Thursday, October 29, 2015


Air Is What Powers You

Everytime we exert ourselves we take a deep breath and we do it unconciously, whether its to get up or work or run or any other taxing activity. That's because your body is powered by air, or rather, the energy in the air. The sun is what energizes the air which then distributes this energy througout your body to feed and power it up. This fire of life is the basis for all living organisms. The light produced by this energy is also an important food and we absorb it naturally through our skin, eyes, breath, and aura. Solid physical food or even water is mostly for taste or emotional satisfaction and can actually impede the more important electro-magnetic consumption of solar food. The deterioration or artificialization of our environments can also reduce the quantity and quality of this most basic and essential universal food. "You're only as good as your environment" is a very true statement, and anything that poisons or pollutes should be seriously banned. This means all dirty power sources like coal and gas as well as electronic beams and radiation. Clean air is our most precious resource and your immediate life depends on it.


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