach from backing up into your esophagus. With acid reflux disease, the LES opens at inappropriate times, allowing acid from the stomach to leak into the esophagus where it doesn't belong.

    Left untreated, acid reflux can cause complications -- some serious enough to lead to hospitalization or surgery, or, in rare causes, even death.

    Yet, acid reflux may not cause the symptoms you'd expect -- for example, when acid passes quickly through the esophagus and pools in the throat and voice box, it causes prolonged irritation leading to hoarseness, excessive mucus, chronic throat irritation and throat clearing, and constant coughing. As a result, many of the millions of Americans who suffer from acid reflux disease may not know it -- even when their symptoms are classic heartburn.

    Too many people mistakenly dismiss their condition and say, "It's just heartburn," regarding it a painful nuisance but nothing to seriously worry about. That could not be further from the truth. The fact is, if you suffer from heartburn twice a week or more, you probably have acid reflux disease that needs treatment to avoid serious complications.

    Acid Reflux Complications

  • Regurgitation (especially dangerous at night)
  • Aspiration (acid enters the trachea, causing coughing or
    wheezing and worsening chronic lung disease and asthma
    -- 70% of asthmatics have acid reflux)
  • Chronic Cough
  • Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (when acid damages the voice box)
  • Esophagitis (inflammation of the lining of the esophagus)
  • Barrett's Esophagus (abnormal developments of the
    esophageal lining that predispose the sufferer to esophageal
  • Esophageal Strictures or Rings (narrowing of the esophagus)
  • Loss of Tooth Enamel
  • Cancer
  • These risks can be avoided with simple but potent natural treatments -- researched treatments that work at least 70% of the time. These surprising solutions for acid reflux and the precise way to use them are detailed in a comprehensive, step-by-step kit backed by holistic physicians.

    Dr. Scott Sanders, a holistic doctor with more than 10 years of research in the field of nutritional and alternative medicine, says: "There is no hype or pushing a specific type of therapy, just well-researched alternative treatments and some anecdotes. People are different so there are a variety of ways to heal illnesses. This kit takes this into account, giving you many options and providing the information you need to heal yourself and be independent of drugs and 'experts.'" -- Scott Sanders, M.D.

    Remember, you have it in your power to treat your acid reflux and feel better right now, using simple items you may already have in your kitchen, but only if you know exactly how to use them. Find out how thousands of acid reflux sufferers have thrown away their Tums, Rolaids, Pepcid, Zantac, and Prilosec -- and freed themselves of acid reflux symptoms safely and naturally without side effects or risks. Click here to discover a doctor-approved acid reflux cure, which takes only 2 minutes to self-administer at home ... provides lifelong relief ... and uses just 3 common items from your local grocery store.

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    website address onto your Internet browser

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    Has your doctor told you to stay away from dairy? Do you know why? If he says it's because you're lactose intolerant then you're only getting HALF the story!

    Is your nutritionist telling you not to eat wheat? Did she say why? If it's because you are allergic or sensitive to wheat products and glutens then you're not getting the WHOLE truth. Do you find it downright difficult to eat certain foods -- like grains, tomatoes, peanuts, soy or meats -- without unleashing embarrassing gas, bloating, or the runs?

    Dr. Michael Cutler Have you figured out why?

    If you think it's because you've got a sensitive stomach ... or you're getting older ... or foods just "don't agree" with you any more ... then you're in for a BOMBSHELL of a surprise, my friend.

    My name is Dr. Michael Cutler -- Medical advisor for True HealthTM -- the premier advisory for natural wellness. What I'm about to reveal to you is a new medical breakthrough that is going to change the way you think about foods FOREVER! Click here for your free report.

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    Thursday, March 24, 2011


    Footware for Health

    Shoes and Sandals for Healthy Feet

    Last summer, I mentioned that we purchased Keen Newport Sandals for our boys to give their growing bodies optimal support from the ground up.

    I've since received dozens of notes from readers who have found Keen's H2 model to be helpful for a wide variety of physical problems surrounding the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even the lower back region.

    The positive praise for Keen sandals doesn't surprise me, as I've long observed chronic knee, hip, and ankle problems improve considerably after making sure that all of the joints in the feet and ankles are moving properly.

    If you have chronic pain and/or stiffness in your lower extremities, you are likely to benefit from visiting a health care provider who has experience mobilizing the many joints - 33 of them, to be exact - in each of your feet that need to glide properly to allow the rest of your body to function normally.

    Having tight muscles or a stiff joint within the middle part of one of your feet can cause problems all the way up to your head and neck. I've actually witnessed chronic tension headaches disappear within a few sessions of mobilizing the feet and ankles. This is why health practitioners who specialize in manual therapies think of the body as being a kinetic chain - each major joint sits next to other major joints, and like a series of gears, all joints need to work properly to allow the whole chain to function.

