Sunday, June 18, 2006


Wireless Internet: WiMax triggers emergency hospital calls



The small Swedish town of Götene received an interesting surprise when activating their new WiMax system. Within hours of being activated the local hospital emergency services were receiving several calls from residents complaining of a number of symptoms, ranging from difficulty breathing, blurry vision and headaches to heart arrhythmia.

Powerwatch CommentsThere will of course be the skeptics who claim this to be nothing other than mass hysteria, but unless the information provided is false (which of course is possible), then a few hours is extremely short for there to be any general knowledge that the WiMax had indeed been turned on. Either this is a case of the general public conspiring together to prove a point, or this points to a genuine health effect, which just happens to coincide with other health effects also attributed to low power microwave radiation exposure.

The jury is of course still out, but as far as anecdotal evidence stands this one appears to be fairly strong.

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