Thursday, November 03, 2011


A Moment of Ascension: Transforming from Carbon to Crystal.

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These last few moments, existing in as a carbon based Light Being, commencing the transformation of oneself into a Crystallized Light Being are moments that few, in Existence of Omni-Universal Creator, are allowed to experience.

I am privileged to exist as a carbon based Light Being on Mother Gaia during these moments, to experience this momentous occasion that allows a carbon based Light Being to transform oneself into a Crystallized Light Being.

This transformation is a part of the Ascension process in that, to move into higher dimensional, particularly in the higher 4th Dimensional Ascension, one must appear crystal, in whatever color one wishes to appear or a combination of colors for that matter. All Life on mother Gaia, and Gaia herself will lose our carbon, heavily dense bodies, and structures that exist, that are no longer useful, to be transformed into crystal human beings, and Stationary Light biosphere. Becoming physical crystallized Light Beings allows for the acknowledgement of the Light within that you are.

Light Representatives in Higher Dimensional realities, particularly those Light Beings who are of higher 4th, 5th, and perhaps 6th Dimensional Ascension appear in crystal form. If one claims to be a 4th, 5th, and/or 6th dimensional Light Being, that Light Being shall exist as Light. Crystal is the only manner in which Light is truly emanating and radiating its brilliance.

As one ascends from 3rd D realities, and move into higher 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th dimensional realities as one exist within this Universe, one loses physicality, and expresses one self as Light, whatever brilliant infinite colors and combination of colors on chooses to express his/her/it Self as.

Therefore as I, humanity, mother earth, our solar system continues to merge into higher 4th, and 5th D realities that exist, this will allow for humanity to see, our Galactic Families as they exist.

Our Galactic Families, the ones that will appear to humanity, exist as Crystallized Light Beings, and humanity will begin to interact in our Galactic families and begin to transform our selves into Crystallized Light Beings.

Those Galactic families that will initially interact with humanity on a more “physical” level are human, and they will definitely be showing their aura, Light. As we ascend, this aura, the Light within, will be visible to all and vice versa.

Most Light Beings that exist in our universe are not human, but are spiritual Light Beings that have evolved in their own unique solar system.

I know in my heart, that when the moment arises that I am allowed to interact with my Galactic Family, and of course, I want to interact with many Light Representatives from numerous Councils, Federations, and Association, I will SEE all of them, as Light, whether or not they appear human. I will see them for the Light they emanate, and they will see me for the Light I emanate.

Our Galactic Families will all present themselves as Crystallized Light Beings, and we will begin our transformation from dense carbon-based Light bodies into less dense crystal-based Light bodies.

Carbon represents dark in the sense that carbon does not allow Light to emanate. Crystal represents Light in the sense that crystal allows Light to radiate brilliantly in whatever color Light chooses to radiate.

Soon humanity will see simultaneously, where we have been, and where we are going as we finally interact with Crystal Light Beings.

The energies of Light and Love are permeating the entire Universe just filling all that exist with Light and Love.

Can you feel the energies, the stillness of Light and Love?

May The One Bless Us All, As One.

RC Towers.

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