Sunday, May 17, 2015


The Giant Pole Freezers

Why are the polar regions so cold? Why is there any cold at all on the planet? Planets are like houses, and nearly every house has a freezer or coldroom, for the PRESERVATION OF FOOD. Might not the polar regions serve a similar purpose - only on a larger scale? The big questions are: what is the food being preserved, and who are the preservers? The answers may be too shocking for most of us. Given the assumption that humans were created as a slave race, and that there exist anti-human predators in our universe who have also found use for us and who are presently dominating our planet, the answer becomes clear. Many sci-fi movies and books have introduced the scenario where rows upon rows of human corpses are preserved frozen or suspended in vats or liquid chambers both on space ships and in underground bases. The controllers of these chambers or bases are often very alien or anti-human in nature - usually grey or reptillian. Both animals and humans are selected as food sources for those long space trips or for when the planet becomes depopulated through natural or other catastrophes. Young animals or humans, especially the females, because of their purity, tenderness, and potent bodily secretions, are especially prized or desired by these alien carnivores. There is however, nothing more repulsive than the stench of rotting corpses, so freezer systems have been developed both on the ships and in the bases. With the demand and supply growing, what better way to stock up on humans and mammals than to make the entire polar areas vast freezers? Gigantic cooling systems have long been implemented miles beneath the polar landmasses resulting in our arctic and antarctic snow and ice. These mechanical monstrosities, which may be the real cause of those ice ages, are putting a huge drain on the planet's inner central sun which powers them. This drain is directly responsible for our unbalanced climate or ecosphere, which is in turn decimating the length or quality of life on the outer earth surface. Mars and some of the other planets may also have similar systems. Antarctica is especially suspect, as it is the largest and coldest polar landmass.


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