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Go Raw for Health

Going Raw Is The Answer

Going raw(and organic) is the answer to most of your health problems! I've been raw for almost one year now and I have no pain and feel great. Even if you don't go 100% raw you will still gain much of the benefits of this diet.

What is a raw vegan diet?

It basically means eating only fresh fruits and vegetables(preferably organic), as well as herbs, sprouts, nuts and seeds, and only in their raw unheated, uncooked state. No meat, no dairy, no eggs, no grain, or anything processed.

Why uncooked or unheated? Because this changes the food in a way that is no longer recognizable to the body. Cooked food is basically dead food and has little or nothing to offer except disease, illness, and death. All that processed(packaged) food is palatable only because additional ingredients like sugar and salt were added to it, otherwise you wouldn't eat it. As the raw vegan favorite saying goes, "If you can't eat it raw or as is, then you shouldn't be eating it in the first place.

A natural raw plant-based diet, on the other hand, is fully alive and beneficial to you because it is prepared by the Earth itself and ripened by the Sun. God knew exactly what he was doing when he created us and the environment that sustains us. Because of free will and negative influence, however, we veered from our perfect Edenic state and began adopting strange and unhealthy food practices.

We weren't meant to hunt and kill and rip flesh apart like some of the other animals. Our physiology just wasn't designed for it. Our teeth aren't long and razor sharp and our gut is much longer and digests much slower. Instead we have sophisticated hands and fingers to pick fruit from trees or cultivate vines and gardens. Our closest animal cousins, the chimps and apes, are vegetarians.

So why did we start eating meat and cooking our food? Apparently, at first, we lived in a very idyllic and paradisical environment, but at some point we were invaded and degraded by some nasty anti-human beings. Scriptures refer to them as the fallen angels or Luciferian forces. They came in, changed the environment, and forced their ways on us. Being naive, we submitted to them, acqired their evil habits, and suffered the consequences, and the result is what you see today -a sad and troubled humanity.

Every now and then, however, avatars or saviours were sent to us to show us the way back, but few believed or followed, and this has basically been the repertoire of humanity for about the last 150 thousand years or so. The Earth as it is, is a difficult and fallen environment, but we are here to change that, one individual at a time -or at least that's the challenge. When there are enough of us, we can finally overthrow our controllers and reclaim our divine destiny.

One of the best ways to start to reclaim your life and your health is through your diet and lifestyle. What you put into your body affects you more than you know, and you need to become aware of this. Food, especially in its current state, is basically a drug that distorts your thinking and weakens your body. Cooked or fired food is especially drug-like and addictive. It is not possible for us to find our way back in a drugged or addicted state. Adopting a raw food diet will start to lift the fog and reconnect you to your source by getting rid of all of the garbage in your body. It will be difficult at first(like a drug addict in rehab), but is the only real way out.

If you are sick or dying, don't depend on drugs which only mask the problem by desensitizing you and creating even worse problems down the road. Surgeries and radiation are no better. Your body(and intuition) is best doctor. It knows what to do if you let it. That's the problem -most of us don't know what to do. We go to the doctor at the first sign of trouble. Most doctors don't know what to do either because they've been brainwashed into thinking that drugs and surgery are the answers. There is a huge conspiracy on this planet/plane to keep us dumbed down and at the mercy of our satanic controllers, and one of the best ways to do this is to control what goes into our bodies. Sure, there other factors beside food that are killing us, but food is the primary means.

Changing our climate or environment was perhaps the first key act by our controllers to enslaving us. By disrupting our ecosystem and producing night and day and summer and winter and storms and winds, they disrupted our natural body rhythms as well and we degenerated over time growing more violent, stupid, and short-lived. Their "gods" also introduced us to farming and dairy and meat-eating and this took a further toll on us. They also taught us their customs and created our institutions, and even mated with us, further polluting our gene pool.

This hybridization of humanity has been going on for many thousands of years to the point where we hardly recognize ourselves anymore. Can this be reversed? Partly, but it will require the help or assistance of our true creators to bring us back to full origin. In the meantime, we can start the process by changing our diets and adopting more natural and agrarian lifestyles. Avoid cities and cold zones if you can -they are traps for degeneration. We need desperately to be exposed to the sun and air and trees and nature. Each of us needs to have their own land and grow their own food year-round and be totally self-sustaining without government intrusion or interference -something the controllers don't want you to do. Only then will we truly regain our health, freedom, and sanity.

Going vegetarian then vegan or raw is the first step. This will stop the slaughter and deforestation, destructive industries will close down, and health and happiness will skyrocket. All it takes are some brave and enlightened individuals to get it all going, and then everyone else will catch on. This is already happening, thanks in large part to the internet.

Going raw is a very personal and individual process. While some can switch over immediately, it usually takes time, learning, and patience. I was a vegetarian for twenty years before becoming a vegan, and some five or more years before going raw. Each step improved my health, but going raw was the kicker. That's when ALL my pains and health problems went away. Even a few days or weeks into the process you will start to notice the difference; diminishment of pain, better movement, more energy, skin clear-up, mental clarity, emotional calm, etc.

Backsliding from raw to vegan or cooked is natural during the process so don't beat yourself over it. It's part of the learning process. In time you will learn to appreciate raw food and its benefits more and more until you decide to go all the way. Many start by replacing their breakfast with a fruit or smoothie and their lunch with a salad salad, and then eating a regular(cooked) meal in the evening. There are no specific set rules. Many also incorporate fasting and other disciplines(meditation, exercise, etc) along the way.

It's also good to be with others of same mind for support, as misguided or misinformed family/social pressure can often hold you back. Most of all, you need to convince yourself of the benefits and results and stick to it. It usually takes a health crisis for people to change or improve their diets, but sometimes it can be too late. Adopting this diet when you are young and resilient is best as it will stay with you longer and is early prevention against future bad health.

There are many varieties of raw vegans: some will eat more greens and vegetables, others more fruits, some will avoid nuts and seeds, etc. This is all personal preference and blood or physiology type. You will have to tailor or intuit your diet accordingly. The important thing is that you're eating food the way nature intended us to eat it -fresh, raw, and untampered with. The problem is its getting hard to find real food these days(unless your living in the tropics). Science and evil forces are really messing up our food and this is a real travesty. Hybridization, GMO's, poor soil, radiation, pesticides, etc. -this is what is severely undercutting the nutritional value of everything we eat. We've greatly estranged ourselves from nature and are paying the price for it.

Hopefully, we'll come to our senses and reverse the degeneration of both our food and our bodies while we still can. I for one, am doing my part(I've been totally raw for a year now) and am slowly but surely convincing my own litttle circle of the great benefits of such a diet. It took guts and persistence and bucking the tide, but I counted the cost and pushed through with it, and you will have to as well. I never said it would be easy, but I believed in it passionately, and had a clear vision of the outcome.

Going raw will not only heal you of most ailments and diseases, but it will be great for the planet as well. No more killing, suffering, or pollution. Going raw is the answer.

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