Saturday, November 10, 2007


Blood and Mars

It is no coincidence that the color of our blood is the same as the color of the red planet -Mars. We are descendants of the Martians. Adama or the white race, and the older races before it, are Martian colonization attempts. Fifty thousand years ago, Martian colonizers settled the Earth's polar regions and became known as the Polarian root race. Negative encounters with the Venusian lizard race caused them to dig underground tunnels and cities for protection with the help of the Uranian titans. Their ingenious boring machines and the speed with which they dug earned them the name Hyperboreans. Digging and mining was a laborious process so they created a physically strong black server race(Lemuria) by artificially inseminating female gorillas. Sex between the blond, blue-eyed Martians and the Lemurians produced the the semi-dark Indo-Aryan race, and further mixing or mating produced the lighter Atlantean, Asian, and European races. All have red blood linking them to our Martian ancestors and/or creators, who are themselves the descendants of the earlier Jupiteranian, Saturnian, and original Uranian titan races. Red is the color of Mars or Aries and symbolizes life, passion, energy, and strength, as well as war, anger, violence, or death.


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