Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The Toxic Air

Toxic Dust -a Health Threat

Americans are exposed to a variety of potentially dangerous chemicals in their homes from products such as computers, frying pans and shower curtains, according to a new study released.

The study, called "Sick of Dust," found 35 hazardous industrial chemicals in household dust samples from 70 homes in seven states, including Michigan and California. It was commissioned by nine environmental groups, including the Center for Environmental Health in Oakland and the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition in San Jose.

"It literally brings home the fact that hazardous chemicals are in our daily lives," said Beverly Thorpe, international director for Clean Production Action, one of the study's sponsors. "We feel now is a prime opportunity to overhaul chemical regulation in the United States."

The researchers tested the dust samples for six types of chemicals, including pesticides and flame retardants. All the chemicals are legal, but many are known to be harmful to immune, respiratory, cardiovascular and reproductive systems. They said infants and young children are especially vulnerable to exposure.

But the American Chemistry Council, which represents major chemistry companies, said that just because a substance is found in dust or in the body at low levels doesn't necessarily mean it causes health problems.

The study's backers said they decided to test dust samples in U.S. homes after seeing similar studies that found high levels of toxic chemicals in households in Europe, where lawmakers are tightening regulation of chemical production.

They said they hope the test results will help prompt state and federal legislation to curb the use of dangerous chemicals in the production of household goods, ranging from furniture and clothes to carpets and nail polish.

-Associated Press

Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec Comments on Mold and Dust

Your home is your sanctuary and your bedroom is your inner sanctuary. Four things are major offenders of your health in your household environment.

1. Mold

2. Dust

3. Chemicals

4. Bacteria and viruses

As these studies have shown, the mold will weaken the immune system and trigger many types of immune disorders one being asthma. Dust is very toxic because it represents the chemicals in your house and the world. This study shows 35 hazardous industrial chemicals in household dust, some including pesticides, toxic chemicals, and flame retardants just to name a few.

Another study shows that common house dust contained 33 chemicals that promote breast cancer formation.

What is the answer?

First purify your home environment by the following steps:

1. Never use standard cleaning supplies in your house, only all natural, nontoxic substances.

2. Remove all carpets as soon as possible. Carpets are loaded with chemicals, mold and dust. Replace with hardwood floors.

3. Get rid of draperies, window treatments and any other dust collectors.

4. Purchase a Fresh Air which detoxifies chemicals, kills mold, bacteria and settles floating dust to the ground.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Foods That Cause Wrinkles

Foods That Cause Wrinkles

by Victoria

Researchers in Australia recently found that what you eat can directly affect your skin. It was
found that the type of foods people consumed influenced the amount of wrinkling and damage
to sun exposed skin. The individuals involved in the study were older and came from different
ethnic backgrounds.

Fewer wrinkles were found in individuals who consumed vegetables, olive oil, fish, legumes,
eggs, yogurt, nuts olives, cherries, melons, dried fruits, prunes, apples, pears, multi-grained
bread, jam, tea, and water.

The foods this study associated with more wrinkles included sugar, full fat milk, red meat,
potatoes, margarine, butter, sodas, pastries and other junk.

The bottom line is you are what you eat. There is not doubt that fruits and vegetables are good
for your body and if you needed proof that these and other whole foods are also good for your skin, well, there you have it.

Source: http://chetday.com/

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