Monday, May 18, 2015


Death is a Disease

Death is a disease that needs to be overcome. It is the product of a faulty environment and lifestyle. It is also the acceptance of death that gives it so much power. People need to realize that aging and dying are not normal. The body continuously regenerates so there is no reason why we can't go on living indefinitely. It is only our ignorance and fear and mistaken habits that make it so. Deterioration occurs when the degenerative forces overtake the regenerative ones. This usually occurs around age 30 when our sins catch up with us and we begin to break down. Sins like overworking, overeating, and overindulgence in general. We become addicted to the very pleasures that destroy us, and that's when death takes control. Few are strong enough to break the chains, but those who do find everlasting life. Environmental and social forces also contribute to death but the inner drive or conditioning is the most important factor and can overcome almost any external situation.


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