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Be Carefull with Sunscreens ! The Sun is your Friend !

Do Sunscreens Do More Harm Than Good?  Cause Cancer?  Make You Gain Weight?
sunscreen dangersA look at some of the harmful chemicals that absorb through your skin from sunscreens... and healthier alternatives
by Catherine Ebeling - RN, BSN
co-author:  The Fat Burning Kitchen & 
The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging

So we've been told over and over again that we should slather on the sunscreen when you go out in the sun to prevent skin cancer, right? Well, guess what? Think again! Many of the common chemicals in most commercial sunscreen lotions actually can CONTRIBUTE to cancer, stubborn abdominal fat (due to the xenoestrogens in sunscreen chemicals), and many other health problems.
Some of that sunscreen may be as damaging or more dangerous to your health than going without any sunscreen at all!
While there is still some risk in spending time in the summer sun without sunscreen, your sunscreen itself can possibly pose a bigger health risk. The chemicals in sunscreen are very harsh and are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.
First of all, if you haven't read Mike Geary's article about the benefits of small doses of daily sunshine, click here.  It's important to understand why small amounts of daily sunshine (WITHOUT burning) is important to your health, vitamin D production, hormone balance, and skin cancer prevention.
Now back to harsh chemical sunscreens... What kinds of chemical concoctions are you putting on your skin that are absorbing into your bloodstream? Numerous studies have raised serious concerns about these chemicals' safety:
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a new study showing that nearly all Americans are contaminated with oxybenzone, a widely-used sunscreen ingredient. This chemical so far has shown potential links to allergies, hormone disruption, and cell damage, as well as low birth weight in babies whose mothers are exposed during pregnancy.
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) also has a guide that helps you to determine how chemical-laden your current sunscreen is.
Although sunscreens are meant for external use only, the popular ‘spray on’ sunscreens end up being inhaled as well, and are particularly dangerous. While inhaled particles of any size can pose a health risk, tiny nanoparticles -- ultra-tiny particles used in many of these formulations -- can more easily penetrate linings and tissues in your body and cause inflammation and increase risk of cancer or other respiratory issues.
Ok, so what to do to help prevent sunburn and photo aging from the sun?
Remember from Mike's article near the top of this page, that small daily doses of sunshine (10-30 minutes daily over most of body) can help to increase your Vitamin D levels in your body and actually PROTECT you and reduce your risk of skin cancer... The important key phrase there is "small daily dose" without burning.
If you are going to get more sun than that... The best and most natural sunscreen you can get if you are going to be spending more than a half hour out in the hot summer sun are the sunblocks (mineral based) that contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as their active ingredients. These ingredients are safe, natural ingredients that physically block UVA and UVB rays by sitting on top of the skin instead of absorbing into the skin, and there are no health concerns about using these natural sunblocks on your skin.
The downside of these types of natural physical sunblocks is that they tend to leave a white coating on your skin so they don't look as appealing as the chemical sunscreens which are invisible since they absorb into your skin.  So the other option is simply to make sure to cover up with clothing if you don't want to use a mineral-based sunblock that makes the skin look white.
There may be some zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide based sunscreens available that do a better job of not leaving such a white layer on the skin, but you might have to experiment with different brands to find one.  Also some new brands add a brownish color to the lotion so that it doesn't leave such a pasty white appearance and rubs on more bronze instead.
And most important, to protect your skin and minimize the damage the sun can do to your skin...
EAT your sunscreen to best protect your skin against sun damage and cancer
Ok, I’m not talking about squeezing that stuff out of the bottle and actually eating it!
I am talking about protecting your skin from the inside out with nutrition! One of the best ways to prevent sun damage, and protect your skin, is with your diet. Yes, you can actually eat your own healthy version of natural sunscreen by following these recommendations:
First, be sure to eat plenty of omega-3 rich foods in your daily diet. Research studies show that eicosapentaenoic acid (also called EPA) in omega 3 fats helps prolong the time that it takes skin to get burned during sun exposure, and reduces your chances of skin cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids best sources come from grass-fed beef, free range whole eggs, and cold-water wild caught fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel.
But keep this in mind: An optimal balance of omega-3's to omega-6's (1:1 to 2:1) is critical for many, many health factors, including skin health. If you are eating much more omega 6 fatty acids in comparison to omega 3’s, you actually increase your chances of skin cancer from the sun.
It is a well-known fact that people who regularly eat a diet higher in saturated fats and omega-3 fats tend to have much smoother, softer skin. In contrast, a diet high in trans fats and excessively high omega-6 fats ages skin and when people consume that type of diet they tend to have older-looking skin and wrinkles.
So, here's how to eat the healthiest kind of sunscreen that is best for your body and your skin:
To sum up:
1. Avoid the dangerous chemicals in regular chemical sunscreens. These contain potentially carcinogenic compounds as well as chemicals that are xenoestrogens, which are known to contribute to "stubborn belly fat".
2. Don't forget the skin protection and vitamin D benefits of getting small doses (10-30 minutes daily) of daily mid-day sun over a good portion of your body (without burning) before slathering on the sunblock or covering up with more clothing.
3. If you must spend a long amount of time out in the summer sun, eat a skin-healthy diet with lots of antioxidants such as various teas, berries, carotenoids, etc.  It's a good idea to take a daily Krill Oil supplement in the summer to protect your skin due to the natural form of astaxanthin which has been proven to be one of the most powerful compounds to protect your skin internally.
Also, protect your skin from excess sun and burning by either covering up with clothing or with a safe and natural zinc oxide or titanium oxide based sunscreen too... but ONLY after you've received your small dose (10-30 minutes) of full sun over large portions of your body to increase your vitamin D levels which protect your skin from cancer.
And enjoy the summer sun and fun!
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The #1 Worst Sunscreen: Avoid This at All Costs

