Sunday, October 30, 2011


Nibiru: A Galactic Federation Star Ship assisting in our Collective Ascension Process.

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Greetings, this is RC and I share my Light and Love to all.

I just viewed an interesting video regarding, Niiru, the Nibiruan Council, and a general brief history of this Star Ship, its civilizations and its purpose. Nibiruan Council is part of the Galactic Federation, and playing their roles in our ascension process. Please refer to for more in-depth information regarding the council’s history.

I continually learn and understand the roles many Light Civilizations are performing in humanity, mother earth and our solar system, our collective ascension process.

For me, this has been a fascinating journey of ascending myself in Light with all that exist. To love and understand the roles of the many galactic, inter-galactic, and universal councils, federations and associations that are assisting humanity, mother earth, father sun, and our solar system in ascending into higher dimensional frequencies of realities. These are a few that have assisted me in my individual progression of Oneness.

Nibiruan Council
Andromedan Council
Galactic Federation
Arch Angels
Christ Consciousness and all the Ascended Masters
Council of Orion
Sirius Council
The Pleiadian Council
Council Of Twelve
These are just a few I can think of at this moment.

It has been a privilege to learn from all of these councils, federations, and associations.

May Oneness Bless Us All, As One.
RC Towers.

Nibiru and Ascension: A very brief description of Nibiru’s purpose in humanity’s, earth’s, sun’s ascension process.


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