    Since the mention of Keen sandals was well received, I'd like to share a few thoughts on other types of footwear that I can wholeheartedly recommend to provide optimal support to the feet and body.

    But first, in case you're new to our community, please note that the two types of footwear that I don't recommend are high heels and flip flops.

    The problems associated with wearing high heels are obvious. Wearing high heels significantly increases your risk of experiencing a bad ankle sprain.

    High heels and other forms of footwear that have small toe boxes tend to crowd your toes, which can increase your risk of developing painful bunions and other toe deformities.

    Wearing high heels can also contribute to lower back pain and upper back stiffness, as standing on the balls of your feet for long stretches forces your lower back to arch backward and your upper back to arch forward - not enough to be perceptible to most observers, but enough to cause real problems over the long term.

    Flip flops generally make for poor footwear because they force your toes to chronically grip down onto the flip flops to keep your feet stable during gait. Though not so noticeable to most people, this constant flexing action by the toes can lead to a number of problems, most commonly plantar fascitis (pain in the arches of the feet), pain along the inner aspect of the knees, and even hip pain deep within the ball-and-socket joint.

    So now that we're clear on the problems with wearing high heels and flip flops over the long haul, let's take a look at some of the most supportive shoes and sandals that you can bless your body with:

    Keen Newport Sandals

    We've already mentioned these super comfortable and supportive sandals. Here are some links to them at Amazon:

    Keen Newport H2 Full Sandals for Women

    Keen Newport H2 Full Sandals for Men

    Keen Newport Sandals for Kids

    Please note that a number of reviews of these sandals recommend ordering up half a size, so please consider this before purchasing Keen Sandals. Also, whenever you purchase footwear from a reputable company, so long as you don't wear new items outdoors, you can almost always receive a refund should you find that they aren't well suited for your feet and gait.

    Birkenstock Milano Soft Footbed Sandal with Heel Strap

    If you opt for a pair of world famous Birkenstocks, try to get one with heel straps. An adjustable heel strap is what allows feet to remain stable while walking in sandals, which addresses the constant toe-flexing problem that occurs with flip flops.

    The Birkenstock sandals that I like best can be found here:

    Birkenstock Milano Sandals with Heel Straps

    New Balance Running Shoes

    Though I prefer tennis to running and know a lot more about tennis shoes than running or training shoes, I've had a number of clients swear by New Balance.

    From what I've read and heard, the latest models by New Balance provide an excellent combination of stability and support. One longtime client threw away her custom-made orthotics after going with the following pair of New Balance shoes:

    New Balance Women's WR1224 Running Shoe

    Here's the equivalent for men:

    New Balance Men's MR1224 Running Shoe

    Though these shoes are designed to support serious runners, I think they're an excellent choice for long walks and just going about your everyday activities.

    One point that I especially like about New Balance: they don't pay big bucks for celebrity endorsements. They choose to let their technology sell itself. As the Yiddish proverb goes, "good merchandise sells itself." Or as New Balance puts it: Endorsed by No One.

    Addidas Barricade

    And because I'm a true tennis nut, I can't end this post without a recommendation for a great tennis shoe. But top notch tennis shoes are actually some of the best shoes you can wear for any activities that involve a lot of cutting from side to side.

    Wilson typically has a number of entry level tennis shoes that are really comfortable and of great value, but over the long run, you really get what you pay for with Addidas tennis shoes.

    For women:

    Adidas Women's Barricade V Tennis Shoe

    For men:

    Adidas Men's Barricade V Tennis Shoe

    But please note that Adidas barricade shoes are meant to be super durable, so they're somewhat rigid and require a good work-in period to feel comfortable. I've also found Adidas barricade shoes to be best suited for narrow to medium width feet.

    Head Speed Pro Tennis ShoesHead Speed Pro Tennis ShoesIf you prefer more flexibility and cushioning in your shoes, I wholeheartedly recommend Head Speed Pro Tennis Shoes. No other tennis shoes that I've tried provide the same level of cushioning and support for medium to wide feet. Head Speed Pro Tennis Shoes are also quite durable and provide excellent ventilation.

    For women:

    Head Speed Pro Tennis Shoes for Women

    For men:

    Head Speed Pro Tennis Shoes for Men


    Please remember: the shoes and sandals that you choose to wear on a daily basis have significant impact on the health of your joints over a lifetime. Consider that the average person walks around 5 miles per day, translating to 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day. Multiply this by decades, and it becomes obvious that it makes sense to invest in quality shoes that provide a good blend of support and stability.

    Please feel free to share this post with family and friends who may not know about the importance of choosing quality footwear for a healthy body.