With warmer weather coming for most parts of the country, people all over are gearing up for poolside gatherings, beach vacations and some good ol’ fashioned sun soaking. The sun just seems to make us feel good, and rightly so.
Fact: The sun is necessary for all human life. Without the warming rays of this massive star, life on this planet would cease to exist. Every type of living creature, including mankind, needs sunlight in order to live. Humans have been exposed to the sun since the beginning of time.
Warning against the sun 
However, for more than 30 years, doctors, beauty experts, health officials and skin care product manufacturers have sent out strong warnings regarding the dangers of the sun. We have been told to avoid any sun exposure without sunscreen, because the rays will damage our skin and cause skin cancer. Much of this hype has been due to the fact that skin cancer is on the rise. In 2002, over 50 percent of the 1.2 million cases of cancer in the United States were skin cancers, and 10,000 of these cases were fatal. These statistics have injected a rampant fear of the sun into many unassuming people, who have decided to stay clear of the burning ball of light at all costs. This however, has caused problems of its own.
To say that the sun causes cancer is not entirely correct, and is actually a great oversimplification of the truth. Well-researched and documented studies show that vitamin D optimization may actually prevent up to 16 different types of cancer.
Because of our fear of the sun, we have become a nation deficient in vitamin D. This deficiency in itself has led to a surge in a number of debilitating conditions such as depression, obesity, hypertension and cancer. In addition, 60 percent of people with diabetes are vitamin D deficient, and studies show very low levels of vitamin D in children, women and the elderly.
It appears, to at least some extent, that the dangers of the sun have been overemphasized while the benefits have been minimized. William Grant, PhD conducted a study that revealed that 30 percent of cancer deaths could be prevented each year if vitamin D levels were higher. That’s right: the very thing that so many hide from may not cause cancer, but rather protect from it.
Furthermore, vitamin D is also essential for a number of healthy bodily functions, such as muscle strength, cardiovascular health, strong teeth, optimal blood pressure and a healthy immune system – to name just a few.
Fact:  The deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma, has been on the rise by about 3.5 percent per year since 1992, according to the American Melanoma Foundation. Interestingly enough, this rise in melanoma has been paralleled by an 4.2 percent increase in sunscreen use.
Melanoma is a highly complex disease. While it appears that exposure to the sun may play some role, most melanomas are located on body parts that get little, if any, daily sun exposure.
Research has demonstrated that there appears to be some connection between the risk of melanoma and the number of childhood burns one has received. In addition, the use of tanning beds also increases the risk.
Good rays, bad rays
In order to completely understand the risk that the sun poses to our health, we must better comprehend the sun itself. The sun gives us two main types of wavelengths – UVA and UVB. While both can cause tanning and burning, UVB rays are necessary for the skin to make vitamin D, while UVA rays penetrate the skin deeply and can cause severe free radical damage including wrinkles. They also destroy vitamin D.
sunscreenUVA rays shine constantly throughout the day and through the whole year, while UVB rays are lowest in the morning and evening and highest at midday and vary in strength throughout the year.
It only takes a little sun to make vitamin D
To encourage your body to produce vitamin D you don’t need to spend countless hours in the hot sun and you most definately don’t want to burn. Here are a few general guidelines to follow to help you get the most from the sun’s helpful rays while staying safe from those that can cause damage.
The toxic truth about sunscreen
When you slather on sunscreen that does not offer natural UVA protection, you are doing nothing short of wasting your money. Sunscreen that blocks UVB rays and does not protect from UVA rays and will work against you by limiting vitamin D production and damaging skin.
There are two main types of sunscreens – chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreens prevent sunburn when they absorb UVA rays, but can increase the risk of cancer. Physical sunscreens contain inert minerals that reflect ultraviolet rays away from the skin, and are considered safe and effective.
Most of what you find in the store are chemical sunscreens, which may contain from three to six of the following active ingredients: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, octinoxate and octocrylene.
Almost all products contain avobenzone – the agent for filtering out skin-damaging UVA rays. There is some concern, however, that this substance may break down when exposed to the sun. Other chemicals, such as octocrylene, are often added as stabilizers.
Studies done on a number of the chemicals found in commercial sunscreen indicate that they may disrupt hormones. Animal research also suggests that oxybenzone (found in 80 percent of chemical sunscreen) and octinoxate are toxic to reproductive systems and can interfere with development.
