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Our Daily Suicide

Peace be with you.

The human being is a creature that manipulates Energy. Energy, in general, has a tendency to disperse itself (something called principle of "increasing of entropy"), but the intelligence of the human spirit is able to concentrate this energy and to show it in the form of a human body. Under the influence of only this holy spirit, our body would be involved only in correct actions like, for instance, the growth of the fetus, the blood circulation and the execution of all unconscious basic activities of our body, like breathing, digestion, elimination of wastes, immunological defence, etc. On the other hand, when we act consciously (manifesting our particular soul, molded by society), we might commit errors ("sins") that show up in the Physical Plane, with possible bad effects in our physical body. When we are born, we receive from our parents a "checking account" with a positive balance of energy. During our live we need to manage properly this energy balance. If the balance goes low, dis-eases and decrepitude will appear. If our balance goes to zero, or tries to go negative, we will no longer express ourselves in the physical plane. It is important, therefore, to avoid unnecessary energy spending to avoid a deep decrease of our energy supply. To achieve this, I see three groups of human activities that collaborate to loose, to dissipate and to spend our energy in an unnecessary fashion:

- Mutilations
- Blockings
- Poisonings

1. Mutilations ["Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."]

Mutilation, in our context, is to cut or to pull out something of our body and to throw it away. I won't discuss about permanent mutilations that are the result of surgery. These interventions certainly change/distort/block the correct flux of energy in our body. This is a certificate of ignorance of the present medical science concerning the primary causes of our physical diseases ("Since I don't know how to cure, I cut it out and throw it away")

I will deal here with our periodic mutilations (some of them almost on a daily basis) that has the power to regrowth, but at the expense of expending energy (lowering our energy balance, our vital energy). I am talking about the mutilation (cutting) of our hair, cuticle, beard and nails, and the pulling out of hair from the eyebrow, armpit, legs and groins. Note that all this is done to be in agreement with the present fashion accepted by the human society, and most of the people accept this path without questioning (read again what Matthew said above). I believe that, even today, the exemple of Jesus is valid (long hair and long beard).

Many may say that the energy loosing/dissipation due to this "damage recovery" is very small and is therefore negligible. I don't think so: my grand-mother [mother's side] never cut her hair (she said that to me personally) and lived well for 98 years. The Bible also has a classic case about this (Sanson always loosed his strengh when Dalila cut his long hair). Today, here in Brazil, is in fashion women cut their hair shorter and shorter as they age. Maybe that's the reason they loose beauty as they grow older.

But, the most important, is the phylosofical fundament behind the common use of short hair cut. It is a known fact that, when we shorten the lenght of a telescopic antenna in our car or of a TV set, the audio and video signals that are received become degraded or vanish alltogether. Well, our hair and beards work under the same principle: when longer they have a better tuning with the forces of Nature present in the environment; if shorter, this connection with the All [God] is lost or, at least, much less efficient. This allow the Global Elite manipulators [NWO] to control us more easily. We end up accepting this without protest (no one wants to be a black sheep among all the white sheeps... remember Matthew!). Look around you! Almost all the armed forces in this planet require short hair of their members, since this way they accept orders more easily without questioning. Long hair persons usually think before acting (accepting orders), behavior which is not allowed in the armed forces. The human body, when it detects a poison, has two possible actions: try to eliminate it quickly (like vomit and diarrhea) or end up isolating it. People that hold power in society use the same tatics with long beards chief-of-state persons: see Fidel Castro, in Cuba (first they tried to eliminate him, and then they isolated him) e the afghan people (now in an elimination phase). Pure coincidences? Be an always alert person.

2. Blockings ["But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."]

The Sun is the star responsible for all animal and vegetal life (including us) here on Planet Earth. Therefore, reserve part of the day to take a "sun bath", without the blocking of your clothes: your vital energy increase will be instantaneous, easily seen in the color of your face [bye bye anemia...]. The solar radiation has all the colors mixed together, and when you receive it directly on your skin, you fulfill all the complicated concepts of Chromotherapy. The ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun generates naturally our D vitamin. Did you know that in regions with low sunlight (high latitudes) the rate of incidence of breast, prostate and colon cancer are higher? See

Our external skin is our second lung. Therefore, take a daily "air bath" naked, without the blocking of your clothes, in a place where the air is fresh (not inside a sauna) and not polluted. This bath may be taken simultaneously with the "sun bath" mentioned before, both naked. The air is our most important material food, since we cannot live many minutes without it (do not consider extreme cases os yoguis). Although the air is always available, is free and is abundant, we usually have a bad breathing habit, a very superficial inspiration. There are some Yoga techniques to teach how to improve our breathing, called Pranayama. Why do we have a bad breathing? I have a theory: when babies, we breath correctly (due to the free manifestation of our spirit, without blockings); when we grow, we are "educated" not to make noises, including with our breath. However, many of us, when sleeping (without the social pressure), make a lot of noise with our respiration (when snoring), that usually have a good effect on us, verified when we wake up [Note: snoring is not a normal act, try to find out why you snore!].

Our clothing is a source of lots of blockings. Our shoes isolate us from our Mother Earth (Gaia), cutting the input of energy through our feet (avoiding the increase of our energy account through this door). The champion of longevity here in Brazil was a woman named Maria do Carmo Jerônimo, that died at the age of 129 years old, and never used shoes, was always barefoot! Our clothes partially block our outer skin breath, that works like a second lung. Therefore, we end up re-absorbing part of the toxins expelled by this skin). The pressure of our cloth on the body blocks the normal flow of corporal fluids (and energy): the blood is harder to be blocked due to pump called heart, but the lymph does not have a pump to move it. Therefore, for the lymph these pressures are much more critical and can lead, if chronic, to deseases (like breast and prostate cancer, for instance). Therefore, be careful with localized pressures on your body made by caps, hats, ties, bras, underpants, belts, shoes, socks. To improve the situation, men can use suspenders and, like women, use sandals. Women can wear dresses instead of skirts and throw away their bras [see the cancer effect of bras, in another posting]. The worst pressure is that caused by elastic strings.

[to be continued]

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