Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Keeping Active Helps Prevent Breast Cancer

By Ralph Moss, Ph.D.
The Moss Report

Postmenopausal women who remain active throughout their
lives have a lower risk of breast cancer. Scientists at
the Alberta Cancer Board in Canada found that women with
the highest levels of activity were 30 percent less likely
to be diagnosed with breast cancer than were couch
potatoes (women who had the lowest activity levels).

The Canadians compared data from 1,200 breast cancer
patients with women who did not have breast cancer.
Researchers found no association between physical activity
and risk of breast cancer among younger, premenopausal

They are not sure why activity prevents breast cancer.
Reduced body fat or enhanced immunity may explain the
connection. The lesson is that we need to remain active
throughout life. It doesn't mean you have to race in the
Tour de France, like Lance Armstrong. However, finding
excuses to walk instead of ride, to do gardening instead
of watching TV, are going to benefit you. Although this
study did not show any particular benefit in younger
women, good health habits are best established early (Am J
Epidemiol 2001;154:336-347).

Obs: The lynphatic system does not have a pump to move the lynph: it needs the movement of the body to move the lynph around [lynph eliminates toxins from the body; stoping lynph movement acumulates toxins in the body]. On the other hand, blood has the pump, called heart, to move it...Bra also contributes to block lynph movement and also contributes to breast cancer, as posted previously in this blog.

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