While more testing is yet to be done, many are concerned that the high level of toxicity found in these active ingredients may undermine any benefit that this type of sunscreen offers. Like personal care products, sunscreens penetrate the skin and deserve special attention.
Studies done at the University of Zurich (2010) found sunscreen chemicals in 85 percent of milk samples. Four of the chemicals that were found are commonly used in American sunscreens.
Avoid sunscreens with retinol
Sunscreens that contains vitamin A or retinol may actually speed the development of skin tumors and lesions when sunlight is present, according to a 2009 study done by the National Toxicology Program.
The Food and Drug Administration published a study in 2011 that concluded the same thing. Since this time, consumer advocates have been urging the FDA to restrict the use of vitamin A in topical products.
Avoid spray-on sunscreens
Vitamin A and toxic chemicals are not the only thing you have to worry about in sunscreen. In July of 2012, a very scary incident occurred for one man who applied aerosol sunscreen and immediately walked over to his barbecue.
Upon lighting the grill, he sustained 2nd degree burns, because the sunscreen had not had time to set into his skin, neither did the propellant chemicals have adequate time to evaporate. According to news reports, the spray also left a vapor trail that added insult to injury. He caught on fire immediately after lighting the grill.
Banana Boat, the makers of the aerosol sunscreen in question, voluntarily recalled their product after hearing of the incident. The company cited a problem with the spray valve as being the reason for the accident.
“The spray valve opening on the affected products dispenses more than is typical in the industry for continuous sun care sprays. As a result, the product is taking longer to dry on the skin than is typical with other continuous sprays. If a consumer comes into contact with a flame or spark prior to complete drying of the product on the skin, there is a potential for the product to ignite.”
Mothers of young kids, and many other people of all ages, love the ease of application that aerosol offers, as well as the fact that spray sunscreen makes it easy to cover all of the hard-to-reach spots.
But are you willing to trade convenience for health?
Besides the fact that aerosols are highly flammable, there are more concerns with this type of sun protection.
First, the Food and Drug Administration has mounting concerns that aerosol sunscreens can be inhaled during application. Both the propellant chemicals and the nanoparticles of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (found safe in other forms) worry scientists, who say that these particles are easily ingested.
Although the particles can’t be absorbed through the skin, they can accumulate in different organs in the body once they are ingested. Because they are so small, they can move freely throughout the body, causing problems at the sub-cellular level. What is worse is that the body can’t get rid of them.
Each time the sunscreen nozzle is pressed, these particles are transported some 20 feet in all directions, landing on everything in sight. Everyone in the danger zone gets to breathe in the dangerous particles, even if they don’t want to.
aerosol sunscreenThe International Agency for Research on Carcinogens classified titanium dioxide as a “possible carcinogen” when inhaled in high doses as from an aerosol can. As noted, it is very hard for the lungs to clear the tiny particles, which are easily passed into the bloodstream. When these particles penetrate lung or skin tissue, they can cause severe organ damage.
Use caution with loose powder sunscreens as well for the same reason; they contain particles that could end up in the lungs and cause damage.
There are presently no recommendations or guidelines set by the US government regarding the size and characteristics of nanoparticles, to protect from the sun and be safe to users at the same time. As with other personal care products, this is a “caveat emptor” circumstance where consumers must do their own research with regards to safety.
Staying safe
Playing it safe requires forethought. Obviously, the sun is a very important part of health, one that should not be ignored. However, there are rules.
The Environmental Working Group urges us not to use sunscreen as a tool to prolong time spent in the sun, and to check our skin often for irregular moles or other suspicious spots.
Being choosy about the type of sunscreen that you use for yourself and your family is critical. The best is one made from natural ingredients that protect you from damaging rays, don’t break down on the skin,  and allow at least some penetration of UVB rays for the production of vitamin D.
Visit The Environmental Working Group  for a list of safe sunscreens which contain non- toxic ingredients and offer protection from damaging UVA rays without compromising UVB exposure.
Remember: Enjoy the sun, respect the sun and know what is in your sunscreen. For natural sun protection try coconut oil. Coconut oil has been shown to have between 7-10 spf and is a great moisturizer for the skin. For 9 more reasons to use Coconut Oil every day, click here (3 of them are shocking).
-The Alternative Daily

