Sunday, September 22, 2013


A Poison called Fluoridation

Israel Bans Water Fluoridation: Must End By 2014! (VIDEO)

water fluoridation
More great news on the fluoride front as Israel’s Supreme Court has just ruled that water fluoridation in the country must end by 2014. Israel stacks themselves onto a large list of countries & cities that are making the decision to remove the toxic waste product from municipal water. The big decision comes as health minister Yael German backs the research of Irish scientist Declan Waugh who has been helping cities in countries all over the world put an end to water fluoridation over the past few years.
“Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that Fluoride is a pro-inflammatory agent that can contribute to all inflammatory diseases, not just asthma,” Declan Waugh
The water fluoridation debate has been raging for years as pro-fluoridater’s continue to choose to fluoridate regardless of there being no scientific evidence that water fluoridation helps to prevent tooth decay. Those in favour of removing fluoride have been on a journey of researching and studying the dangerous affects water fluoridation has on many areas of the body including the thyroid, brain and bones. Many believe it is an unethical form non-consented mass-medication. It appears that many political leaders in cities or regions that are still fluoridating, simply are not open to realizing the truth about the toxic waste substance and instead continue to poison the people.
Israel is one of the few countries left that widely fluoridates municipal water. The other main players include the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, England and Australia. Israel’s decision comes after several other big cities and regions banned fluoride recently including: Portland Oregon, communities in Australia, and Windsor, Ontario. It was also recently overturned in Hamilton, the fourth most populous city in New Zealand.
This weekend (Saturday Sept 21st, 1PM) many will be assembling in Toronto, Ontario to support the removal of fluoride. The event should bring out at least 500 people and already there are over 1000 signatures on the petition to remove fluoride from Toronto’s water. More information about the event can be found here.


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