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Waiting for Planet X: Alternatives 1, 2 and 3

From [1]:

ALTERNATIVES 1, 2, and 3

By secret Executive order by President Eisenhower, the Jason Scholars were ordered to study mans impact on the Earth. They reached the conclusion that by, or shortly after, the year 2000 the planet would self destruct due to increased population and man's exploitation of the environment with out any help from God or the Aliens. The Jason Society (The Bilderburger's, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commision are the SECRET GOVERNMENT and rule this nation through MJ-12 and the study group known as the Jason Society) confirmed the findings of the scientist and made three recommendations called ALTERNATIVES 1, 2, and 3.


Alternative 1 was to use nuclear devices to blow holes in the stratosphere from which the heat and pollution could escape into space. They would then change the human cultures from that of exploitation into cultures of environmental protection. Of the three this was decided to be the least likely to succeed due to the inherit nature of man and the additional damage the nuclear explosions would create.


Alternative 2 was to build a vast network of underground cities and tunnels in which a select representation of all cultures and occupations would survive and carry on the human race. The rest of humanity would be left to fend for themselves on the surface of the planet. We know that these facilities have been built and are ready and waiting for the chosen few to be notified.

Underground cities and bases.

Air force Underground Boring Machine-------------Tunnels to huge underground cities.

see: Secret Technology Index


Alternative 3 was to exploit the alien and conventional technology in order for a select few to leave the Earth and establish colonies in outer space. I am not able to confirm or deny the existence of "batch consignments" of human slaves which would be used for the manual labor as a part of the plan. The Moon, code named ADAM, was the object of primary interest, followed by the planet Mars, code named EVE. I am now in possession of official NASA photographs of one of the Moon bases. I believe that the Mars colony is also a reality.

There are areas on the Moon where plant life grows and even
changes color with the seasons. This seasonal effect is because the Moon does not as claimed, always present the exact same side to the Earth or the Sun. The Moon has several man made lakes and ponds upon its surface, and clouds have been observed and filmed in its atmosphere. (Behold A Pale Horse, William Cooper, pg. 221)

see: Planets Index

As a delaying action, ALL THREE ALTERNATIVES included birth control, sterilization, and the introduction of deadly microbes to control or slow the growth of the Earth's population. AIDS is ONLY one result of these plans. It was decided by the ELITE that since the population must be reduced and controlled, it would be in the best interest of the human race to rid ourselves of the undesirable elements of our society. Specific targeted populations included BLACKS, HISPANICS, and HOMOSEXUALS. The joint U.S. and Soviet leadership dismissed Alternative 1 but ordered work to begin on Alternatives 2, and 3 virtually at the same time. The Population Control Agenda Timeline




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