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Days of Total Darkness in 2015 ?

NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness in June 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 19:01
Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 6.36.06 PM
WORLDWIDE – NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 6 days of almost complete darkness and will happen from the dates Tuesday the 30 – Monday the 6 in july  . The world will remain, during these six days, without sunlight due to a solar storm, which will cause dust and space debris to become plentiful and thus, block 90% sunlight.
This is the head of NASA Charles Bolden who made the announcement and asked everyone to remain calm. This will be the product of a solar storm, the largest in the last 250 years for a period of 216 hours total. Reporters interviewed a few people to hear what they had to say about the situation with Michael Hearns responding “We gonna be purgin my n*gga, six days of darkness means six days of turnin up fam”.

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Death is a Disease

Death is a disease that needs to be overcome. It is the product of a faulty environment and lifestyle. It is also the acceptance of death that gives it so much power. People need to realize that aging and dying are not normal. The body continuously regenerates so there is no reason why we can't go on living indefinitely. It is only our ignorance and fear and mistaken habits that make it so. Deterioration occurs when the degenerative forces overtake the regenerative ones. This usually occurs around age 30 when our sins catch up with us and we begin to break down. Sins like overworking, overeating, and overindulgence in general. We become addicted to the very pleasures that destroy us, and that's when death takes control. Few are strong enough to break the chains, but those who do find everlasting life. Environmental and social forces also contribute to death but the inner drive or conditioning is the most important factor and can overcome almost any external situation.


