Saturday, October 15, 2011


Ascension Is Now.

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Greetings, I am RC, a human incarnate on earth, experiencing ascension, now. I am not, yet, a channel, nor do I claim that what I perceive, as a 3rd/4th dimensional Light Spark on mother Gaia, simultaneously experiencing what as been termed ascension, transformation, transmutation, and transcendence towards higher dimensional frequencies of realities, that my understandings are true for anyone but my self but those who choose to read my essay as I share my light and love, may my perspectives resonate within you.

First and foremost, the ascension process is an Internal process, not an external process. As one self becomes aware of one’s own darkness, and one’s own light, and begins merging the two polarities, and becomes centered in one self, which allows for one’s true self, to emanate one’s own light. One’s own light spark, one’s soul gains an awareness, an understanding, an acceptance that one self, is just like a single grain of sand among infinite amounts of sand (life forms), here on earth, and beyond earth, in all the dimensional frequencies of realities that exist in the now and that resonates with one self. Resonating as a Light Spark ascending, and merging into higher frequencies (4/5/6D and beyond), allows for the interaction between those Light Beings that resonate within those particular higher frequencies. Abiding by the 4 Laws of Creation as well as understanding of many laws, such as Law of Free-will, and Attraction, allows one self to expand one self within the Infinite Now/Prime Creator/God. There are 4 Laws of Creation, as I understand them. (See Bashar-4 laws of creation you tube):
1. One exists; and in some form or another one eternally exists as individual Life Soul (Light Spark) in however each Light Spark chooses to exist. One cannot change this.
2. The One (God/Prime Creator) is all, and all are the One. Oneness with All That Exists. Compassionately loving all life that exists on earth and beyond. One cannot change this either.
3. What one puts out there, is what one gets back. (Karma and Law of Attraction) As one emanates and expands one’s Light within, one begins to attract those Light Beings from higher dimensions. This is really merging our polarity of duality and living as a Light Being, living from the heart without harm to anything or anyone. Vibrating at higher frequencies and attracting similar frequencies, higher Beings of Light allows one to expand one’s own Light within. One cannot change this law.
4. Change is the only constant. Except the first 3 laws. God/Prime Creator/Infinite Now ever-expands it/her/him Self infinitely therefore changing the course of all that exists.

One of God’s Libraries in the Infinite Now is mother Gaia (earth), a habitable biosphere that exists not only 7-9 billion humans, but also millions of different species of life exists on her body, as well inside Gaia’s soul (Agarthans). There are billions of different microorganisms, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, trees, and many different life forms that exist in water and all the others in the “animal kingdom” as we have been taught to call it. These life forms, Light Beings in their own right, on mother earth are representatives of other Light Beings, Light Civilizations that exist in billions of planets that exist within billions of galaxies that exist within billions of universes that exists within the all Infinite Now, God, Prime Creator, and what I like to call Light Force of the Omni-verse Now. Many Light Beings resemble humans here on Earth, and these beautiful Light Beings are the one who will be our first group of civilizations that will introduce themselves, to us, and as we gain our understanding, our compassionate love, and our awareness, will be begin to be introduced to Light Beings/Civilizations that close resemble other life forms that exist on Earth. For this is the ASCENSION PROCESS. Now, one is beginning to compassionately love one self, as one begins to compassionately love Mother Gaia, and all her inhabitants, thus continuing ascending as one begins to compassionately love Life that exists in all dimensions of realities, that exists in billions of planets, within billions of galaxies, within billion of universes, therefore Loving One Self simultaneously Loving Others, simultaneously Loving God/Prime Creator/The Infinite Now.

Mother Earth, as we know it, is transforming her self into a divine library as she has been created to be, and she is doing really well, but I continuously share my Light and Love with her as we are simultaneously ascending. Events (political, natural, etc.) have a purpose, but I will not allow those events to regress my progression of ascension. I live my life focused, with heart-felt intent of allowing my self to know, in my heart, that all these events have a purpose, but that my purpose is to share my Light and Love with mother earth, as she shares her Light and Love with me, and together, we ascend accordingly. Understanding that the destruction of the old, allows for the creation of the new.

I have been questioning recently of when will all this ascension happen, as I researched dates, and time frames and such, and I have realized one thing, one cannot wait for these dates to happen in order to ascend. One has the opportunity to ascend now. I know that I am ascending every moment that I exist now.

I perceive this change as one of subtlety and I only allow myself to know, in my heart, that everything is divine. I know, in my heart, that the financial destruction will allow for new financial systems where all will have equal wealth to be established. I know, in my heart, that these natural disasters are necessary for mother earth, and those who have chosen to experience those disasters. I know that every human is playing their own role and all I can do is share my Light and Love with all.

I know, in my heart, that once the veil of darkness is fully lifted, we will be introduced with Light Beings and that things will accelerate. No more wars, no more famine, no more negative things.
I know, in my heart, what I want. I want to learn to know, in order to teach, what I know. Only happiness, positive experiences, beautiful understandings, expanded awareness, loving co-existence with all Light, whatever frequencies (colors) one is, All are One, One is All.

I share my Light and Love to all those who have read this essay. May your journey be as wonderful, adventurous, positive, and I intend my journey to be.

May Oneness Bless Us All, As One.

RC Towers.


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