Friday, November 03, 2006


Foods That Cause Wrinkles

Foods That Cause Wrinkles

by Victoria

Researchers in Australia recently found that what you eat can directly affect your skin. It was
found that the type of foods people consumed influenced the amount of wrinkling and damage
to sun exposed skin. The individuals involved in the study were older and came from different
ethnic backgrounds.

Fewer wrinkles were found in individuals who consumed vegetables, olive oil, fish, legumes,
eggs, yogurt, nuts olives, cherries, melons, dried fruits, prunes, apples, pears, multi-grained
bread, jam, tea, and water.

The foods this study associated with more wrinkles included sugar, full fat milk, red meat,
potatoes, margarine, butter, sodas, pastries and other junk.

The bottom line is you are what you eat. There is not doubt that fruits and vegetables are good
for your body and if you needed proof that these and other whole foods are also good for your skin, well, there you have it.


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