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True Health Begins With The Right Environment

Environment is everything. We are predominantly physical creatures with an absolute dependency on our environment. A warm and natural environment, where we are comfortable and able to access all of our needs (food, water, etc.) is an absolute must. Yes, we can manage in cold climes, but only if we prepare ourselves ahead of time during the warm season - by building artificial shelters and producing artificial heating, and stocking up on mostly artificial foods. This artificiality is very costly to our health or well being - we weren't meant to be cooped up indoors, breathing poor air, and eating dead foods. Urbanization and cold weather are the traps of modern society. There was a time when the whole planet enjoyed a paradisical climate, but our selfish and warring ways have destroyed or unbalanced this, so that we now have extremes of both cold and heat. What's worse is that the powers that be have decided to maintain this inbalance for their own selfish motives. The knowledge and/or technology to almost instantly transform this planet into a paradise currently exists but is not being implemented. A few people have decided that it is best to keep us in fear, ignorance, and bondage - at least for the time being. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we did not have to battle the elements on an almost constant basis? Little need for all that clothing or heating or even housing. Food would be free and plentiful and we would use all that extra time to develop our natural and God-given potentials. Of course, our current rulers would not like this, and that's why we're still where we are. Rise up, people, and claim your rightful heritage! 


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The Problem with Cooking

Not only does heating or firing food make it unhealthy, but it creates pollution and addiction as well. Heat changes the structure of food to one your body has difficulty recognizing or processing - hence all the sickness and digestive disorders that follow. But that's only the beginning. Cooking your food chases the life force out of it: that tempting aroma cooking produces is the sweet life force itself escaping from the fiery hell the food is being subjected to. Your human spirit reacts the same way when you are tortured or about to die - it starts to leave the body. The aroma of cooked food may be highly pleasant but it creates an olfactory addiction to it, not only for yourself but for others around you as well. The problem is when you eat the food it's practically dead and you don't get everything you're supposed to get and this creates deficiencies in the body. Finally, cooked or processed food takes time to prepare and requires utensils and appliances and produces a lot of trash, most of it unrecyclable. Natural food, on the other hand, is already cooked by the sun, is ready to eat, requires no utensils or appliances, produces compostable residue, and best of all - it's good for you. Unfortunately, we've become so addicted to the smells and tastes of cooked or heated foods that to abandon them and adopt a raw natural diet is unthinkable for most of us. Yet it is the only solution. We must wean ourselves out of cooked and processed foods slowly but surely if we are to save both ourselves and the planet. It will require reeducation and personal effort and may be painful at first, but the rewards will far outweigh this. It can be delicious as well. Start converting to a raw organic diet today. You'll be happy you did.


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The Secret Covenant [Of The Reptilians] Written by Unknown Author

