Thursday, December 31, 2015


Eat Right to have Peace

War Is Evil And Warriors Are Deranged

He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword (Matthew 26:52)

War is a sickness - a disease, that has ravaged humanity since its beginnings. There is nothing good about it, and the sooner we eradicate it the better.

War begins on a inner personal level, with one's lusts and desires, and spreads outward to inflict others. Uncontrolled personal lust and desire is the root cause of all wars. These animalistic desires are perpetuated by the way we eat and live. Eating the wrong foods has a major impact on your desire for war, sex, and power.

Toxins in meat, dairy, alcohol, sugars, and other stimulants poison and inflame the blood which in turn do the same to the brain and moods and thinking. Most all of our leaders who go to or relish war have highly intoxicated diets. Their minds and souls are warped and clouded by the things they ingest or are addicted to.

Of course there are other factors besides food that cause us to be aggressive or violent, such as training and upbringing, education, religion, and extreme ideologies. An unnatural or polluted environment can also cause physical and emotional disturbances, as can drugs or pharmaceuticals. Then there are stim beams and waves, chip implants, and other technologically induced controls. Finally, there is actual demonic or spiritual possession.

Food, however, may be the most basic or prevalent form of stimulant for war. The more our food becomes processed, the more we are likely to be damaged by it on all levels, resulting in abnormal or violent behaviour. In the rush to make more money, we are adulterating our foods with more and more chemicals which disrupt our physiology and degrade our lifestyles.

Two of the most prevalent of these chemicals are white sugar and salt which are in nearly everything we eat in and whose dangers are sheepishly overlooked. Then there are the pesticides and chemtrails and thousands of artificial colorings and flavourings as well as the radiological exposure to which all our foods and soils and air and water are subjected to. It really is as though someone were trying to poison us.

With all of these chemicals in us it's no wonder we lose it and either give up and committ slow suicide or lash back violently at the society that pretends to sustain us. War then becomes a natural outcome of our agitated or highly unbalanced state, and those with the money or power to do so, will no doubt commit unspeakable atrocities upon the masses.

War is unnatural and abnormal. It is a highly intoxicated or agitated state caused mostly by what we ingest into our bodies. The cleaner or more natural we eat the less violent or barbaric we act. Vegans or vegetarians are much more peaceful than meat or dairy eaters, and raw vegans or fruitarians are even more so. A plant-based diet will heal everyone and stop all the wars. There is no desire for war or aggression when you are eating the way you are supposed to. Even the animals can learn to be vegan. The bible states that there is a time coming when no one shall kill or hurt any other living creature within God's range of influence.(Isaiah 65).

We can make that reality occur today by adopting a plant-based diet. Many are already taking this step, and at some point it will become the standard practice worldwide. This will take time and re-educaton but it can definitely be done. The benefits will be enormous, both on a personal and planetary level. No longer will lust and rage burn within us and cause us to make war as is the case today. Instead we will be peaceful, tranquil, happy, and productive, and easily achieve our divine or intended potential.


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