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To Your Total Health

To Your Total Health

Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec

Why You Do Not Want Animal Protein

- Metabolic studies in humans show that animal protein raises blood cholesterol more than saturated fat. This means that eating lean meat may be just as damaging to your cholesterol as a piece of fatty bacon.

- Experiments show that when a diet high in animal protein is fed to laboratory rats that have liver cancer the tumors grow rapidly. The tumors stopped growing when the animal protein was replaced with plant protein. Although the experiment did not test living plant protein, it would have most likely seen the tumors decreasing in size.

- As animal protein increases, oxygen content decreases in the blood up to 60%

- Most pathogens are anaerobic, which mean they grow best in low oxygen environments.

- Nobel prize winner for physiology and medicine, Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated that the key ingredient for the formation of cancer is a decrease of oxygen at the cellular level.

- Dr. Warburg show that when oxygen supply is decreased as little as 30%, our excess protein filled cells (from our high protein diets) can become malignant cancer cells.

- Dr. Warburg also stated that with a steady supply of oxygen to all the cells, cancer could be prevented indefinitely.

Cancer grows rapidly in the following environments:

- Sugar of all types - this is cooked starches, flour, grains, vegetables.

- Cooked animal protein.

- Low oxygen.

- Acid pH - cooked animal products, and cooked starches are acidic to the body.

In closing I applaud any effort to move people away from eating food that turns into sugar in their body, but do not see the benefit when you give something that will help at the same time giving something that will hurt. Why not have the best and eat only what helps every cell in your body. Eat a diet that will not feed the pathogens with sugar, will not decrease the oxygen levels in the tissues, not decrease the flow of nutrient into and waste products out of the cells and at the same time adds life and health into every cell in the body. This is a living/raw food diet of plant origin. A diet that consists of sprouts, seeds, nuts, legumes, green vegetables, vegetables, sea vegetables and avocados. With these diet choices not only will you lose weight and feel great, get healthy, but you will be GREAT. You will be adding health to every cell and not taking it away from any cell.

If you are concerned with getting enough protein from a plant based diet the answer is found in nature. Where does an elephant the largest land animal get it's protein from to grow those enormously strong muscles? The answer is green grass and leaves. If there is enough protein for the elephant there is enough protein for you.

Total Health Tip: A Living/Raw Plant-based Diet

If you haven't begun, start transitioning your diet to a living/raw, plant-based diet. The purest, most health-promoting diet on the planet is living/raw food, which consists of sprouts, seeds, legumes, nuts, vegetables, sea vegetables and avocados. When this type of food is consumed in the uncooked state, it has bioelectrical charges to jumpstart sick or dysfunctional cells back on to health and life. This is the food all animals in the wild eat. No animal eats cooked food, except your dogs and cats and they contract the same diseases that the human race does: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, etc.

How do you begin? Eat more living/raw food and eat it first in the meal. If you eat a large salad of sprouts, greens, cut up vegetables and avocados, you are going to get full. And if you are full with the right foods you are less likely to eat the wrong foods because there is no more room in your stomach. This way, if you ate the large salad with all the above in it and you still want to eat some meat, pasta, or something else cooked, you will not have much room in your stomach for
the living/raw, health-promoting food.

Foods to avoid:

1) Sugar
2) Salt
3) Dairy
4) Processed or preserved
5) Man-made/artificial--saccharin, NutraSweet, MSG
6) Hydrogenated fats and oils
7) Meat, chicken and fish
8) Cooked animal products
9) Flour

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