An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception. Those who will see it will be thought of as insane. We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.
We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive. Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.
We will always stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute.
We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy. Death will come to he who speaks.
We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite.
We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so they will never see what is happening.
We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.
They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.
The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison.
The poisons will be absorbed trough their skin and mouths, they will destroy their minds and reproductive systems.
From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal this information.
The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear.
We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far.
We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images and musical tones.
Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to push our poisons.
They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect.
When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood of their children and convince them its for their help [Vaccines in newborns!].
We will start early on, when their minds are young, we will target their children with what children love most, sweet things.
When their teeth decay we will fill them with metals that will kill their mind and steal their future.
When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine.
We will render them docile and weak before us by our power.
They will grow depressed, slow and obese, and when they come to us for help, we will give them more poison.
We will focus their attention toward money and material goods so they many never connect with their inner self. We will distract them with fornication, external pleasures and games so they may never be one with the oneness of it all.
Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say. If they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into their lives. We will use fear as our weapon.
We will establish their governments and establish opposites within. We will own both sides.
We will always hide our objective but carry out our plan.
They will perform the labor for us and we shall prosper from their toil.
Our families will never mix with theirs. Our blood must be pure always, for it is the way.
We will make them kill each other when it suits us.
We will keep them separated from the oneness by dogma and religion.
We will control all aspects of their lives and tell them what to think and how.
We will guide them kindly and gently letting them think they are guiding themselves.
We will foment animosity between them through our factions.
When a light shall shine among them, we shall extinguish it by ridicule, or death, whichever suits us best.
We will make them rip each other's hearts apart and kill their own children.
We will accomplish this by using hate as our ally, anger as our friend.
The hate will blind them totally, and never shall they see that from their conflicts we emerge as their rulers. They will be busy killing each other.
They will bathe in their own blood and kill their neighbors for as long as we see fit.
We will benefit greatly from this, for they will not see us, for they cannot see us.
We will continue to prosper from their wars and their deaths.
We shall repeat this over and over until our ultimate goal is accomplished.
We will continue to make them live in fear and anger though images and sounds.
We will use all the tools we have to accomplish this.
The tools will be provided by their labor.
We will make them hate themselves and their neighbors.
We will always hide the divine truth from them, that we are all one. This they must never know!
They must never know that color is an illusion, they must always think they are not equal.
Drop by drop, drop by drop we will advance our goal.
We will take over their land, resources and wealth to exercise total control over them.
We will deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom they will have.
We will establish a money system that will imprison them forever, keeping them and their children in debt.
When they shall ban together, we shall accuse them of crimes and present a different story to the world for we shall own all the media.
We will use our media to control the flow of information and their sentiment in our favor.
When they shall rise up against us we will crush them like insects, for they are less than that.
They will be helpless to do anything for they will have no weapons.
We will recruit some of their own to carry out our plans, we will promise them eternal life, but eternal life they will never have for they are not of us.
The recruits will be called "initiates" and will be indoctrinated to believe false rites of passage to higher realms. Members of these groups will think they are one with us never knowing the truth. They must never learn this truth for they will turn against us.
For their work they will be rewarded with earthly things and great titles, but never will they become immortal and join us, never will they receive the light and travel the stars.
They will never reach the higher realms, for the killing of their own kind will prevent passage to the realm of enlightenment. This they will never know.
The truth will be hidden in their face, so close they will not be able to focus on it until its too late.
Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be, that they will never know they are our slaves.
When all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them. This reality will be their prison. They will live in self-delusion.
When our goal is accomplished a new era of domination will begin.
Their minds will be bound by their beliefs, the beliefs we have established from time immemorial.
But if they ever find out they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW.
If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action.
They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and they will hunt us down and no person shall give us shelter.
This is the secret covenant by which we shall live the rest of our present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generations and life spans.
This covenant is sealed by blood, our blood. We, the ones who from heaven to earth came.
This covenant must NEVER, EVER be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER be written or spoken of for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end time of infinity itself. 

Written by UNKNOWN Author - Posted 6/21/2002


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The Giant Pole Freezers

Why are the polar regions so cold? Why is there any cold at all on the planet? Planets are like houses, and nearly every house has a freezer or coldroom, for the PRESERVATION OF FOOD. Might not the polar regions serve a similar purpose - only on a larger scale? The big questions are: what is the food being preserved, and who are the preservers? The answers may be too shocking for most of us. Given the assumption that humans were created as a slave race, and that there exist anti-human predators in our universe who have also found use for us and who are presently dominating our planet, the answer becomes clear. Many sci-fi movies and books have introduced the scenario where rows upon rows of human corpses are preserved frozen or suspended in vats or liquid chambers both on space ships and in underground bases. The controllers of these chambers or bases are often very alien or anti-human in nature - usually grey or reptillian. Both animals and humans are selected as food sources for those long space trips or for when the planet becomes depopulated through natural or other catastrophes. Young animals or humans, especially the females, because of their purity, tenderness, and potent bodily secretions, are especially prized or desired by these alien carnivores. There is however, nothing more repulsive than the stench of rotting corpses, so freezer systems have been developed both on the ships and in the bases. With the demand and supply growing, what better way to stock up on humans and mammals than to make the entire polar areas vast freezers? Gigantic cooling systems have long been implemented miles beneath the polar landmasses resulting in our arctic and antarctic snow and ice. These mechanical monstrosities, which may be the real cause of those ice ages, are putting a huge drain on the planet's inner central sun which powers them. This drain is directly responsible for our unbalanced climate or ecosphere, which is in turn decimating the length or quality of life on the outer earth surface. Mars and some of the other planets may also have similar systems. Antarctica is especially suspect, as it is the largest and coldest polar landmass.


