Monday, September 11, 2006



Health Tip- Stillness

One of the most powerful things you can do for your total health is to train yourself to a state of stillness. What is stillness? It is a stilling or quieting of the mind so you can hear what God is speaking to your heart. The ego-filled, world-filled, flesh-filled, religion-filled, time and physically bound old mind is your greatest enemy to your attaining total health. To practice stillness is to train yourself to calm the raging ocean of thoughts going on in your head so you can hear the soft drops of the voice of the Spirit falling on the still pond of your heart. There is no greater step in attaining and maintaining total health of body, mind and Spirit than learning to still the mind. God always speaks to the heart and never speaks to the mind because the mind is filled with the world system, the facts, the beliefs, the attitudes that are all based on lies instead of TRUTH. So, if one can learn to still the racing conscious mind, they would start to hear God speak to their heart. He speaks most commonly with love, joy, peace and hope. The mind most commonly speaks with fear.

How do you know what decision or path to take in life? Follow the peace God speaks in your heart (no matter what it costs you) rather than following the fear that your old mind is ruling you with.

An example of this: If a man was just diagnosed with cancer and was given a prognosis of 50% chance of being cured if he does surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and a zero percent chance of surviving if he does not do these therapies, who is making the decision? It will be his mind if he does it out of fear for his life. It will be his heart if he chooses to do alternative therapy from a peace in his heart.

Always practice stillness so you can hear God speak to your heart.

How do you begin? Take 5 minutes to start and in that 5 minutes try to keep your mind focused on your breathing, or on an image or word for that 5 minutes, concentrating only on the breathing pattern, image or word. If your mind wonders, train it to come back. Have paper and pen incase it wanders to remind you of things you must do so write them down and continue to focus on your breathing. At first 5 minutes will seem like an eternity but with practice, you will be able to extend to longer and longer times until you will be able to go into stillness at any time for as long as you desire.

Be still and know that I AM GOD.

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