Saturday, February 12, 2011


Can Humans Fly?

If we're supposed to be the crowning of creation, then why have we apparently been deprived of the power to flight? If the lowly birds and bees do it then why can't we? It's easy to fly in your dreams, but that's because you don't have to carry your physical body around. Yogis, saints, and other adepts have managed to levitate, but this is only the first step. There are ancient legends of Chinese masters who were bodily able to take flight in battle, if only for short periods of time. Now movies like The Matrix are hinting at this ability. Powering up the aura or magnetic field around you through fasting or breathing techniques seems to be the key. When the aura is strong enough, it can literally lift you off the ground and even serve as a kind of craft or ship. In occult literature, this is called the Merkaba, or light body, which can transport you to any part of the universe. It is made up of two counter-rotating tetrahedrons (your mental and emotional bodies) and looks just like a flying saucer when fully activated. Atlanteans activated their merkabas regularly, but we have since lost or forgotten how to do so. So yes, you CAN fly, or better yet -teleport, but you must first reawaken your light body to do so.


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