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The Truth about the Climate

Everything you were taught about weather and climate is false! Our cold is not natural - it is artificially produced! It is not normal for us to have extremes of cold and hot on the planet. Huge mechanical cooling systems have long-ago been built under the arctic and antarctic regions which imbalance the entire planetary climate.

Normal planets are constructed in such a way that the temperature or climate is equable throughout - from pole to pole. Also, a planet receives most of it's heat and light from its inner central sun rather than the exterior Sun we see. Actually, the two work together. The Sun is not as bright or hot as we believe it to be. This is an illusion caused by our atmosphere which acts as a lens to magnify its effects. Astronauts who have gone outside the Earth's atmosphere have noticed that the Sun is a cool pale green in color. Our atmosphere filters and disperses the radiation of both the the outer and inner suns to give us a safe and equable climate. Without our atmosphere, we would experience extremes of light and darkness as well as cold and heat.

By building these gigantic freezers, our nefarious contollers have unbalanced the entire weather or ecosystem of our planet. The heat that would normalize the cold northern and southern lattitudes has been pushed towards the equatorial regions making it very hot there. They have also robbed our planet of its protective water canopy by drawing it to the poles as ice and snow. All normal(untampered) planets or worlds have thick cloud or water canopies which protect and stabilize surface conditions.  Built many thousands of years ago, this weather cooling system has had the effect of controlling and enslaving the outer surface population, as well as closing off access to the inner earth. What's really mind-boggling is that that this mechanism can be controlled by the press of a button or pull of a lever! In other words, our cold weather and the so-called ice ages are all controlled phenomena! The next time you experience a cold blast of arctic air it's because whoever's in control has decided to create or direct it your way. It also benefits the oil and heating companies who would be out of buisness without it. 

Global warming and polar ice melting is nothing but the relaxation of control of this freezing apparatus. Were it to be totally shut down, the polar ice and snow would quickly dissolve and evaporate to form the canopy that once existed around the planet, creating a balanced paradisical cimate and environment. There would then be no more need for pollution-producing heat and power industries or the need for excessive clothing. Even housing would not be so necessary as people coud sleep outdoors without worrying about freezing to death. Nor would there be extreme heat; the equatorial heat would then be free to spread out evenly across the rest of the planet.

With the polar ice and snow gone, we would once again have access to the inner earth world, which is our missing half, and symbolic of the reunification between our outer and inner realities or our male and female aspects. Best of all an equable and paradisical climate would negate our wasteful struggle for basic survival and be an incredible boost to our health and spirit. We would then be able to get on with the more important task of self-improvement or regeneration at all levels and regain our lost heritage as divine beings.

The artificial cooling mechanism set in place is also a huge drain on the planet's inner sun which directly powers it. When our inner sun suffers, so do we. This central sun if liberated is the key to the regeneration of the planet and all life on it. It is the source of our prana or life which it gets directly from our greater Sun and the steps down in safe measure to distribute planetwide. It is like the Christ or intermediary between human and God. It's full release, would, in biblical terms, constitute the full release of the Holy Spirit upon the Earth.

There is another theory, although more far-fetched, that a giant spaceship is sitting atop the planet's south pole opening, under the snow and affecting the planet's spinning and energy levels. Some even go so far as to equating this craft with the lost ancient Atlantis.

Just how to do away with the controllers and their controlling mechanisms is the pressing question. Awareness is definitely the first step. Empowerment may be a little more difficult. There may be some positive or important reason why the poles are giant freezers, but it is most likely not in our best interests.


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