Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Cure Cancer and Aids using Microcurrents

See how you can do that, spending less than 2 dollars, seeing this talk of Dr. Bob Beck:


In summary, in this video Dr. Beck says that all deseases can be cured combining the use of 3 simple and cheap instruments:

1. A zapper, that electrifies - in a pulsed form - the circulating blood;
2. A set-up to generate coloidal silver, a natural antibiotic, without any bad colateral effects;
3. An emitter of pulsed magnetic field, using a flash of a photografic camera coupled to a coil.

Using these techniques, Dr. Beck, that was fat became thin, and he was bald and became hairy, according to his claims in this video...
Why these solutions are not known by the public? Words of Dr. Beck: "A pacient cured is a customer lost".... money is the reason....

Have an interesting video session, Rui.

PS: Today the Brazilian actor Raul Cortez died of cancer, certainly not knowing the above solutions...

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