Sunday, May 17, 2015


The Truth about the Climate

Everything you were taught about weather and climate is false! Our cold is not natural - it is artificially produced! It is not normal for us to have extremes of cold and hot on the planet. Huge mechanical cooling systems have long-ago been built under the arctic and antarctic regions which imbalance the entire planetary climate.

Normal planets are constructed in such a way that the temperature or climate is equable throughout - from pole to pole. Also, a planet receives most of it's heat and light from its inner central sun rather than the exterior Sun we see. Actually, the two work together. The Sun is not as bright or hot as we believe it to be. This is an illusion caused by our atmosphere which acts as a lens to magnify its effects. Astronauts who have gone outside the Earth's atmosphere have noticed that the Sun is a cool pale green in color. Our atmosphere filters and disperses the radiation of both the the outer and inner suns to give us a safe and equable climate. Without our atmosphere, we would experience extremes of light and darkness as well as cold and heat.

By building these gigantic freezers, our nefarious contollers have unbalanced the entire weather or ecosystem of our planet. The heat that would normalize the cold northern and southern lattitudes has been pushed towards the equatorial regions making it very hot there. They have also robbed our planet of its protective water canopy by drawing it to the poles as ice and snow. All normal(untampered) planets or worlds have thick cloud or water canopies which protect and stabilize surface conditions.  Built many thousands of years ago, this weather cooling system has had the effect of controlling and enslaving the outer surface population, as well as closing off access to the inner earth. What's really mind-boggling is that that this mechanism can be controlled by the press of a button or pull of a lever! In other words, our cold weather and the so-called ice ages are all controlled phenomena! The next time you experience a cold blast of arctic air it's because whoever's in control has decided to create or direct it your way. It also benefits the oil and heating companies who would be out of buisness without it. 

Global warming and polar ice melting is nothing but the relaxation of control of this freezing apparatus. Were it to be totally shut down, the polar ice and snow would quickly dissolve and evaporate to form the canopy that once existed around the planet, creating a balanced paradisical cimate and environment. There would then be no more need for pollution-producing heat and power industries or the need for excessive clothing. Even housing would not be so necessary as people coud sleep outdoors without worrying about freezing to death. Nor would there be extreme heat; the equatorial heat would then be free to spread out evenly across the rest of the planet.

With the polar ice and snow gone, we would once again have access to the inner earth world, which is our missing half, and symbolic of the reunification between our outer and inner realities or our male and female aspects. Best of all an equable and paradisical climate would negate our wasteful struggle for basic survival and be an incredible boost to our health and spirit. We would then be able to get on with the more important task of self-improvement or regeneration at all levels and regain our lost heritage as divine beings.

The artificial cooling mechanism set in place is also a huge drain on the planet's inner sun which directly powers it. When our inner sun suffers, so do we. This central sun if liberated is the key to the regeneration of the planet and all life on it. It is the source of our prana or life which it gets directly from our greater Sun and the steps down in safe measure to distribute planetwide. It is like the Christ or intermediary between human and God. It's full release, would, in biblical terms, constitute the full release of the Holy Spirit upon the Earth.

There is another theory, although more far-fetched, that a giant spaceship is sitting atop the planet's south pole opening, under the snow and affecting the planet's spinning and energy levels. Some even go so far as to equating this craft with the lost ancient Atlantis.

Just how to do away with the controllers and their controlling mechanisms is the pressing question. Awareness is definitely the first step. Empowerment may be a little more difficult. There may be some positive or important reason why the poles are giant freezers, but it is most likely not in our best interests.


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