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    Tuesday, March 01, 2011


    SaLuSa 28-February-2011

    At present the picture in the Middle East is not pretty, and many souls are so eager to bring peace to their region that they risk their lives. Be assured that they are subconsciously aware that they agreed to do so, and their sacrifice will elevate them into the higher Light. Fortunately it will not be in vain and the dark Ones will be dispelled in one way or another. It has been apparent for some time that unrest would escalate and bring about their downfall. Once people power is recognised as able to achieve changes of great magnitude, no government will feel safe. The Light gathers momentum all of the time, and it is going to achieve the goals that people desire. There is therefore every reason to keep relentlessly aiming for total victory, because it will be yours to celebrate.

    We are tempted to tell you to expect one thing at the time, but a number of events are reaching completion together. So it is quite possible that there will be a whole string of happenings in a relatively short time. Things are turning in your way and it will certainly be a year of surprises, and they will more than compensate for the unwelcome ones. Of course there are upheavals to come, and that is the price of your freedom. Concentrate on the benefits of the changes, and accept that they cannot come without a major affect upon your lives. We watch over you and are active where we can help to ease situations for you.

    Remember that your thoughts and prayers are received, and your consciousness levels collectively recorded. It enables us to check your progress and respond to your petitions for help. We cannot always give you exactly what you want, as there is a greater plan that we work to and obey. However, together we are a force to be reckoned with, and yet our only weapon is that of Love and Light. It is the one thing the dark Ones have no answer to although they will try to take you off your focus, through fear and intimidation. By now you should have learnt enough about their methods to ignore them, and not in any way lose your energy to them. They are not yet a spent force, but time is running out for them very quickly. As always we are aware of their intentions, so they cannot pull any surprises on us. They might as well surrender now and allow the future to be moulded by the plans for your Ascension, as nothing can prevent it from taking place.

    The Forces of Light have never gathered together on Earth in such numbers for millennia of time. This is of course in accordance with the Divine Plan, and as you know by now many young people are here with quite advanced understanding and abilities. They are spiritually prepared and wise in many ways, and they will lead you out of the lower vibrations. They do not find it easy to fit in with the old ways, and in fact they are with you to help change them. Listen carefully to them as they have much to say and teach you.

    Nature is a victim of the upheaval on Earth, and over a long period many species have become extinct. However, there is no total loss as we can transfer them to other planets to continue their evolution. Genetic modification can be carried out if necessary to suit the new planetary conditions they are introduced into. In some cases animals have completed their cycle on Earth, and are released such as happened with the Dinosaurs. Although it is not often noticed, species come and go quite regularly according to needs of the Earth and Humankind. It is also the same for you who were only introduced to Earth as Homo Sapiens quite recently, and that was to accommodate a different type of Man. These matters will be explained in more detail as time passes, and you will learn of your true connection to us. It is far more involved than you might imagine, going back thousands of years.

    As you move into and through the higher dimensions, you will appreciate the beauty of creation that has been your potential all along. In some respects you have had visions of what has been possible, and attempted to introduce into your present dimension. You have experimented and achieved some success and the soul within has “felt” the idea, but been unable to fully express it. Yet when you rise up it will all become so much easier, and your creations will be of the Light. Nothing will be beyond your capabilities, and all will depict the absolute harmony that exists within the higher dimensions. Furthermore, everything is alive with levels of consciousness that will give you the experience of talking with not just animals, but also any living creation such as for example plants. On Earth they have consciousness, and do respond to the energies around them. It is not unknown for people to talk to their plants, and find that as a result they become more beautiful and healthy.

    Life will become entirely different to what it is now, and one continuously happy and joyful event. The demands made upon you now will cease and there will be no place for drudgery or boredom. Everything is exciting and continually filling you with Light and Love. Most importantly you are always totally energised, and do not experience the tiredness and fatigue that is a normal part of your day-to-day life at present. Because you replenish your energy as you go along, there is no need for long sleep periods as necessary on Earth. You may rest and relax but your body is of a higher vibration, and does not need long regular re-energising. So Dear Ones, you have so much to look forward to, which makes any efforts you need to make in readiness for Ascension so worthwhile.

    Allow for great changes to come with Ascension, clearly not all at once but as a process of evolution that is always taking place. Duality is simply the result of being in the lower vibrations, where matter is so solid and dense that it can attract what you might call the impurities. These are in the form of disease that cannot exist in the higher vibrations. The lower they become the greater the possibility exists of more deadly diseases. Conditions are not helped of course by Man’s insistence on introducing chemicals into agriculture, and into the food chain. Your body is very resilient and adaptable, but will eventually become poisoned as a result.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope you understand what a wonderful opportunity to rise up is coming with Ascension.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

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