Saturday, November 10, 2007


Two Moons of Earth

Earth once had two moons; the present one which we acquired around 8,800 BC, and another roughly one fourth our present moon's diameter. This smaller moon was about 100,000 miles away from Earth as compared to 240,000 miles away for our present moon. Atlantis tried to direct or catapult this small moon towards its enemy, Lemuria, in the hope of destroying it. Unfortunately the technology backfired splitting the moon in two, the larger piece which formed the Hudson Bay depression in northern Canada and the somewhat smaller piece which slammed into the Gulf of Mexico. This caused the planet to shudder violently and both Atlantis and Lemuria sank beneath the waves. Other fragments fell in various other places leaving magnetic anomalies such as the Bermuda Triangle. This all happened around the transition from the Age of Leo to the Age of Cancer, around 8,800 BC, when "the Earth almost died", and humanity suffered severe collective trauma or scarring.



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