Monday, May 18, 2015


True Health Begins With The Right Environment

Environment is everything. We are predominantly physical creatures with an absolute dependency on our environment. A warm and natural environment, where we are comfortable and able to access all of our needs (food, water, etc.) is an absolute must. Yes, we can manage in cold climes, but only if we prepare ourselves ahead of time during the warm season - by building artificial shelters and producing artificial heating, and stocking up on mostly artificial foods. This artificiality is very costly to our health or well being - we weren't meant to be cooped up indoors, breathing poor air, and eating dead foods. Urbanization and cold weather are the traps of modern society. There was a time when the whole planet enjoyed a paradisical climate, but our selfish and warring ways have destroyed or unbalanced this, so that we now have extremes of both cold and heat. What's worse is that the powers that be have decided to maintain this inbalance for their own selfish motives. The knowledge and/or technology to almost instantly transform this planet into a paradise currently exists but is not being implemented. A few people have decided that it is best to keep us in fear, ignorance, and bondage - at least for the time being. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we did not have to battle the elements on an almost constant basis? Little need for all that clothing or heating or even housing. Food would be free and plentiful and we would use all that extra time to develop our natural and God-given potentials. Of course, our current rulers would not like this, and that's why we're still where we are. Rise up, people, and claim your rightful heritage! 


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