Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Your Stolen Immortality

Reclaiming Immortality, Freedom for the Greater Life

The spin today is a simple layout: a few more wars, famines, disease for population control. Then the floods come, and, the Ice Age is just around the corner…again. A simple plan that works in the decimation of humankind, through history. The Cosmic Wheel Spins.

The human organism is an immortal one, by nature's design. The interruption of this design is artificial, out side the origin. Death is an artificial mechanism, set to reduce or marginalize human efficiency, in an order to keep the humans in placement, on the Earth. The arc of Evolution is interrupted by these mid-deaths and Humankind's placement in mortal rituals is lengthened artificially again and again over time, far longer than nature has designed in its original will. In this methodology, many humans are attracted to the regressive behaviors that have set numerous time dwelling tenants on this Earth plane. The abilities to be multi-dimensional, invisible, interplanetary travel at whim, communicate telepathically, have been taken, robbed from surface Humankind. In their place humans have been transferred to a state of endless marginalized ego solving commentaries in revolving consumerism. Basically monkeys who can never be satisfied. They lack the High VRIL, contact to their own inner power of Immortal Consciousness. They have not as yet reclaimed their High Immortal Awareness. They have not taken of the Inner Immortal Elixir.

Because there are many various species on this planet who are not ready, or have readied themselves to evolve further, great enstranging alignments have been placed, to allow for the subjugation and neglect of the human species; edifying those who seek to rule supremely, to be in charge. Their reasons for not respecting humans are inadequate, made up, falsely imagined and guided; they seek to place humans in a difficult spot, that humans may grind, wilt, feed upon each other. Only the very determined will not be distracted by the forms of conceit that have been perpetuated on to the Humans.

The 5 obstructions Humans suffer in their inability to contact Divine Immortality:

1 Heavy Drink
2 Foul Food
3 Distraction of thought by media, creating and necessitating vanities, satiation of minds with out true challenges of pure intent
4 Use of finite energy sources (presently) and the creating of chaos by wars over these finite sources
5 Deliberation of confusion by holy orders, religions that have no assessment of true reality – universities that support false education processing, and containment of human energies by corporative structures; science offered as the solution , over the power of the human mind and heart as the one true answer

Seek the Inner Immortal Elixir. Therein is the answer. Reclaim your Immortality.

You are the Immortal One. You will endure.

Greg Gavin

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