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How to become oxygen deficient?

How do we become oxygen deficient?

  1. Polluted air.
  2. Eating dead/cooked, devitalized, processed, or preserved food.
  3. Poor breathing technique.

Polluted Air

Biggest sources are smoke filled air, automobile exhaust, factory emissions, and garbage burning.

Indoor air pollution is 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution.

Oxygen level in normal fresh air is 21%. Some major air-polluted cities are only 10%. Some smoke filled rooms drop to as low as 7%. Oxygen content of air bubbles trapped in amber and core samples of ice from Polar Regions show twice the oxygen level of our air today, close to 40 %.

Dead/Cooked, Devitalized Food

The lowest oxygen content is found in cooked, processed, preserved foods. This is 80-90% of the average American diet. Meat, chicken, fish, dairy and eggs are very low in oxygen. Microwaved foods and refined sugars are at the bottom of the oxygen content list.

Poor Breathing Technique

This is the greatest source of oxygen deficiency.

On average we use less than 20% of our lung capacity because of our restricted breathing patterns.

Most people are chest breathers never fully using the diaphragm to fully inhale and fully oxygenate the body.

Oxygen examples

The average person A living in a major city is breathing only 20% of the 10% oxygen in the air - this is 2% oxygen daily.

The average person B who smokes inside is breathing 20% of the 7% oxygen in the air - this is less than 1.5% oxygen daily.

One should be breathing 80% of the 21% oxygen in the air - this is 17% oxygen daily. This is 850% more oxygen than person A and 1100% more oxygen than person B.

How Can You Increase Your Oxygen Content?

  1. Decrease air pollution.
  2. Increase living/raw green foods.
  3. Improve breathing technique.
  4. Open the windows of your house 30 minutes each day even in the winter to get more oxygen in the house and remove the pollutants: fumes, out gasing, chemicals and toxins.
  5. Get outside each day and breathe the air. The more the better.
  6. Purchase an ozonator/ionizer for your house to increase the oxygen content in the air and to remove the chemical and toxins in the air.

Increase the Living/Raw Green Foods

Highest oxygen content is found in living green food: sprouts, especially wheatgrass, sunflower, and next comes algaes: chlorella, spirulina.

Next come raw green vegetables such as kale, collards, spinach, dandelion, broccoli, and other dark green vegetables.

Improve Breathing Technique

Regular deep and full diaphragmatic breathing fully oxygenates the blood, and energizes every cell in the body.

Benefits of Deep Breathing

  1. Single most important way to increase the oxygen content of the body.
  2. T he most important way to generate electrical charge and energy to the body. This is critical to every system, organ, gland and tissues health and maintenance.
  3. The greatest mover of lymphatic fluid, 10-15 times more than any other, even intense exercise. Lymphatic fluid is the foundation of the immune system, 2/3 of your white blood cells are in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is also the major sewer system to rid the body of waste products produced from the cellular metabolism.
  4. Detoxifies/eliminate waste products from the body. 70% leave through breathing, 20% through skin, 7% through urine and 3% through the bowel.
  5. The primary conductor of the life energy in our bodies is the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Deep breathing ionizes this fluid. Deep breathing is the most important factor in maintaining the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. The CSF is one of the highest energetically- charged elements in the body. The CSF bathes the brain and spinal cord and feeds it the glucose it needs to function, and removes wastes.
  6. Maintains movement of all internal organs and glands. Without this movement the organs and glands would become dysfunctional and eventually dis-eased.


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