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Water Killing System

After 911, the US Government started a secret project of inserting T-valves in the water distribution system, that can distribute deadly poisons, on an individual basis, to any selected residence in the water system. This can be used, obviously, to reduce the population. The use of fluoride is only to control the population. See the details below:

The Public Extermination Project

By Janet C. Phelan
14th of August 2004

A specifc public works project became "classified" following the World Trade Center Disaster on the 11th of September 2001. This project, which has been on-going throughout the America has lethal capabilities for innocent American citizens.

There has been intensive media attention since 911 to the resultant war on terrorism and our aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. The media has, however, failed to report a shocking post 911 project here in America. Following 911, there began intensive and concentrated infrastructure work that has lethal capabilities and intent. In an extremely non-forthcoming governmental atmosphere, I have been able to document a small portion of this work, which was ongoing in Los Angeles County from the 8th of January 2004 onwards.

Through the use of T-Valves, the US Government can regulate, on an individualized, residence by residence basis, the introduction of another substance into the water lines. As fluoride goes in at the plant, we are not dealing with the capability to add fluoride. It is quite a bit more nefarious than that.

In the first interview on the 10th of May 2004, with Water Engineer Michael Downs and Head Engineer Julie Spacht from the Department of Water and Power DWP in their downtown Los Angeles office had the two Water Engineers issuing a blanket denial that T-Valves were used in any capacity by DWP. Spacht stated that she had never heard of T-Valves, and asked, somewhat disingenuously, whether I could draw one so that she could see what they looked like.

Several days later, I happened upon surface work by a DWP contractor Spiniello Company. The work involving T-Valves is generally done under the street; however, the surface work on La Brea Avenue between Washington Boulevard and Venice Boulevard revealed a T-Valve in front of every house.

When I informed Michael Downs that I had the T-Valves on film, it seemed to jog his memory. When I asked him to state in writing the DWP policy on T-Valves, he submitted a fax stating that T-Valves were never used in mainline construction. I saw one T-Valve on mainline construction on Washington Blvd. and Harcourt, under the authority of DWP. According to Spiniello workers, every single t-valve is being replaced by ones that respond to computer commands. The Spiniello foreman at this job site revealed that the main computer is in a centralized location. Many photographs were obtained that featured replacement T-Valves. It is manufactured by Tyton. We must now consider why DWP, through Downs, is misstating fact about something as seemingly benign as regulatory valves. As a rule of thumb, there is generally no cover-up unless there is something to hide.

I have secured a sample directly from a DWP water line. It is simply toxic, causing extreme cardiac discomfort. However, it tastes just like water. In order to fully understand the implications here, we must comprehend the larger context. Students of history are aware of the striking similarities between 911 and the Reichstag Fire in Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Briefly, Adolph Hitler had his own troops burn down the German Reichstag. Adolph Hitler then blamed the fires on the Communists, in order to obtain the powers to govern under a bogus 'State of Emergency.'

911 and the resultant Patriot Act have essentially duplicated the political situation here in America. The media has dutifully reported the increased incidence of surveillance, the FBI, DHS and CIA intrusion into library and bookstore records, and other losses of civil liberties. However, the media has failed to explicate that we have also lost the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." More specifically, the right to life. Ask any civil rights lawyer. If you can still find one.

The tie in the T-Valve project now becomes clear: our US Government is denying the capability of making additions into the water system when the work is ongoing. If the introduction of a toxic substance into the lines were planned, would they admit it? It might cause a generalized panic. For those concerned how our own leadership could possibly be involved in such a questionable matter, one needs to understand the ongoing relationship between the Bush Crime Family and Adolph Hitler. It has been well documented by Webster Tarpley and Antonin Chaitkin in the book, "George Bush: An Unauthorized Biography" that our President’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, was funneling millions of dollars into Adolph Hitler’s war effort through Union Bank Corporation UBC. On the 10th of October 1942, the US Government seized UBC under the Trading with the Enemies Act, declaring the bank to be a Nazi Party front. Prescott Bush was at that time a Director of UBC. For those who are interested in further documentation of this, I refer you to chapter 2 of George Bush: An Unauthorized Biography.

The Prescott Bush and Adolph Hitler connection did not end with the seizing of the bank. It simply became more covert and less easy to detect. It was continued on through Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society with massive Nazi connections, into which both Presidents Bush immersed themselves at Yale.

It is important here to understand that using water as a medium for poisoning had its genesis in the Nazi prison camps, where the first introduction of the hotly debated compound sodium fluoride was used as a form of hippocampal dulling.

According to Charles Perkins, who was appointed post-war head of the German chemical giant IG Farben, "The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children’s teeth. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination, control and loss of liberty. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies…Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual’s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him."

His remarks were reinforced by Doctor Elijah .H. Bonner, who was the great Albert Einstein’s nephew: "Even in small quantities sodium fluoride is a deadly poison to which no effective antidote has ever been found." For those wishing a more complete reading on this subject, please reference The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben by Joseph Borken. It is necessary to reiterate here that in the case of the Los Angeles DWP sample, we are not dealing with fluoride. This report touches on the Nazi use of fluoride as an example of using the water system for purposes that were contrary to the welfare of those imbibing the water. To recap, there are definite similarities between 911 and Hitler’s Reichstag fires.

Because of 911, we have lost the right to live.

An introduction of another substance into the water lines could prove deadly. According to Mike Downs, the water records became “classified” the week after 911. He is attempting to deceive this reporter by denying that the valve that simply has the capability to introduce another substance into the water system is even used by DWP. Add to this galmaufrey the extensive relationship between the Bush Crime Family and Adolph Hitler and his spiritual descendants, and the picture comes into focus. Through the use of T-Valves, FEMA Concentration Camps become unnecessary. The US Government now has the capability of exterminating whoever they wish through its own water system. No muss, no fuss, no heart-wrenching scenes of rounding people up and transporting them off to a highly uncertain future.

When they are ready for the big day, when they have determined which residences will receive 'death water' and which will be bypassed, the function of a T-Valve in front of every residence, a switch will be thrown and what Adolph Hitler began will be accomplished.

In this context, the reason for the 'oops-no-weapons-of-mass-destruction' war in Iraq becomes transparent. We now have a base with proximity to Israel. When Israel, the refuge established for the Jewish people after the horrific events perpetrated by Hitler, gets hit and expunged from the planet, we will face, once again, genocide. This time it will occur in the flagship for democracy in the world.

Adolph Hitler had his showers and George H.W. Bush has his water lines.

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When we moved to our house nine years ago I was doing the dishes the first full day there and running the water. My cat was standing up as far as she could on the bottom cabinet door meowing her head off at me. My husband and I could not figure out what she wanted then noticed she kept licking her lips manically.

My husband then mentioned that their water bowl was at the same level as the night before. We got the idea that she was desperately thirsty but didn't want to drink the water. We did have some distilled water on hand for the radiator in the car. Husband poured her some and she drank like she had not had water in days. The cat had rather go thirsty than drink our supposidly clean local water.

We looked at each other and agreed that we would trust her judgement on this and went out and got distilled water for ourselves and the cats from then on out!

A couple of years later there was a minor local scandal as all the fish died in our local water reservoir. Unfortunately our friends took the fish kill news as more proof their young toddlers needed "baby water" which of course is flouridated.

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Comment of a reader of the above posts: "I agree Hyperspace. Sometimes it is good to watch animal wisdom because they can see or sense things we can't".



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