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Gravity and Aging

Does Gravity Cause Aging?
Is gravity the main cause of aging? Why do we even weigh as much as we do? Does our weight work for or against us? Why the strong connection between being overweight and disease or shortness of life?
Just what is physical gravity? Science explains it as the pull of the center of the Earth on the human body and everything else on its surface. This is partially correct as it is based on the idea that the Earth is solid through and that at its center is a magnetic iron core.
The truth is our planet and all other space bodies are hollow, and that there is a gravity center within the shell itself that pulls and keeps our feet on the ground. This shell is several hundred miles thick, and some seven times thicker on the outside of the gravity center than on the inside. In other words, there is much more pull or gravity on the outer earth surface than there is on the inner earth surface - by a factor of at least seven times. The bottom diagram clarifies this. 

Outer Earth humans are fighting seven more times pull of gravity than inner Earth humans and this takes a great toll on the body and its health. Not only the gravity, but the conditions on outer Earth are currently very inhospitable due to the complete loss of our protective water canopy.
This excessive gravity causes our hearts and lungs and every other bodily organ or system to overwork in order to maintain harmony or balance. The less gravity, the less effort your body requires to function properly. At zero gravity the body is in perfect rest or balance and neither ages nor deteriorates. This zero gravity level is found some 700 miles beneath the outer surface and some 100 miles beneath the inner surface of the planet. It is also high above the atmosphere in outer space.
The esoteric novel Etidorpha (Aphrodite spelled backwards) by John Uri Lloyd goes into the science of it all by explaining that gravity changes sufficiently starting at around 10 to 25 miles beneath the Earth's outer surface. At this depth your body weight is reduced substantially and there is a noticeable lessening of hunger, as well as tiredness, sleep, or even breathing. Aging starts to slow down or even reverse and walking and leaping become almost effortless. I AM the Man had to be chemically aged before descending into the inner Earth otherwise he would be transformed into a child.
At 150 miles down the atmosphere is so rich and the gravity so weak you lose almost all hunger and thirst and rarely tire or require sleep. Your heartbeat is almost non-existent and your lungs almost cease breathing. Communication becomes almost telepathic. 700 miles down you reach the Sphere of Rest or the Earth's zero gravity zone or center where the body becomes practically immortal. This sphere is like a transparent bubble upon which the Earth's matter accumulates over time to form its shell. It is the planet's spirit or ether body which is energized by solar force and which sustains its physical counterpart. At this level mind moves matter and the consequences of any thought will immediately manifest.

Etidorpha: gravity at 50 miles below surface

As one passes the midpoint of the bubble or Sphere of Rest, gravity reverses and begins to intensify once again, this time inwards towards the planet's hollow concave surface. The distance or thickness traversed is seven times less, therefore the gravity on the inner surface is seven times weaker. This lesser gravity, plus the security and comfort of a cocooned environment, greatly enhances all life here. The temperature is warm and even throughout, there is no night or winter or chaotic climate, and everything grows much larger and lives longer. Humans here live at least 600 to 700 years and are anywhere from seven to twelve feet tall. Most are vegetarians or fruitarians and there is no need for money, or government, or any of the institutions found here on the outer Earth, as everything is free and abundant. What this goes to prove is that ENVIRONMENT IS EVERYTHING when it comes to health, happiness, and prosperity. Our outer Earth is in grave disrepair and we are suffering immensely because of it. There cannot be a utopia on outer Earth without first addressing the broken state of our environment. We no longer have a protective water canopy to protect us from dangerous cosmic or solar rays and to act as a greenhouse for climate control and agricultural productivity. Without this canopy, which was completely destroyed during Noah's Flood, the beneficial rays from our planet's inner central sun escape or dissipate into outer space at our great loss. This ice or water canopy must be restored so that the pranic energy (orgone, holy spirit) when trapped and amplified by the canopy will transform both the planet and human or animal nature, from one of fear and disease to love and health.
How did we lose our canopy? Likely through interference from the evil ones who invaded and hijacked this beautiful planet and turned it into a jail or slave colony. The first method of enslaving any planet or world is to first establish a base around it (our Moon), learn about us, and then go about greatly weakening or destroying its sustaining environment. This is much more successful than open invasion which invites resistance and often fails. Climate is a great weapon. By blowing holes in the canopy or dismantling it altogether the result was worldwide flooding, snow, ice, wind, extreme cold or heat, and exposure to dangerous cosmic radiation. The Sun, Moon, and stars were now visible and the seasons set in, as well as day and night (which represet life and death). Extremes of temperature and climate left only certain parts of the planet livable or arable and that's the way it is to this day. Naturally, our life spans and quality of life were dramatically reduced as a result. We need to overcome the evil ones and restore this canopy and its paradisical ecosystem if the Earth and humanity are ever to be restored to their rightful state.

Earth's water canopy comes crashing down...

...producing worlwide flooding and an unbalanced ecosystem
Even with the canopy restored there is still the gravity issue. Life will certainly be better but the pull of gravity will still be there to some extent. Perhaps there will be a solution to this too of which I am not aware of (such as the introduction of a closer, smaller, and friendlier Moon to our Earth). Overcoming gravity is one of the great keys to immortality or divinity. Today, people do this through fasting and meditation, but it is very difficult if not impossible to do this on the outer Earth. The social, political, and environmental conditions are such that very few will succeed in this endeavor. Even those who do, will oftentimes look like death itself, especially in today's poisoned environment. Our bodies naturally reflect the state of our environment. Those fasting in the southern hemisphere will look better as there is less pollution, population, or radioactivity there.
I strongly believe this outer Earth is currently a plane of testing for those few, who like coals, must go through the fire to become gems or diamonds. Maybe we have given ourselves this difficult challenge because most of us are probably sinful souls who need to reform or transform. Only through trial and tribulation will most of us change or wake up from our drugged and degenerated states. When everyone has finally passed through the fire successfully and there are no more people stuck on this plane - that's when everything will finally be perfect.
In the animation series Dragonball Z, the main characters train under artificially induced heavy gravity to perfect their skils and grow stronger. Maybe we are doing the same thing here on outer Earth but are unaware of it. Then when we go back home to the inner earth it will feel so much easier. Also, since the discovery of Pluto (Scorpio) in 1930, we are living our lives much more intensely (by a factor of ten) and time seems much shorter as well. The Plutocrats and their corporations are endangering all life with their extremism, but this will soon be balanced out by the Libran principles of balance and harmony and unity. Then maybe gravity (which is literally an imbalance) will be balanced as well.
In summary, it appears that gravity is a very major (but not complete) cause of aging. Its pull puts a lot of strain on the body's organs and functions which causes it to wear and tear more easily and therefore age more quickly. It also has a detrimental psychological or mental effect encouraging the lower desires or passions (greater stimulation of the lower chakras) more than the higher mental or spiritual aspirations (higher chakras) and this encourages eating, sex, and war or aggression. The less gravity we are under, the more our bodies (and minds) come into balance and harmony, and the longer and better we live.  
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